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The Application of Hail Netting in Cold and Warm Climates

Hailstone Size
Hail netting is essential for the crops of both warm and cold climates. Many scholars recommend installing hail nets to save the plants from hail damage.
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What is hail?

Usually, hailstorms result from unstable weather of thunderstorms, typically between spring to fall. The intense pressure of warm air pushes the rain back to a point where the drops freeze into balls. The stronger the wind’s push, the longer the raindrop is rolling in the clouds, which results in a bigger size of the hailstone. In the summer season, hail happens because the freezing level up in the sky is high, but the hailstones melt on the way to the ground due to hot weather. Though a bigger size stone will not melt; and is likely to cause damage.

Hail Reports Per Year 1000km2
Hail Reports Per Year 1000km2

Nevertheless, the spring and fall temperature is moderate, allowing the hailstone to melt before it reaches the ground. Along these lines, there are more hailstorms in areas that are on higher altitudes as their land is closer to the horizon like many areas in Canada. Besides that, many other countries and places face hail every year.
As hailstorms and hail occur in warm and cold climates, EYOUAGRO sees that and offers their hail netting for both climate conditions. EYOUAGRO Hail Netting covers the cold weather and caters to the need for hail netting for warm weather. 

Hail netting in warm climates

Countries close to the equator experience warmer climates. People face boiling summer weather and face hailstorms in these places, expected in spring and fall. In warmer climates, hail netting can serve its clients’ needs: shade and hail protection.

A farmer lost is three-quarters of Lychee fruit due to a massive hailstorm in Queensland. Probably he is not alone who suffered from hail damage. At sunshine coast, giant hailstones, as big as tennis balls, struck orchards and farms. 

EYOUAGRO offers a hail netting system that stands for these customers the whole year. This option will benefit the agriculture clients and corporate people too. Hail netting protection will save them from the sun in the summer season and prevent hailstones damage in the spring and fall seasons. The shade is essential for the crops so that they won’t burn before their full growth. Similarly, a hail net is also important to save the crops from damaging till they become fruitful.

Hail netting in cold climates

Countries away from the equator or places located at higher altitudes face cold climate. In colder areas, people look for hail protection to save their crops as it is very tough to grow plants in places that have colder climates.

The Netherlands is also a place with a higher amount of hail showers. A study on changing weather suggested that hailstorms will increase in the future and are predicted to damage the farmers’ outdoor crops by 25 to 50% by the end of 2050.

The hail netting system offered by EYOUAGRO is beneficial for colder locations because of the following reasons:

  • It isn’t easy to accumulate snow and hail. The hail netting is durable and robust enough to bear heavy hail weight. 
  • Crops look fuller and beautiful if well protected. The natural sunlight on the crops will enhance their value at selling.

Clear sky, a clear mind

Hail netting is essential for the crops of both warm and cold climates. Many scholars recommend installing hail nets to save the plants from hail damage. People reported a loss in past years due to hailstorms and recommended it. Inappropriate protection against hail can cause damage everyone, as its damage is not in a hundred but thousands of dollars. Hail netting installation on the agriculture field will assure the protection of crops from hail and birds, resulting in highly profitable sales. 

Damage to agriculture caused by hail

In the past couple of years, hail has made quite a noticeable damage in the world. News channels have been reporting hailstorms of an orange size in Italy. Record-breaking hail occurred in Colorado, with a size that could quickly kill a person. 

Kenya is known for a house of the hailstorm. A part of farmers’ life is worsening with time. In Kenya, a significant hailstorm event occurred at the beginning of the year 2020, leaving the borders walled with icy rocks. Kenya’s people always prepare themselves for hailstorms, but it is challenging to predict hail showers with the changing weather conditions.

President of the Australian Custard Apple Growers Association, Mr. Jackson, predicted a million-dollar loss of tree crops due to hailstorms in Australian regions. 

In glasshouse mountains, unpredicted hail shower third time within fifteen months destroyed the farms of lychee, custard apple, and dragon fruit.

There are uncountable hailstorm damage incidents to farms within a few previous years. Timely precautions are necessary to save the money and effort of all farmers. EYOUAGRO is well aware of hails and offer their top quality product that could protect everyone and everything from the hail of any size. 

How to protect agriculture growth with hail netting

Fruit trees, crops, and orchards are badly affected by hailstorms. Within minutes it destroys the plant. For this reason, hail netting is a must act for farmers, agriculture, crop owners, and gardeners to prevent their crops from hail.
Hail net has monofilament high-density polyethylene material, knitted into 7 to 10 mm diamond shape mesh.
Based on your need, different types of hail net are available. The edges, eyelets, and centreline made its installation comfortable and extra durable. Hail protection netting is economical and has varieties that fit the needs. Besides preventing hail, it can work as a shade and bird net. 


A hailstorm is a weather condition that is neither controllable nor stoppable. one can prevent it with the right precautions taken at the right time. Hail protection is a need for both warm and cold climates. Farmers, orchard owners, fruit growers, and gardeners suffer from hail damage. As reported, damage caused by hail is in thousands of dollars, which affects the overall wellbeing of everyone involved in growing the plant. Preliminary steps are necessary to prevent a significant loss.

EYOUAGRO offers a hail netting system that best suits your need. Flexibility in custom design, durability, style, and patterns ensures you buy the right product at the right time price. EYOUAGRO has quality standards that provide the best structure of its competitors. EYOUAGRO hail netting has HDPE material, which can be ordered to a custom size or altered to the required size. It is light in weight that does not require heavy pole support, but the net is strong enough to gather hail stone without ripping. Mesh size is customizable too.
EYOUAGRO hail netting also works as an anti-bird net, shade net, fruit net, and pond net.

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