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Top 10 Hail Netting Suppliers in Canada

hail netting suppliers
This article gives a comprehensive list of the top 10 hail netting suppliers in Canada. For a fruit grower, hail is one of the most devastating weather phenomena as it can destroy and entail harvests.
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This article gives a comprehensive list of the top 10 hail netting suppliers in Canada. For a fruit grower, hail is one of the most devastating weather phenomena as it can destroy and entail harvests.

If you are seeking a long-lasting solution to plant productivity, hail netting is the best and most effective plant protection solution for ensuring long-term production stability. In this write-up, we will be uncovering the top 10 hail netting suppliers in Canada which you can physically verify if you are seeking hail netting solutions.

What is Hail Netting?

Hail netting, constructed predominantly from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), stands as a robust barrier against nature’s onslaught, boasting remarkable durability and resilience against long-term outdoor use.

One of its defining attributes is its ability to shield crops without impeding sunlight, ensuring that plant growth remains uninhibited.

When opting for hail netting, buyers are presented with an array of choices, not just in net type but also in color and installation technique.

Hail netting is chiefly categorized by its weaving pattern and features into:

  1. Raschel Drape Hail Netting
  2. Leno Woven Hail Netting
  3. Raschel Quad Crossover Knitted Hail Netting

Each type of hail netting has its own characteristics, and there are regional usage habits to consider. When choosing, you can make a decision based on their features.

Furthermore, based on the installation method, like ‘drape’ or ‘tunnel,’ different nets might be more suitable. It’s imperative to choose according to the specific requirements of the orchard or farming area.

Why Use Hail Netting?

While the context provided was for Israel, it’s essential to focus on Canada for this article.

Hailstorms in Canada have historically dealt massive blows to its agricultural sectors.

For instance, a single severe hail event in Alberta caused damages to crops worth millions, highlighting the necessity of protective measures like hail netting.

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Choosing the Right Supplier: Key Considerations

  1. Quality Assurance: Before sealing the deal, always request preliminary samples. Post-ordering, it’s beneficial to ask for pre-production and bulk order samples to confirm consistent product quality.
  2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Many manufacturers maintain MOQ stipulations, such as orders exceeding 50,000 square meters. MOQ often guarantees competitive pricing due to economies of scale.
  3. Price Negotiations: Engaging in pricing discussions is not just about securing the cheapest deal. The adage, “You get what you pay for,” rings true. Premium quality is often tied to superior raw materials, so it’s prudent to seek a fair price rather than the lowest.
  4. Service Excellence: Ensure your supplier offers comprehensive services and fosters open channels of communication, addressing all queries promptly.
  5. Delivery & Transportation: Clearly understanding the lead times and transportation mode is crucial. The timeliness and condition of the delivered product should be paramount.

 Top 10 Hail Netting Suppliers in Canada

Typically, what purchasers care about most are the quality and price suppliers offer. Therefore, we conducted a survey based on these two parameters. Below is a quadrant chart derived from the survey results for reference only.

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Joyeyou Industry | EyouAgro

  • Location: Qingpu, Shanghai
  • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year founded: 1996
  •  Number of employees: 250 People
  •  Main product: Bird control nettings, Greenhouse shade cloths, Orchard Bed Netting, Hail Protection Netting, Windbreak Netting, Insect proof netting
  •  Other products: Shade cloth clip and general netting accessories
Joyeyou Industry | EyouAgro
Joyeyou Industry | EyouAgro

The Shanghai-based company is based on the Agrotextile unit of the Joyeyou Industry. EyouAgro is a family-based business that has been producing top-notch textiles for a long period, the company provides products that are as adaptable as their customer’s needs.

All of the company’s products are engineered, designed, and produced within the axis of the company while ensuring that quality materials are used in order to meet their client’s requirements.

EyouAgro has always been known to be one of the best hail netting suppliers in Canada and around the globe. The company’s ail netting is of great quality, as it serves every purpose it is created to serve.

Weather Solve Structure

  • Location: Langley, British Columbia
  • Company type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 2006
  • Number of employees: 11-50
  • Main product: Hail netting, Hail canopy, Golf Range Fence Systems, Building Cladding Systems, Windbreak Fences, Crop Protection Solutions, Custom Wind Protection Systems,  and Walkway Screen Systems.
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Weather Solve Structure

Weather Solve takes pride in being a B-Corporation, a third-party certification that requires businesses to achieve social and environmental management standards, as well as transparency and accountability standards.

The WeatherSolve team, based in Langley, British Columbia works globally, has created a one-of-a-kind range of retractable and permanent hail netting and canopies designed exclusively for car dealerships. They produce dependable hail netting that is also low-profile and cost-effective.


  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  •  Company type: Manufacturing, Supplier
  •  Year founded: 1960
  • Number of employees: 51-200
  • Main product: Hail netting, plastic nets, fences, decorative edging, shading, and screening woven nets, synthetic lawns
  • Other Products: Geosynthetics, Vegetable Plot and Garden, Home accessories
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In 1960, a company specializing in thermoplastic polymer extrusion was founded in Italy. The TENAX Group has gradually expanded its organization as a result of its meticulous attention to growth strategy, favoring the construction of various specialized production and commercial divisions. Due to the high quality of its raw materials, its anti-hail net has side selvages that assure resistance to hail and wind stress.


  • Location: Comox, British Columbia
  • Company type: Manufacturing, Supplier
  • Year founded: 2000
  • Number of employees: 11-50
  • Main product: hail netting, bird netting, insect netting, industrial netting
  • Other products: Sports netting, marine agricultural net, agricultural machinery
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The Mantra of Plantra is “To Plant like you mean it” and they have held up to their word by providing innovative products for farmers to achieve high yields on the farm. With over 30 years of experience under their belt, they have been able to make customized netting like the hail net for farm protection that matches the highest industry standard. They bring several years of technical skills in netting dynamics to the table to help you, the customer, with any product you desire.

Gintec Shade Technologies

Location: Windham Centre, Ontario

Company type: Manufacturing, Supplier

Year founded: 1994

Number of employees: 11-50

Main product: hail netting, Knitted and Woven shade cloth, vineyard betting,

Other products: Insect and Thermal netting and screens, Ground Cover, Frost Blankets, Bird netting

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Gintec Shade Technologies

Gintec is the leading supplier of hail netting and shade cloth in North America, The quantity of diverse netting products that are being explored and tested for commercialization is the most amazing news. Genetec HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) netting with 4mm x 7mm mesh holes is one of the most commonly purchased netting products in Canada. This is because the fabric is light but strong, resisting stains, rips, breaks, and scratches.  Additionally, GintecPRO Guard Netting comes in a multitude of colors and can be customized for hail protection. If this feature suits your needs, then this is the product for you.

GreenHouse Megastore

  • Location: Eastgate, Danvilee
  • Company type:  Supplier
  • Year founded: 1993
  • Number of employees: 50-100
  • Main product: Farm Nettings, Garden Supplies, Seed starters
  • Other Products: Shade materials and accessories
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GreenHouse Megastore

GreenHouse was designed to work with leading greenhouse manufacturers and agricultural professionals to develop and market greenhouse protection units. Since the company’s beginning, GreenHouse has developed into a national business offering a full range of sustainable products for agriculture and horticulture. Its many years spent working in these industries gives the expertise to help customers with their goals.

Neal Carter and Associates Ltd

  • Location: Summerland, British Columbia
  • Company type: Wholesaler, Supplier
  • Year founded: 1996
  • Number of employees: 50-100
  • Main products: hail guards, hail netting, bird netting, shade cloth, processing equipment.
  • Other Products: Farm Supplies and accessories
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Neal Carter and Associates Ltd

When it comes to the best quality, the words of the director of Neal Carter and Associates Ltd., Neal Carter, “If you make your own wine, make your own nets.” The company came up with a line of complex compounds used in production. In this way, they created a net that is completely different from others available for purchase on the market. Netting from Neal Carter and Associates Ltd is available in a series of designs. Their nets are all made in Korea from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), contain 0.6 percent CIBA 783 inhibitors, are UV stabilized, and come with a 10-year UV warranty. Neal Carter and Associates Ltd. will continue to strive to produce the perfect product.

Dubios agrinovation

  • Location: Simcoe, Ontario
  • Company type:  Supplier
  • Year founded: 2004
  •  Number of employees: 100
  • Main product: Agricultural equipment, Hail nets, Shade nets  horticulture and farm equipment
  • Other Products: Mulch film, PVC pipe, HDPE pipe, plastic mulch, pest control, water pressure regulator, water pump, aluminum irrigation pipe
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Dubios agrinovation

The term “agrinovation” refers to the combination of agriculture and technology. Dubois has a solid track record among producers and suppliers in the agricultural industry. The values, knowledge, and agility of our staff, as well as the quality of our goods and customer service, have all contributed to Dubois Agrinovation’s success in North America.

For all of your irrigation, agricultural implements, and plasticulture needs they are dedicated to providing extensive follow-up and exceptional after-sales service.

Johnston Net and Twine

  • Location: Wheatley, Ontario
  •  Company type:  Supplier
  • Year founded: 1991
  • Number of employees: 11-50
  • Main product: Custom netting, agricultural netting
  • Other products: Commercial fishing net
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Johnston Net and Twine

Hail netting systems from Johnston Net and Twine are a gentle and practical way to keep birds out. Hail netting can safeguard a wide range of objects, openings, and structures. Hail exclusion occupations in architecture, industry, aquaculture and agriculture are all possible with this product. Johnston Net and Twine manufactures a wide range of netting materials for a variety of uses.


  • Location: Pennfield, New Brunswick
  •  Company type:  Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Year founded: 1980
  • Number of employees: 10-50
  •  Main product: agricultural netting, tarps
  • Other Products: Aquaculture nets, rope & twine,
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FutureNets has been a leader in the netting industry for decades, providing a wide range of guaranteed quality netting and rope products. Shade and protection netting can be customized to meet the needs of the customer. FutueNets makes it easy for those looking for shade solutions from Anti Hail nets to custom bird netting. 


Now that you have a list of the best hail netting suppliers in Canada, you can take the bold step to protect your farm from destructive hails and snows. Many companies are big distributors of quality hail netting. JoyeYou, in particular, is one of the biggest suppliers of hail netting in the North American region. They have tons of experience under their belt and produce innovative yet custom nets for individual farm needs. To know more about your available options, you can contact Eyouagro or send your request via email.

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