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Reflective Ground Screen: Why Does the Orchard Need to Use?

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By improving the lighting system, the Eyouagro Reflective Ground Screen helps to improve fruits quality. The use of reflective ground film raises the Brix content, which improves the flavor. Read this article to know more about this Reflective Ground Screen.
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Reflective Ground Screen is also known as Reflective Ground film is a kind of Agro-textile or Agrotech. It mainly improves canopy light or sunlight reflection. Light plays an important role in many ways for plants and it affects plant growth, productivity as well as the quality of fruit.

By improving the lighting system, the Reflective Ground Screen helps to improve fruits quality. The use of reflective ground film raises the Brix content, which improves the flavor. Read this article to know more about this Reflective Ground Screen.

How Reflective Ground Screen Works?

How Reflective Ground Screen Works?

Reflecting ground film is a kind of Agro-protective fabric. It’s a reflective cloth that reflects sunlight to the plants, focusing on the canopy’s bottom. It is a reflective ground coating, as the name implies, and it is put on the surface of the orchard.
RGS works very smartly and intelligently. It basically reflects sunlight. That is, when it is replaced on the surface of an orchard, it reflects sunlight from the surface to the surface of the fruit. That is, it works in an angular manner. When light reflects from the sun to the screen, it is reflected at a certain angle according to the law of reflection.
As a result of this, the fruit of any crop is getting more light supply. Due to this, the yield becomes better with the increase of quality of the fruit. So, the use of Reflective Ground Screen will bring success for any garden owner.

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Why does the orchard need to use?

Using Reflective Ground film in the orchard will be profitable for the orchard owner. Since this fabric improves canopy light relations, it is able to improve fruit’s quality, color, as well as taste. Apples, kiwifruit, pears, cherries, as well as strawberries are among the fruits to which it has been extensively used.

Each plant has its own set of ideal climate patterns for producing the highest-quality fruits. During the growth season, weather fluctuations may disrupt this delicate equilibrium, affecting the quality of fruit. The use of reflective ground film guarantees that canopy the intensity of light is the same, resulting in the best possible fruit.

Since light has an impact on fruit life span, it is usually administered time of harvest. You will benefit in many ways from using RGS in your garden. This Ground Screen will benefit you by improving the quality of the fruit you produce in various ways. So, if you want to benefit more from your orchard then you should consider it.

How Reflective Ground Screen Revolutionizing Farming?

Reflective ground screens play a very positive role in revolutionizing agriculture. In agriculture, especially in the production of different types of fruits, it can greatly affect the whole production process, especially in increasing the quality, color, and size of the fruit, as well as affecting the yield. How Reflective Ground Screen Revolutionizing Farming is discussed below_

·      Improve Lighting

The biggest role of Reflective Ground Screen is that it improves the lighting system. Light plays a very important role in the production of all types of crops. Even in the absence of light, the crop yield stops. Due to the covering of the reflective ground film, sufficient light is supplied from the surface and the yield is further increased.

Fruit quality is influenced not just by the quantity of light, as well as by the dispersion of that light. There seems to be an unequal distribution of light with such a thicker canopy. Fruits somewhere at the lower end of the scale receive insufficient light and are thus likely to be of low quality.

·      Improve fruit color and size

Various studies have shown that the use of Screen in orchards improves both the color and size of the fruit. Color improvement can be attributed to the catalytic effect of light on the enzyme activity responsible for color.

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The reflected ground film does this by activating this enzyme in the fruit through the necessary light supply to improve the color of the fruit. Moreover, the supply of this essential light also activates the enzymes that enhance the fruit and has been shown to show some differences in size.

reflective ground cover
Reflective Ground Cover

·      Reduce Growing Time

Reflective ground films guarantee that all fruits develop at the same time by ensuring consistent light dispersion and penetration. This saves you effort and time by reducing the number of choices you have to make, increasing your profits. With less time spent harvesting, there is more time between harvesting cycles to relax.

·      Enhance fruit Quality

The use of a Reflective Ground Screen not only improves the color and shape of the fruit but also improves the overall quality of the fruit. Studies have shown that the use of Reflective Screen in orchards increases the sweetness and even the taste of the fruit in addition to the color of the fruit. In other words, it plays a helpful role in increasing the quality of the fruit. The size and color of the fruit constitute physical appearance criteria that have a direct effect on both sales and profits.

·      Safer Anti-insect Solutions:

The use of Reflective Ground Screen also works as Safer Anti-insect Solutions. The use of Reflective Ground Screen in orchards or eating crops helps to get rid of unwanted insect attacks. Reflective ground cover is effective in preventing certain flying insects from infesting plants, as the reflected light affects the insects’ ability to find their hosts. The application of reflective ground screen reduces the infestation of various crops by winged aphids, leafhoppers, thrips, and whiteflies. A reflective ground screen can prevent some pests from landing on fruit trees. In this case, you do not have to use extra pesticides. In simple words, reflective ground Screen safer is very useful as Anti-insect Solutions.


EyouAgro Reflective Ground Screen will be a very helpful material for farmers of fruit producers. It is a very simple tool that can enhance producibility as well as profitability by improving fruits quality. This kind of ground coating not only affects fruit quality, but it also works as Safer Anti-insect Solutions.

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