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Top 9 Hail Netting Suppliers in Israel

hail netting suppliers
Whether you want to secure your orchard, your greenhouse, or your little garden, hail netting can fit the bill. Here is the top 9 hail netting suppliers in Israel
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Hail netting is a great investment and is also proven to be an effective deterrent against hail damage. Whether you want to secure your orchard, your greenhouse, or your little garden, hail netting can fit the bill.

If you are searching for an experienced and reliable Hail Netting supplier in Israel, then I can help. Although there are several local companies, most cooperate with manufacturers in China.

My knowledge of these products is extensive, which is why I have compiled a list of the top 9 suppliers of this type of anti hail net in Israel.

Understanding Hail Netting

Hail netting, primarily fashioned from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), offers impressive strength and can withstand long-term outdoor use. Its design ensures that plants remain unaffected in their light exposure, a pivotal factor for optimal growth. When in the market for hail netting, one isn’t merely choosing the netting but also its type, color, and installation method.

Based on weaving patterns and characteristics, hail netting primarily falls into 3 categories:

  1. Raschel Drape Hail Netting: Notable for its versatility and strength.
  2. Leno Woven Hail Netting: Distinguished by its unique weave, ensuring the utmost protection.
  3. Raschel Quad Crossover Knitted Hail Netting: Renowned for its crossover knitting technique, providing superior shielding.

Moreover, the choice of net color plays a significant role. For instance:

  • White: Reflects sunlight and keeps the crops cooler.
  • Red: Alters light spectra, potentially influencing plant growth.
  • Black: Provides maximum shading.
  • Green: Blends well with the natural environment and can modify light spectra.

Lastly, installation methods, like ‘drape’ or ‘tunnel,’ should align with the specific needs of the orchard or farm.

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The Imperative of Hail Netting in Israel

The importance of hail netting in Israel can’t be stressed enough. The nation’s fruit orchards have seen significant damages due to unpredictable hailstorms. For instance, a severe hailstorm that hit the Northern region a few years ago resulted in damages accounting for over 70% of the season’s citrus crop. Such instances highlight the grave repercussions of these natural events and emphasize the need for protective measures.

Selecting the Right Supplier: 5 Vital Considerations

  1. Quality: Before finalizing a purchase, request samples from the supplier. Preliminary or pre-production samples can provide insights into the material’s quality and durability.
  2. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): Recognize that manufacturers typically have MOQ stipulations, with some demanding orders of 50,000 square meters or more.
  3. Price: While economical options might seem tempting, remember that quality often comes at a cost. Premium raw materials usually dictate a slightly higher price point, so aim for value rather than the cheapest offer.
  4. Service: Establishing open communication channels is vital. Your supplier should be responsive, addressing concerns and offering comprehensive services.
  5. Delivery and Transportation: Understand lead times and ensure that the product’s condition upon arrival meets expectations.
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 Top 9 Hail Netting Suppliers in Israel

In order to make sure that you are getting the highest quality material, it is important that you find a reputable supplier who offers these services at an affordable price. This can be difficult since there are many different companies that offer these products, but they may not all be trustworthy or reliable.

We have compiled a list of some of the top hail net suppliers in Israel so that you can easily find them when searching for a new supplier.

No.Company NameYear EstablishedLocation (City)Employee
1Joyeyou Industry/ EyouAgro1996Shanghai, China120
2A. A Politiv1985Kibbutz Einat, Israel100+
3Pic Plast1985Afula, Israel8
4Paskal Group1991Ma’alot, Israel75
5Meteor Net1938Dimona, Israel51
6Tama1950Mishmar HaEmek, Israel1000
7Ginegar Plastic1969Mishmar HaEmek, Israel100+
8Agro4pro1985Kibbutz Einat, Israel50+
9YKM Group1984Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel110
Top 9 Hail Net Suppliers in Israel

Joyeyou Industry | EyouAgro

  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year founded: 1996
  • Number of employees: 120
  • Main product: Bird control nettings, Greenhouse shade cloths, Orchard Bed Netting, Hail Protection Netting, Windbreak Netting, Insect proof netting
  • Other products: Shade cloth clip and general netting accessories
Joyeyou Industry | EyouAgro
Joyeyou Industry | Eyouagro

Joyeyou Industries’ EyouAgro brand is dedicated to the company’s Agrotextile division. The family-owned company’s main goal is to develop high-quality agricultural textiles that are cleaner, healthier, and more cost-effective for agricultural production.

The most efficient approach to protect your crops from natural dangers like sunshine, ice, tides, and wildlife is to use EyouAgro. EyouAgro is UV-stabilized to protect against the sun’s UV rays and is extremely resistant to inclement weather, as well as extreme temperatures and humidity. They excel in meeting the demands of their clients by producing the best hail netting suppliers in the industry.

You may have noticed that Shanghai is not in Israel, but there is a reason why I placed EyouAgro on the list. Having great success in over 20 years with millions in sales, I had to use us as an example of a great hail netting manufacturer. Our products are sold in Israel and other countries around the world so we are present in their market. You can use my list and compare the top picks to figure out which one seems the best for you. Some of the qualities include the capability of large batches and experience.

A. A Politiv

  • Location: Kibbutz Einat, Israel.
  • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year founded: 1985
  • Number of employees: 51-200
  • Main product: greenhouse coverings, hail nets, pest nets, hull nets, and shading nets.
  • Other Products:  low tunnels and soil coverings sheets
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A. A Politiv

A. A Politiv has grown to become Israel’s top supplier of agrarian films over the years, it is one of the most well-known and well-recognized businesses in the world. Mechanical strength and structural stability classify their nets, which are woven from stabilized polyethylene (Leno) filaments. A. A Politiv is managed well, with the maximum level of self-evaluation inspiring the company to move forward with continuous betterment while maintaining the high quality of the commodities and highly qualified services it provides to all of its clients.

Pic Plast

  • Location: HaHashmal, Afula,
  • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year founded: 1985
  • Number of employees: 2-10
  • Main products: anti-insects, anti-hail, anti-birds shade,
  • Other products: greenhouses, accessories
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Pic Plast

Pic Plast Ltd. develops, manufactures, and sells SOLARIG® horticultural and agricultural coverings and materials all over the world. PIC Plast Ltd also manufactures insect netting, high-quality galvanized steel, and SOLARIG® coverings, as well as net homes, modular greenhouses, and cover materials. These low-cost structures and coverings are great for protecting vineyard vines and flowers.

Paskal Group

  • Location: Ma’alot, Israel,
  • Company type: Manufacturer, supplier
  • Year founded: 1991
  • Number of employees: 51-200
  •  Main product: vegetable netting, anti-hail netting, anti-bird netting, greenhouse solution,
  • Other Products: hooks, holders and pegs, plant protector, truss arches, cluster support
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Paskal Group

Paskal is a corporation that specializes in the extrusion of polymeric fibers for use in four industries: building, fishing, agriculture, and industrial. Their products are now well-known and in demand all over the world, particularly in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and America, thanks to their commercial approach and distribution techniques.

Meteor Net

  • Location: Herzel 1, dimona
  • Company type: Manufacturer, supplier
  • Year founded: 1938
  • Number of employees: 51 – 100
  • Main product: Agriculture Nets, Anti Hail Nets, Greenhouse, Shade Nets, Covers, Shade Nets
  • Other Products: All netting clips and accessories
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Meteor is a renowned developer and manufacturer of agricultural technology. Their agricultural protection netting is one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge technology that ensures hail prevention and growth control while enduring adverse weather conditions. Meteor products have been demonstrated to be suited for a variety of climates and settings, as well as meeting the most demanding worldwide requirements.


  • Location: Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek, Mishmar HaEmek
  • Company type: Manufacturer, supplier
  • Year founded: 1950
  • Number of employees: 1,000
  • Main products: Textiles & apparel, hail netting, shade netting, household goods, bale net wrap
  • Other Products:  Agriculture crop packaging, consumer goods, baler twine, cotton wrap, pallet netting
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Tama Plastic Industry Ltd. is a privately held Israeli firm that manufactures a variety of netting products and operates in several countries. Tama hail netting is available in a variety of densities to satisfy a variety of requirements. The net is made of exceptionally strong fibers and has a square design, which boosts its strength and endurance.

Ginegar Plastic

  • Location: Mishmar HaEmek
  • Company type: Manufacturer, supplier
  • Year founded: 1969
  • Number of employees: 100-500
  • Main product: Hail netting, shade netting, Anti-bird netting
  • Other Products: Greenhouse films, Fumigation film, Mulch
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Ginegar Plastic

Ginegar was the first company to create 5-layer smart coverings for use in agriculture and horticulture. Ginegar goes to great lengths to meet the various and ever-changing demands of its clients. To that end, they work hard to devise a strategy that meets their customers’ demands, as well as the climate, crops, and terrain conditions, and they always give long-term customer help and support to ensure the best possible results.


  • Location: Kibbutz Einat, Israel.
  • Company type: Manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year founded: 1985
  • Number of employees: 51-200
  • Main product: Hail nets, Shade nets, Greenhouse protection nets
  • Other products: Netting accessories
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Agro4pro is a group of specialists whose abilities complement one another, resulting in a wealth of knowledge. The partners bring extensive experience in biology, agriculture, building, management, marketing, and sales to the table. Their high-quality, well-designed crop protection products are built to survive harsh weather conditions such as severe winds, snowfall, and hail.

YKM Group

  • Location: Tel Aviv Yafo
  • Company type: Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Year founded: 1984
  • Number of employees: 110
  • Main product:  hail netting,  Anti insects and pest nets,
  • Other Products: net pallet covers, shade nets, anti-weed mat
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YKM Group

YKM Group offers a wide variety of hail netting solutions, including heavy-duty hail netting, mildew-resistant hail netting, and hail screens for construction sites and agricultural vehicles. In addition to providing their customers with these products, the company also helps them solve all kinds of problems related to hail netting for farms in Israel.

How to Choose the Right Hail Netting Manufacturer for Your Needs?

Choosing the right manufacturer for your product is a crucial decision. The quality of your product will directly reflect on your company, so you want to make sure you choose the right manufacturer. Consider these factors when choosing your manufacturer:

  1. Location:
    Depending on your location, it’s important to choose a manufacturer with a location close by. Because shipping cost and the shipping time also need to be considered.
  2. Quality:
    It is important to choose a manufacturer who has the capacity to produce your order in the quantity you desire and with the quality you demand. You can read reviews online as well as request samples of their work.
  3. Certification:
    It’s important to ensure that the manufacturers you choose have the necessary certifications required for your product.
  4. Price:
    When comparing prices between manufacturers, be careful not to sacrifice quality for cost. In the end, it is important to choose a manufacturer that can provide a high-quality product at a fair price.


It is almost impossible to claim that one place is better than another. We are all different people with different needs.

However, it is always a great time to speak of Joyeyou since they are more than just fantastic; they are exceptional.
Besides their dependability, they are available in a variety of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes. Understanding that the most useful option is the one with strong nets, customers can rest assured they are getting value for their money.

You can contact Joyeyyou customer service to learn about their product or request a quote via email. They are more than happy to help you with your custom needs.

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