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3 Types of Hail Netting – You Need to Know

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hail netting for vineyard
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What is Hail Netting?


For the agriculture’, hail is the most adverse weather condition. It can damage the entire farm within a few minutes. For plant protection, hail netting is an efficient system. It ensures the continuous production of the plant.
A hail net is a strong and U-protected net that protects the fruits, vegetables, other plants from hail.
Besides hail protection, this netting also prevents birds from damaging the fruit allowing enough sunlight.

Hail Netting Material

Hail netting is polyethylene monofilament, healthy, and UV protected. Hail netting material ensures plants’ protection from hail and birds till their harvest. Installation of hail netting is in rows, drape down over the plant, shady canopies, pyramid shape, and flat as a shade. Most commonly, hail netting is fitted in rows for crops and drape down the plant. For fruit trees, drape-down position is best as trees need protection from tip to toe before the fruit becomes fully ripe. 

Hail Netting Specification

Following are the specifications of the net usually used in hail net.

  • Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • The diameter of wire: 0.25mm-0.35mm
  • Size of hole: 8mm to 10mm
  • Width: 1-8m
  • Weight: 40 to 180 GSM
  • Colour: Black, Grey, White, green and transparent

Types of hail netting:

Majorly, two hail net types manufacture from two different machines with different patterns. They are raschel hail netting and leno woven hail netting. Raschel hail netting has two different mesh patterns named crossover and triangular, made from the raschel machine. So, there are three types of hail netting, explained below. Farmers can choose from the one that best suits their crops.

Raschel Quad Crossover Knitted Hail Netting

 A hail netting pattern knitted and made up of high-density UV stabilized polythene yarn. It is shaped into a Raschel diamond design. It is light in weight, highly durable, anti-rip, and easy to handle. Mostly this net is available in black, green, and white colors. Knitted cross-stitched hail netting is utilized mainly by farmers who want to cover their fields to protect against bad weather conditions and birds.

Raschel Quad Crossover Hail Netting
Raschel Quad Crossover Hail Netting


  • Prevent hail damage and increase crop productivity.
  • Its material cannot be ripped and is UV protected.
  • Easy to install and lightweight.
  • More than five years of life span  
  • It allows a sound transmission of sunlight.
  • Highly durable. A double layer of mesh net enhances the strength of hail netting.
  • UV resistance gives this net a long life to fight against hail.


  • Material: high-density polyethylene monofilament.
  • Weaving method: raschel warped knitted
  • Colour: black, white, grey, red, and other colors.
  • Hole size: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm.
  • Sizes: 6m, 7.6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 20m. Other sizes are available.


The Raschel knitted crossover hail netting can be in areas with fewer hailstorms. Places, where flat canopies for hail are required, are best for this net.

You can get the top-quality raschel knitted quad crossover hail net from EYOUAGRO that ensures your crops’ protection with ten years of warranty.

Raschel Drape Hail Netting

This netting is a combination of tape and microfilament polythene. It is UV-resistant and highly durable. It has a triangular pattern, making it a supreme quality small mesh net that protects the crops at a large scale. Inbuilt eyelets help easy insertion of cable or cord for installation. Easy to handle and lightweight net, which also has anti-rip properties. Triangular hail netting pattern has more usage in the cooperate sector for shading and saving their parking lots from hails stones.

Raschel Drap Hail Netting
Raschel Drap Hail Netting


  • Inbuilt eyelets for easy installation using cord or cable.
  • Closer holes prevent smaller size hail from entering.
  • Allow sunlight to pass (10% shade factor)
  • Anti-Rip and UV resistance.
  • Reinforced edges enhance the elastic strength of the net.
  • This net can be used as a shade as well.
  • It has recyclable material that does not harm the climate and plants.


  • Material: UV resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Mesh size: 2mm × 11mm.
  • Colour: Black, white, green, yellow, red.
  • Width: Maximum 8 m.


Raschel drape hail net can be draped over big trees to save the fruit from hail. In greenhouses, this net can be used as shade cloth and can also cover the garden to protect the flowers and fruits damaged by sunlight.

Do not waste your time thinking. Get your quotation today from EYOUAGRO drape hail net. Protect your tress with a drape hail net, economical in price and easy to install.

Leno Woven Hail Netting

Leno woven hail netting is the strongest among all other patterns. Its material is tough monofilament high-density polyethylene. Its selvages are also durable making its application suitable in long rows. It is mostly available in transparent color, helping the corps get high sunlight implying a low shade level. It is installed in high-temperature areas to prevent the plants from direct sun heat. Some plants are sensitive to heat and get burn quickly. Leno woven hail netting best to protect the plants from intense daylight.

Leno Woven Hail Netting
Leno Anti Hail Netting


  • Material: UV stabilized high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Mesh size: Available in almost all sizes from minimum 2mm to maximum 8mm.
  • Colour: Black, white, grey, red.
  • Width: Maximum 5 m.


  • Firm edges help to stand in heavy hail.
  • Antioxidant, anti-rip, and UV resistance.
  • It prevents hail damage and ensures yield productivity.
  • Polyethylene is a recyclable material that certifies environmental safety.


Leno woven hail net protects different varieties of fruits and vegetables from damage. Besides protecting from hail, it also saves the plant from birds as it fully covers the fruit, which does not allow the birds to damage the fruit.

EYOUAGRO offers a leno woven hail net with five years of warranty. Get the netting system as per your requirement as they have different sizes that protect your plants from damage.


Hail is an essential concern for all people, especially for cultivators. The growth of crops depends upon good weather. Adequate sunlight, appropriate rain, and wind are vital for fuller growth. Hail can severely damage the crops, and timely actions are necessary to get the desired results.

EYOUAGRO hail netting offers supreme protection against hail. We offer a hail netting system that is easy on the budget and save you from poor hail weather. Our hail nets have superior HDPE material, which has a perfect strength ratio to bear weight. Our high-quality nets aim to diminish the risk of hail damage to crops along with proper sunlight and shade level. EYOUAGRO seeks to ease the life of farmers, landscapers, agriculture and gardener by offering an economic hail netting system to prevent their loss due to hailstorms. Do not waste your time visit https://eyouagro.com/ and get the perfect hail net just on few clicks.

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