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3 Types of Hail Netting – You Need to Know

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hail netting for vineyard
Hail net is a strong and UV-protected net that protects the fruits, vegetables, other plants from hail. Besides hail protection, this netting also prevents birds from damaging the fruit allowing enough sunlight.
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Hail Netting is an excellent investment for any farmer. Eyouagro Hail Netting can protect your crops from hail, wind, and snow to keep them safe and sound.

Anti Hail Nets have been specially developed, so they are easy to install and remove, so you don’t have to worry about doing these tasks yourself!

What is Hail Netting?


Hail netting is an advanced netting that offers protection from hail, birds, and other predators for fruit trees, vegetables, and other plants on your land.
For agriculture, hail is the most adverse weather condition. It can damage the entire farm within a few minutes. For plant protection, hail netting is an efficient system. It ensures the continuous production of the plant.
A hail net is a strong and U-protected net that protects the fruits, vegetables, other plants from hail.
Besides hail protection, this netting also prevents birds from damaging the fruit allowing enough sunlight.

Hail Netting Basic Function

Hail netting from Eyouagro has been designed with unique features that will all but eliminate the chance of passing over your product as it flies across the landscape.

Hail netting also increases yields by up to 10%.

Hail screens are a cost-effective measure that can protect your crops from hail, wind, and snow to keep them safe and sound.  Eyouagro offers
Hail Nets with various mesh sizes, so you can choose the best option for protecting all your plants.

It has been designed with unique features that will all but eliminate the chance of passing over your orchard as it flies across the landscape Hail Netters have been specially developed. Hence, they are easy to install and remove, so you don’t have to worry about doing these tasks yourself.

Hail protection netting is a significant investment for fruit orchard protection that you will be glad to have taken.

Hail Netting Material

Hail netting is polyethylene monofilament, healthy, and UV protected. Hail netting material ensures plants’ protection from hail and birds till their harvest.

Installation of hail netting is in rows, drape down over the plant, shady canopies, pyramid shape, and flat as a shade. Most commonly, hail netting is fitted in rows for crops and drape down the plant.

For fruit trees, the drape-down position is best as trees need protection from tip to toe before the fruit becomes fully ripe. 

Hail Netting Specification

Following are the specifications of the net usually used in hail net.

  • Material: High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • The diameter of wire: 0.25mm-0.35mm
  • Size of hole: 8mm to 10mm
  • Width: 1-8m
  • Weight: 40 to 180 GSM
  • Colour: Black, Grey, White, Green and Transparent

3 Types of Hail Netting : You Need to Know

Majorly, two hail net types manufacture from two different machines with different patterns. They are raschel hail netting and leno woven hail netting. Raschel hail netting has two different mesh patterns named crossover and triangular, made from the raschel machine.

So, there are three types of hail netting, explained below. Farmers can choose from the one that best suits their crops.

Raschel Drape Hail Netting

This netting is a combination of tape and microfilament polythene.
It is UV-resistant and highly durable.
It has a triangular pattern, making it a supreme quality small mesh net that protects the crops at a large scale.
Inbuilt eyelets help easy insertion of cable or cord for installation.
Easy to handle and lightweight net, which also has anti-rip properties.
Triangular hail netting pattern has more usage in the cooperate sector for shading and saving their parking lots from hailstones.

Raschel Drap Hail Netting
Raschel Drap Hail Netting


  • Inbuilt eyelets for easy installation using cord or cable.
  • Closer holes prevent smaller size hail from entering.
  • Allow sunlight to pass (10% shade factor)
  • Anti-Rip and UV resistance.
  • Reinforced edges enhance the elastic strength of the net.
  • This net can be used as a shade as well.
  • It has recyclable material that does not harm the climate and plants.


  • Material: UV resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Mesh size: 2mm × 11mm.
  • Colour: Black, white, green, yellow, red.
  • Width: Maximum 8 m.


Raschel drape hail net can be draped over big trees to save the fruit from hail. In greenhouses, this net can be used as shade cloth and can also cover the garden to protect the flowers and fruits damaged by sunlight.

Drape Hail Netting
Drape Hail Netting

Do not waste your time thinking. Get your quotation today from EYOUAGRO drape hail net.
Protect your tress with a drape hail net, economical in price and easy to install.

Leno Woven Hail Netting

Leno woven hail netting is the strongest among all other patterns.
Its material is tough monofilament high-density polyethylene. Its selvages are also durable making its application suitable in long rows.
It is mostly available in transparent color, helping the corps get high sunlight implying a low shade level.
It is installed in high-temperature areas to prevent the plants from direct sun heat.
Some plants are sensitive to heat and get burned quickly.
Leno woven hail netting is best to protect the plants from intense daylight.

Leno Woven Hail Netting
Leno Anti Hail Netting


  • Material: UV stabilized high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Mesh size: Available in almost all sizes from minimum 2mm to maximum 8mm.
  • Colour: Black, white, grey, red.
  • Width: Maximum 5 m.


  • Firm edges help to stand in heavy hail.
  • Antioxidant, anti-rip, and UV resistance.
  • It prevents hail damage and ensures yield productivity.
  • Polyethylene is a recyclable material that certifies environmental safety.


Leno woven hail net protects different varieties of fruits and vegetables from damage. Besides protecting from hail, it also saves the plant from birds as it fully covers the fruit, which does not allow the birds to damage the fruit.

hail netting main
Leno Hail Netting

EYOUAGRO offers a leno woven hail net with five years of warranty.

Get the netting system as per your requirement as they have different sizes that protect your plants from damage.

Raschel Quad Crossover Knitted Hail Netting

A hail netting pattern knitted and made up of high-density UV stabilized polythene yarn.
It is shaped into a Raschel diamond design.
It is light in weight, highly durable, anti-rip, and easy to handle.
Mostly this net is available in black, green, and white colors.
Knitted cross-stitched hail netting is utilized mainly by farmers who want to cover their fields to protect against bad weather conditions and birds.

Raschel Quad Crossover Hail Netting
Raschel Quad Crossover Hail Netting


  • Prevent hail damage and increase crop productivity.
  • Its material cannot be ripped and is UV protected.
  • Easy to install and lightweight.
  • More than five years of life span  
  • It allows a sound transmission of sunlight.
  • Highly durable. A double layer of mesh net enhances the strength of hail netting.
  • UV resistance gives this net a long life to fight against hail.


  • Material: high-density polyethylene monofilament.
  • Weaving method: raschel warped knitted
  • Colour: black, white, grey, red, and other colors.
  • Hole size: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm.
  • Sizes: 6m, 7.6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 20m. Other sizes are available.


The Raschel knitted crossover hail netting can be in areas with fewer hailstorms. Places, where flat canopies for hail are required, are best for this net.

Quad crossover hail netting
Quad Crossover Hail Netting Canopy

You can get the top-quality raschel knitted quad crossover hail net from EYOUAGRO that ensures your crops’ protection with ten years of warranty.

What Color of Hail Net Suits You Best?

Hail nets are used as a means of protection against hail due to the specific climatic conditions and the damage hail can cause to leaves, trunks, and fruit.
However, the use of hail nets can reduce photosynthesis and can also affect the fruit during the growing season.

Three colors of hail nets are currently popular on the market,

  • Transparent Hail Net
  • White Hail Net
  • Black Hail Net

Black hail nets provide the best shade and in some hot areas with strong UV rays, black provides the best protection against sunburn on the fruit.

But for most light-loving fruits, which need more sunlight to color, black is not always suitable

For example apple growers,
the coloring of apples has a direct impact on the quality of their appearance and marketing.

So which color of hail netting has the least impact on apples?

Treatments L* H*
Transparent hail net44.138.8
White hail net44.841
Black hail net48.453
Fruit color values for different colored hail nets
L* represents brightness; H* represents hue angle,
Lower values represent more red coloration, High values mean more yellow coloration

The test results show that

Three different colours of treated hail nets were applied, including black and white hail nets under fruit and transparent coloured hail nets for controls. The colour of the fruit was measured after harvesting.
The results showed that the colour of the fruit was better under the transparent hail nets

If you are interested in how Apple can be more colorful you can see our reflective ground screen.

reflective ground screen 2.jpg
reflective ground screen.jpg
  • Reflective Ground Mulch

    Reflective Ground Mulch or Reflective Ground Cover is a shiny bright white/silver plastic cover for improving canopy light relation, which are made to improve fruit quality including fruit coloration and sugar content, thus improving fruit yield and quality. It is developed to cover the entire orchard floor and not just the area immediately below the trees, which maximizes the amount of light that can be reflected back into the trees.

    • Improved blush color, fruit sizes, and fruit sets
    • Increased Brix levels can lead to better-tasting fruits
    • Offers control over flying pests and reduces weed growth
    • Accelerates fruit maturity approaching harvest

    Read More

Useful Hail Netting Accessories

Hail Net Fastener and Connector

This indicates a reduction in sunlight exposure and final fruit color due to the use of black or white hail nets on the trees

Plastic Net Fasteners and Connectors from EyouAgro are ideal for poly, energy curtains, nets, screens, and shade cloth. They can be easily installed and are designed for a wide range of applications.

They are made from top-quality nylon plastic with UV stabilization, do not dry out but retain their physical strength over time.

In addition to being reusable for several seasons, each connector is specifically designed to be used with a particular kind of netting and according to the way in which it covers a specific structure.

Here is EyouAgro offers the netting fasteners and connectors

  1. Clips for connector
  2. Clips for net fixing
  3. Clips for top wire
  4. Wire Clips
  5. Net Winterfix

Hooks for Hail Nets

Hooks for hail netting are easy to use accessories to attach faster to a cable, net, or rope. It’s a perfect reusable solution for mounting an anti-hail net to any line.

There are two kinds of hook Eyouagro produced:

These are made of durable and lightweight plastic. Their Physical strength helps them quickly link several nets together and attach them to the steel wire.

Caps for Poles

Hail netting pole caps are accessories designed to strengthen the wires in the system. Produced from high-quality polyethylene, resistant to rays of the sun, weather, and mechanical influence.

Usually, these poles are mounted at the top of concrete poles and are used to grasp cables and wires that run longitudinally and transversely.

A complete set consists of housing, washers, caps, and galvanized fasteners.

accessory for hail netting eyouagro
Caps for hail netting eyouagro

Bungee Cords

Bungee cord or Elastic Wire is the necessary accessory for the hail netting system.

It is a tension net that can act effectively to extend the service life of the hail net when the cloud of hail attacks. Since the cloud of hail is very elastic, it can absorb and dissolve pretty well.

bungee cord and hail netting
bungee cord and hail netting

Anti Hail Net Applications

Protect Garden from Hail

Eyouagro made premium hail net will protect your plants and fruit trees, vegetables in the garden against damage caused by hailstorms. This orchard protection netting would help you to avoid damage from scattered hail.

Face against Hail and Intense Wind

A hail net will protect your farm from hailstorms as well as from the intense wind in a windy environment. It is easy to install and remove to be used in both small and large greenhouses and farms.

Reduce damage of Heavy Rain, and Snow

A snowstorm or other heavy precipitation could cause flooding on your farm. Therefore, it is vital to be able to quickly deploy an anti-hail net over large areas. It could reduce damage and protect your crops from the harsh environment.

Greenhouse Hail Protection

Anti hail netting system gives protection against sudden rain falling with hail on unprotected areas of a greenhouse. It is easy to deploy when it needs to protect. Consequently, installing such a reusable netting system is an excellent investment to grow fast and overcome any environment.

hail netting banner
hail netting system

Hail Netting Installation Process

If Hail Netting is installed correctly, it can save crops and other plants from damage during a hailstorm. The hail Netting installation Process takes time but is worth the effort.

hail netting system installation

To learn how to install Hail Netting properly, follow the 3 steps:

Step 01:
Install Hail Netting on posts that are spaced 12 feet apart around the perimeter of your property. The height should be about 4- 8 feet above ground level for best results.
It needs to install on the exterior of a farm or building, and it should be placed several inches above any openings to allow for the passage of air while still protecting from hail damage.

Step 02:
Tie off one end of the net to a post or stake with loops at either end; then stretch out the length of the net between two posts and tie it off.
Repeat this process until all posts have been used if you don’t want to use stakes, place lawn staples in each corner of the Hail Netting to secure it in place.

Step 03:
Hail netting is most effective when installed during the early stages of growth for plants, so make sure you do this before crops or other materials are at risk (for example, after tilling).
Also, be aware that hail netting does not protect against all types of hail damage. Hail netting is most effective against small, soft hail and only moderately effective against large hailstones.

Eyouagro Anti hail nets are easy to install because they have grommets every four feet along the edge of each side that allow for fastening with rope or twine.
This makes it simple to attach them anywhere you need protection from damage due to hailstorms!

Hail Netting Installation Process takes time, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run!

If you want to know the complete Hail Netting installation process,

installation of agriculture netting main
installation of agriculture netting

When to install the Anti-hail Netting to get the timing right?

The right time for installing is when you have done the seeding on the farm or before the monsoon comes.
The most common issue of cultivators is a ruinous breeze that farmers are always waiting for the coming monsoon, and then one day, the hailstorm comes and destroys everything on the field.

If a hail storm hits, then it could end up causing lots of damage to the leaves on your plants which would result in less yield at harvest time.

Installing Anti Hail netting is a very effective way to protect your crops from the damaging effects of hailstorms and other extreme weather events.

How to Buy Anti Hail Net?

Hail nets are a vital tool for anyone who wants to protect their property from hail damage. Eyouagro Anti hail nets come in many different sizes, colors, and price ranges. This can make it challenging to know which one is the best option for your needs.

You can buy hail netting from the EyouAgro. EyouAgro is exceptionally experienced in hail netting, and we can help you with your need for hail protection.
We have worked worldwide, helping people protect their crops from damage caused by hailstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other extreme weather events that cause a lot of crop damage.

Our goal in every hail netting project is to protect your crops from hail damage through the use of our solid and durable hail nets.

How to Calculate the size of the hail netting?

If you’re looking to buy hail netting, you might be wondering how to calculate the area that you will need.
This can get quite confusing and difficult, especially if it is a large surface that you need to cover.

What happens if you choose the wrong size of hail netting?
You end up buying extra hooks and ropes, once hailstones start falling on your facility.

That has a significant impact on cost.

So how do you calculate the correct size of hail netting?

The answer is simple, Here is our EyouAgro Hail Netting Calculator

Hail Netting Calculator.jpg

You can use it to calculate the size and quantity required and the number of accessories to match, etc.

The Ultimate Anti Hail Nets Buying Guide

Hail nets are an essential and necessary component of any agri-farm roofing system. Hail netting is a barrier that prevents hail from damaging your plants.

Hail netting can be installed on top of existing shingles to provide protection or as the primary layer on a new roof installation. You may buy the netting are made from a polyethylene mesh that is strong and durable. This allows the net to withstand hail up to three inches in size without damage or tearing.

The most common colors for hail nets on the market today are green, brown, grey, white, and blue; however, some are available with more vibrant colors. You can choose the color according to your needs from Eyouagro.

Regardless of what type you need, it’s essential to know how much coverage you need based on the size of your farm and how complicated your environment is. The considerable things before purchasing one!

To help you with this decision, you may contact us; Eyouagro is here to support you according to your needs.

Best Anti Hail Net – Features and Advantage

Hail netting is a great way to protect your crops from hail damage. Eyouagro hail nets are lightweight, easy to install, and can be installed in just minutes. They are constructed of durable polypropylene yarn that will not stretch or shrink over time. The fabric has small holes that allow the water to drip through but keep the hailstones out.

 Here are the best features of anti-hail netting:

Best Hail Netting Features:

a)       Prevent hailstorm damage and helps to increase crop productivity.
b)      Highly durable.
c)       The strongest material-made product would not be ripped.
d)      Allows the excellent transmission of sunlight through the net.
e)      Super lightweight and UV protected.
f)        Easy to install and remove.
g)       Having more than 5-10+ years of life span.
h)      UV resistance helps this net a long life to fight against hailstorms.

Advantage of Hail netting

Hail netting is a practical solution to hail damage. Anti-Hail nets are widely used in the agricultural industry; they help protect farms and greenhouses from stormy weather like wind, rain, snow, or hail. Hail netting helps prevent structural damage and prevents crop loss due to pests that damaged crops may attract.

Hail nets are made from a durable, high-strength material that will not deteriorate when exposed to the weather. Hail netting is an economical way to help protect your greenhouse and other structures in your farm area. The best part of it could be installed during construction or after the fact for existing structures.

5 Common FAQs of Anti Hail Netting

1. Does hail netting work?

Hail netting is a standard hail protection method for agricultural farms and businesses. But does hail netting work?

Yes, hail netting has been proven to reduce hail damage. Hail netting is a hail prevention strategy that has been used for decades.

But every hail netting doesn’t always prevent hail from causing dents and damages. Many factors can affect this, such as: how strong the material is if it’s adequately installed (stretched tightly), hail size, hail strength, and hail frequency.

If hail damage is your concern, Eyouagro is here alone to solve this problem. You can blindly trust Eyouagro for premium quality hail netting.

2. What do you use for hail netting?

If you are looking for a solution to protect your crops from hail, then Eyouagro hail netting is perfect for you. Eyouagro uses High-density polyethylene (HDPE) to produce premium quality hail netting, making them UV stabilized and super durable. It’s essentially a strong mesh material that’s stretched over the top of your roof to make sure hail doesn’t dent or damage it.

3. Does bird netting protect from hail?

There is a common question that Will bird netting protect from hail? Or Will shade cloth protect from hail?

The answer is No! Bird netting could not protect from hail; it only could reduce the damage of a hailstorm. But could not entirely from damaging your plants. They would be torn with the hit of hail. Every product has a specialty to serve in specific purpose, Therefore

It would be best if you utilized Eyouagro premium hail netting to face the challenge of the hailstorm.

4. Can you cut hail netting?

If you are looking to install hail netting but want to know if it can be trimmed or cut, the answer is yes! It would help if you had a sturdy pair of scissors and some heavy-duty shears.

If you are taking down hail netting, make sure to use scissors or shears instead of something like a knife that could damage the material. You should not cut hail netting with anything else but durable tools because it is challenging and does not break easily.

For best results, measure the hail netting before cutting it so that you don’t end up with any leftover pieces afterward.

5. How to find best hail netting?

Each Hail netting product is unique. To help you find the best Hail netting, here are some essential factors to consider:

–          Hail nets with smaller holes will protect your plants better.
–          Make sure the Hail netting is easy to install and move around.
–          You can choose between different materials for Hail nets (metal, plastic, etc.).
–          Hail nets can be used for plants in pots as well as those outsides.
–          Hail nets have different shapes and sizes, so you should choose the right one to fit your garden needs.


EyouAgro Hail netting is a great way to protect your garden from hail damage. It’s durable and can withstand the toughest of storms, keeping your plants safe and sound. It will provide shade for some plants, which will help them grow better during the hot summer months. And protect your plants are vulnerable against hail.

Do you want to know How to buy the most effective Hail netting for your Orchard?

The best way to get Hail Netting is by purchasing them from Eyouagro. Eyouagro company offers Hail Netting in different sizes, shapes, and colors according to your needs.

EYOUAGRO hail netting offers supreme protection against hail. We offer a hail netting system that is easy on the budget and save you from poor hail weather. Our hail nets have superior HDPE material, which has a perfect strength ratio to bear weight. Our high-quality nets aim to diminish the risk of hail damage to crops along with proper sunlight and shade level.

EYOUAGRO seeks to ease the life of farmers, landscapers, agriculture, and gardener by offering an economic hail netting system to prevent their loss due to hailstorms. Do not waste your time visiting https://eyouagro.com/ and get the perfect hail net just on few clicks.

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