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3 Top Reasons to Use Aluminet

This article discusses some of the most common reasons when using this awesome product.
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Aluminet is a type of aluminized shade fabric that has been specially treated to reflect heat and light. It is used for numerous purposes, including in the construction of tents, greenhouses, reflective ground covers, and more. This article discusses some of the most common reasons when using this awesome product.

Features and Advantage 

1. Aluminet Reflects Light:

Although light is essential for plant photosynthesis, too much light can inhibit plant growth. The Aluminet has the effect of a light-reflecting ray, which acts as a mirror to reflect light back into the air. Installing an Aluminet in a greenhouse can help to block out excessive light.

aluminet 75 outside 2
aluminet 75 outside

2. Aluminet Blocks Heat:

Aluminet is an effective heat blocker, reflecting heat and protecting plants from the sun.

Many studies have shown

The temperature in greenhouses can be reduced by around 4-8 degrees under the cover of Aluminet, reducing the likelihood of fruit and leaf burns and increasing plant yields.

aluminet inside 1
aluminet inside 1

3. Aluminet Is Durable

Aluminet clothes are produced by modern technology, which helps to save access materials and other chemicals added to ordinary clothes to be more durable. Although Aluminet clothes prices are generally high from other ordinary clothes, its durability and effectiveness help give the rightfulness of total investment. So, by buying a long-term Aluminet shade cloth, you can get a higher return on your costs. Aluminet shading rate can vary from 40% to almost 99%, which can prevent all light. The density of fabrics is measured by its UV prevention ability when the Aluminet shade clothes span time generally 4 years.

4. Aluminet Increases Thermal Insulation:

The aluminum foil netting not only provides shade but also acts as an insulator at night when the temperature is lower. Tests have shown that greenhouses with aluminum foil netting can be warmer than outside when the temperature drops at night. This protects the plants from freezing at night and has a protective effect on them. This plays a considerable role in the cultivation of many vegetables and flowers. It saves you energy and makes your plants healthier.

5. Aluminet Enhance Diffuse Reflection

Diffuse reflection means that light is evenly distributed into the environment when it hits a rougher surface, allowing plants to take full advantage of all the light and produce sufficient photosynthesis for plant growth. Aluminet shade screen is considered to have a good diffuse reflection effect, allowing the plants in the greenhouse to be fully bathed in sunlight and reducing the incidence of uneven sunlight exposure.

Aluminet helps protect greenhouses from various pests and animals, those birds who carry Vermes reduce the use of pests and chemicals. It helps the farmers increase good and healthy food, for example, reduce the damage of earth by reducing poison of chemicals.  

greenhouse, nursery, flower bed.jpg

Comparison Between Aluminet and Ordinary Shade Cloth

 Aluminet Shade ClothWhite Shade Cloth
Main Material Aluminum foilHDPE
Knitting MethodTricotRaschel
Control of shading ratesBetterPoor
Shading effectYesYes
Light reflectionYesNo
Diffuse reflectionYesNo
Thermal insulationYesNo

Top Reason to Use Aluminet 

The Aluminet can be made in a very flexible way, it can be made with different shading rates depending on the requirements. The control of the shading rate can be very precise, as it can be made in different proportions of aluminum foil strips. Plastic white film or plastic transparent film can also be added to enhance the diffuse reflectance and transmittance of the foil mesh.

These controlled conditions are the reason why the environment inside the greenhouse can be controlled more precisely, helping plants to resist the harsh external environment and allowing the environment inside the greenhouse to always be controlled in a way that is suitable for plant growth. It can allow increasing export and income of farmers.

Eyouagro Aluminet clothes help to protect from the heat in the summer as well as in the winter seasons. Aluminet shade cloth can reduce the greenhouse temperature by around 4-8 in the summer season.

Eyouagro Aluminet Features:

  • Durable and tear-resistant for long-lasting use in all kinds of weather.
  • Free of mold, or rot.
  • Customized for optimal light reflection and heat insulation.
  • Dense weave to provide maximum UV blockage.
  • Provides insulation against heat and cold while blocking 98% of harmful UV rays from the sun.
  • An innovative design that allows you to attach multiple layers of fabric together for enhanced insulation and protection against the elements.
  • Having a special coating on the inside to ensure that your Aluminet does not absorb water.
  •  Features double-stitched hems around all four sides of the fabric for added reinforcement against tears and rips.
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble without using any tools or other equipment.

5 Common FAQs for Aluminet Shade Cloth

 1. Does Aluminet shade cloth work?

Using shade cloth to reduce the sunburn of plants is an effective solution. It also reduces the amount of radiation of plants. Its reason is shade cloth can reflect the light and solar radiation. By using hade, cloth can also change the appearance of plants.

Plants that grow under the shade have found large leaves, long and more nodes if shade-loving plants. 30% of shade cloths are recommended for heat-tolerant plants, 40%-50% recommended for flower plants, 60% are used for sensitive plants, and 70%-90% used for ornaments plats.

aluminet 75 outside 6
aluminet 75 outside

2. Can you cut Aluminet?

Some older threads reference that Aluminet shade can cut into arbitrary shapes without any trouble. Aluminet can be cut based on your need. I’m cutting Aluminet for my garden, which was U-shape, and it was performing well.

3. How long does Aluminet shade last?

It normally lasts about 4-5 years. It can dramatically change based on various factors. Fabric choice, age, location, installation angle, installation method, shape, other structure, etc., impact the longevity and return on investment.

4. Is Aluminet fire resistant?

Aluminet can have a fire retardant effect with the addition of flame retardants as required. For greenhouses where there is a risk of fire, this type of Aluminet shade cloth can be chosen to enhance the safety of the greenhouse. 

5. How does Aluminet work?

Aluminet works as a thermal blanket where warm objects become cool by stopping higher waves and infrared radiation. The reflective effect of the Aluminet serves to cool down and reflect the light. In addition, it has a thermal insulation effect, among other things. It is particularly helpful for regulating the environment in the greenhouse.


For increasing plants, sunlight and water are necessary, but excessive things are harmful. Eyouagro Aluminet shade cloths will give your greenhouse plenty of protection. By using Aluminet shade cloth, plants can take sufficient sunlight and gradually grow. If you have any inquiries about the product, just quote us. Eyouagro will get back to you ASAP!

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