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Protecting Industrial Hemp from Hail

hemp hail protection
This increasing number of weather incidents has a huge effect on the hemp industry. You will learn how you can grow hemp to get good yields by protecting from yields.
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I’m an industrial hemp grower for a couple of years. Through this journey, I have faced situations no grower would want to experience. Occasionally severe thunderstorms drop golf-sized hails into my extensive field of hemp. 

Throughout growth, hemp encounters severe weather elements. And the hail tops the list. The hail causes breakages and flattens the whole crop. For instance, in May 2019, there were 4,400 reports of hail incidents the highest since 2011. This increasing number of weather incidents has a huge effect on the hemp industry.

And I have realized you have to protect your hemp from hail to realize maximum benefits. because the weather elements will continue to be exacerbated by climate change

How do you protect your industrial hemp from hail? Here’s how you do it. You will learn how you can grow hemp to get good yields by protecting from yields.

Let’s dive in.

Hemps and its Importance

What is industrial hemp

Hemp belongs to the  Cannabis sativa species. It has a low, non-narcotic (non-psychotropic) concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). You should not confuse with marijuana, a variety of Cannabis that have high levels of THC. 

industrial hemp
industrial hemp

And there are over 75 different hemp varieties that have a low THC content (currently up to 0,2%). 

Since the end of the last century, hemp is grown for the fastest growing agricultural and industrial markets in decades.


Hemp is one of the useful plants. Whatever part of the plant – stalks, seeds, flowers, and leaves – can be harvested and processed. For instance, a single crop has the potential to produce a wide range of products. 2500 products associated with hemp plans from cosmetics to fiber

Threats Industrial Hemp – Weather

Growing hemp or any other plant outside brings weather challenges. Hemp plants are surprisingly resilient to most environmental conditions. however tall hemp all those nearing maturities are prone to hail. the hail plays a role in whether the hemp succeeds or fails. one year you may be lucky the environmental conditions are favorable. However, this is not guaranteed in the following year. This is worse if you have not insured your hemp. You should always consider hail when assessing harvest timing. 

Hail affects both seed and fiber production. The impact is pronounced in male plants than in female plants because they are weaker. 

hemp hail protection 2
hemp hail protection 2

The damaged hemp leads to

  • Branching out and regrow
  • Regrowth leads to problems for seed harvesting


If you’re going to reap maximum returns from your fields of industrial hemp, take action to protect them from the threats. By using netting, you can realize the following benefits

  • Minimizing broken branches
  • Improving yields and quality
  • Wind Protection
  • Hail Protection

Netting system used by growers

You can opt to grow your hemp in high tunnels. This is because in the hemp industry pollination is of major importance. The CBD is produced in the female flower buds, and if those female flower buds get pollinated, your concentration of CBD just tanks into the basement. You get almost none. So you have to keep pollen away from those female flower buds. 

cannabis under greenhouse
cannabis under greenhouse

From tunnels, you get the following

  • Tall hemp.
  • Economical.
  • Tunnels make crop rotation easy
  • Easy access by equipment.
  • Support kits to be used in areas of heavy snow 

Hail Netting

Many types of hail netting are available among them Drape, Leno, Quad, and Hail protection. They can protect against hail that destroys your hemp. 

Hail net is made from strong durable lockstitch technology. It is also light to allow for ease of handling.

Raschel Drap Hail Netting
Raschel Drap Hail Netting


The netting is made of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). It also laminated on both sides for waterproofing. The net material is also UV stabilized.  The UV stabilized netting helps you protect your hemp field from extreme sun rays while maintaining proper air circulation.


The netting is woven. It is constructed with a strong monofilament that provides extra tensile strength. The weaving prevents unraveling when cut. This structure results in your field having maximum air circulation


Hail net can be made into custom sizes with reinforced selvage and grommets/eyelets at intervals for easy anchoring.

How to Buy the Hail Netting

When you go to buy your hail netting, consider the following:

  • Weight: The weight is listed in grams per square meter.  It is an indicator of durability. 
  • Thickness: This is shown in millimeters. It ranges from 0.1 – 0.5 mm. The thicker the meeting the more the strength. 
  • UV: Note whether your netting is UV stabilized. UV stabilization prevents degradation from occurring in a short time.  
  • Size: Consider the size and area coverage for the application.
  • Color: The netting comes in a variety of colors. Go for the color that suits you.

When buying go  for manufacturers whose 

  • Netting is made from eco-friendly material
  • The manufacturer  has a long experience
  • The netting is made from modern technology
  • Implements Innovation and research

Installation Accessories

The hail netting goes with some accessories for installation. For instance connectors, fasteners, brackets, and droppers fit all your needs.

The tie-downs are used to keep the cover placed on an item. This is to prevent your cover from draping off or being brown by the wind.

The clips help in attaching your ropes and netting. The clamps hold the netting without damaging it.


After acquiring the hail and accessories, you are now set for installation. The main considerations the differential strengths, weaknesses, and costs must all be considered.

The hemp can be grown under various types of netting – high tunnels and retractable-roof greenhouse-like structures that cover the entire hemp field. 

What the Future Holds for Hemp

Hemp will make a contribution towards innovative solutions of accelerating the transition towards a circular economy- a growth model that gives back to our earth. It also creates many green and skilled jobs in manufacturing and in rural areas. 

The hemp industry comes as a socially responsible business poised to mitigate Climate Change. The flexible nature of hemp potentially represents billion-dollar downstream markets in the manufacturing of recyclable and reusable materials.

Due to the growing interest from consumers for natural and sustainably sourced products and fibers, increased demand and major growth are expected in the coming years. This will raise the hemp profile in restoring environmental balances for a future-proof and thriving sustainable economy.


Hemp plays a key role in a greener and sustainable society by providing solutions for food, eco-friendly food products, soils, and clean air. 

It is rewarding to grow your hemp and reap maximum benefits.

You can achieve this by investing in anti-hail netting. 

We are confident that if you install anti-hail netting, your hemp will continue to thrive and give you maximum yields.

Eyouagro the leading agriculture protection netting manufacture can help you get your hail netting. If you have any questions about the hail netting, drop us an email at or visit our website at

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