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How to Choose the Right Orchard Netting Supplier in China?

orchard netting supplier
Orchard netting makes a great solution to cater to the problems of pests, UV rays, and hail. But, to secure the best netting for your orchard, it is important you reach out to the best supplier in the field.
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A great quantity of agricultural yield is lost every year owing to climate changes and pests’ assaults, resulting in heavy economic losses and diminished food supply.

Indeed, the situation is disturbing. But, what could be done to escape this damage?

In terms of the solutions,  netting makes an economical and reliable option to shield crops against pests, rain, UV rays, and hail.

Though it sounds simple and easy, choosing the right netting for your orchard requires great attention and research. But, engaging the right supplier could cut the task to the minimum.

In this regard, Chinese manufacturers stand out due to their extensive expertise and experience in the field. However, there is a list of tips to be remembered in order to find the right orchard netting supplier in China. 

How to find the right orchard netting supplier in China?

Follow the enlisted steps to find the right orchard netting supplier in China.

Where can you find the orchard netting supplier?

Start by searching the places embedded with the netting supplier. In this regard, Alibaba, Google, and LinkedIn are reliable places.


Search Google for “Orchard Netting suppliers in China.” Go through the search results and shortlist the best services depending on the customers they have treated, and the ratings they garnered.

google search for orchard netting supplier
google search for orchard netting supplier


Alibaba is a gigantic marketplace, flooded with items belonging to every sphere of life. Go to, and search for the “Orchard netting suppliers in China.”

No doubt,  you will find an indefinite list of suppliers.  Look through the options and shortlist the “Verified Sellers” with a “High Online Performance Index.”

alibaba search
alibaba search

Made In China:

“Made In China” is another platform you can accede to in order to find the right orchard netting suppliers in China. While dealing on the forum, look for the “Audited Services” with “Verified Business Licenses.”

3 Basic Points For How To Choose Suppliers In China?

After shortlisting the services, it is time to select the best service that can aptly help you with finding the right netting for your orchard. In this regard, compare the seller against these three basic points.  

The manufacturer is better than the supplier

The manufacturer is better than the supplier. It is responsible for the product it sells, so the quality standards are high. Since dealing with the manufacturer eliminates the middleman, and the product is delivered from the factory floor to your door, the cost is comparatively low.   

Experience in the field:

The second important point is to gauge the experience of the manufacturer. More experience, the more reliable the service is.

Pro tip: An industry experience of more than 10 years is dependable. 

Determine the area:

Opt for the manufacturers based in the areas famous for the agriculture products. In China, eastern coastal areas are distinguished for agriculture.
Since agriculture is the highlight of the area, and the manufacturers here survive in the middle of the competition and have more experience in the trade, they would better understand your needs and provide you with the ideal solution for your orchard at the best price with the appropriate transportation cost. 

Supplier Confirmation:

Online scams are very common. Given that you need to be very careful and cautious while engaging the services on the internet to make sure you don’t fall prey to any. 

For this reason, it is important you go for the experienced sellers with audited service and verified business licenses. Look for the service scale, their location, the revenue they generated, and the number of customers they have entertained.

Moreover, check if the seller has a persuasive online appearance and has been featured in any industry-related blog. Altogether, these elements reflect the authenticity of the seller. 

Other Important Points:

Other important points concerning the seller, you need to be sure of involve:

  1. They supply to your area
  2. Proffer customized solutions for any weight, dimensions, and opening size of the net. 
  3. How much do the costing options fluctuate for the customized products? 
  4. Ready to deal with your queries
  5. Provide the quality certificate of the products
  6. Offer product warranty 
  7. Deliver on time, ensuring the safe delivery of the product

You should know about Orchard Netting before purchase

What is orchard netting?

As the name implies, orchard netting is a mesh installed or draped over to cover the orchard to protect the crop from pests, UV rays, hail, sunburn, and rain.

What are the different materials orchard netting comes in?

Orchard netting comes in multiple materials, including nylon and plastic. Among all the options, UV-resistant HDPE netting makes the best choice.

What is the netting manufacturing process?

To make the Polyethylene(PE) netting:

1. PE resin is extracted from petroleum.
2. PE resin is used to make PE yarn or thread.
3. PE thread or monofilaments are woven into a mesh in the machine.

How to choose the right netting for your orchard?

Different types of netting are available for different types of fruits and pests. So, to choose the right netting for your orchard, you need to consider your field type and the purpose you want the netting to serve.

Of course, the structure and hole size of the anti-bird netting will be stronger and larger, respectively, compared to the insect netting.  In this regard, communicate your needs with the manufacturer, and they will guide you better.

Consider the following table to have a superficial idea of how the structures vary for different purposes.

  Birds to be blocked  Mesh size
  Flea beetles, Aphids, Leek moth  0.8mm
  Butterfly, Carrot fly, Onion fly  1.3-1.4mm
  Sparrows and Swallows  19mm
  Starlings, Blackbirds  28mm
  Pigeons, Crows  50mm
  Gull  75mm

Other important points about netting:

Make sure that the product is:

  • Environment friendly
  • UV resistant
  • Lightweight-Easy to handle.
  • Recyclable
  • Laboratory tested for its function.

Accessories list:

Accessories you may need to install the netting include:

  1. Clamps- Used to fasten the fabric
  2. Hooks-Employed to fasten the fabric or to connect it with other frameworks.
  3. Pins-Used to create joints between fabric pieces
  4. Pegs- Fasteners used to pin the fabric in the ground, so it does not leave its place. 
  5. Clips for net connection
  6. Elastic wire and so on. 

How to pack the netting? 

Proper product packaging is an important task for the seller to ensure that it arrives at the destination unharmed. Besides, it reflects professionalism.

Since the netting is a complicated and big structure, it is folded multiple times into a roll or bale. After that, it is warped, while assigning the proper HS Code (Harmonized System Codes) and printing the receiver address on it, so it lands at the right place. 

Shipping cost:

Shipping cost varies and depends on the weight of the product and the country you are importing it to. However, while exporting, it is crucial that the supplier assigns proper and correct HS codes to the goods.

This will help them get past the customs office easily and also ward off any potential problems on the importer’s side in receiving the goods. 


Orchard netting makes a great solution to cater to the problems of pests, UV rays, and hail. But, to secure the best netting for your orchard, it is important you reach out to the best supplier in the field.
Chinese netting manufacturers enjoy a sound reputation in the field but make sure to check for the experience and credibility of the manufacturer to successfully trace the right orchard netting supplier in China.
If you need any help, EyouAgro is always here to assist you with all your orchard challenges.

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