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Impact of Anti-hail Nets on Light Exposure in Orchards

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The intensity of the light has an important role in the quality of fruit. Here are some ways that screened light from anti-hail nets benefit and protects an orchid from getting too much or too little light.
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Hail is a menace. They come suddenly and leave in the same cold breeze. If left unchecked, they will leave your plants in shambles.

The physical damage of very hard hailstones is that they hit the trunks and branches of fruit trees with their sharpened end. This leads to wounds that are more prone to rotting. The disease caused by rot blocks the flow of nutrients and makes it impossible for the trees to provide fruit for the following season.

It’s a pain to have to tend to your plants only for them to be destroyed by hail. Hail netting is designed to protect both fruits and vegetables from hail damage. It also extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by keeping them in the dark. Using hail netting on crops allows you to harvest your fruits at their optimal ripeness, so you will be able to get the most profit for each crop.

When it comes to protecting your orchid, you have a lot of options. One option is anti-hail nets, which offer the benefits below when it comes to protecting your orchid:

  • More growth and higher fruit yields
  • Lower incidence of sunburn
  • No increase in disease outbreaks
  • Higher photosynthesis in canopies
  • Less shading effect of leaves and reduced competition for water
hail netting for apple

How hail nets impact light for maximum orchid productivity

The intensity of the light has an important role in the quality of fruit. It can affect the differentiation of floral buds, so this affects the quality, color, taste, and resilience of a fruit.

Anti-hail net comes in different colors.  Black fibre-reinforced grey nets are the most popular although other types, especially the white type with black fibers, can be available. If you grow plants under different colors of anti-hail netting, the plants should experience different amounts of light. A net with inner and bigger meshes means higher swings in the transmission of light.

There is a misconception that shade netting can hamper the growth of plants. Even though light exposure is reduced in anti-hail netting conditions, a white reflective foil laid out between the rows of trees still improves light exposure and consequently the coloring of fruits significantly under the white and black nets.

Here are some ways that screened light from anti-hail nets benefit and protects an orchid from getting too much or too little light:

Better differentiation of flower buds on the trees

According to expectations, anti-hail nets are supposed to block the light coming into a plant. But in reality, those nets can help differentiate the growth of fruit buds on trees. Anti-hail nets do not affect the growth of fruit or trees but help enhance flower buds, which may increase the yield of certain flowers. Not only does the anti-hail net encourage the growth of fruit, it also reduces the chance of hail making contact with the crops.

Slower Ripening Increases Shelf Life

As much as we want our fruit ripe, fast and uncontrolled fruit ripening may make us lose a lot of fruit to rotting as an orchard. And eventually reducing its face and market value. Fruits that are grown under anti-hail have been noted to have a slower scratch decomposition due to the regulated and ambient temperature, which is a sign of slower ripening. By growing your fruit in a regulated, anti-hail environment, you give your fruit a chance to ripen slowly. This reduces the risk of them rotting. You can enjoy your fruit for longer!

Fresh fruit, lower risk of sunburn

Hail nets protect against hail while remaining permeable enough to favor the formation of fruit. As a result, fruit is less affected by sunburn and consequently of higher quality, with a better appearance and color when picked. Experts recommend the use of black nets, woven with two fibers.

apple, red, fruits-1589874.jpg

Regulated temperature for maximum fruit development

During fruit development, control of temperature and air circulation is important to avoid excessive heating that results in fruit drop. The design of the Anti-Hail ensures that a large volume of warm air is kept within and directly above the crop.

Black vs White Anti hail Nets

One of the most effective countermeasures against hail damage to crops is covering them with anti-hail netting. Both white and black anti-hail nets are equally effective in protecting crops from hail. The main difference between them is the way they are permeable to light.

Compared to a white net, the black anti-hail net is an extremely durable choice for hail protection. It blends into the natural environment around it and offers long-lasting protection from hail storms and other forms of extreme weather.

Due to dust, dirt, and other materials collected over the years, the difference in light transmittance between different nets decreases with time. Light transmittance in sunny weather is lower for a white or black net compared to the uncovered part. When it comes to finding a solution to hail, the experts recommend that the best option for keeping apples safe from hail is to use a net made of white, crystal, or grey color.


Invest in an Affordable Hail Protection

Well, spring is coming soon so it’s time to plan how you can best protect your plants from the harshness of winter. Hail is a terrible force of precipitation but it can be defended against with some simple strategies that will ensure those precious apple trees are ready for the upcoming season. If you’re serious about controlling the costs of hail damage, and you want to save money, It’s worth investing in anti-hail netting.

The worst kind of anti-hail netting is also the most common. It sits there, unperturbed, as hailstones larger than its mesh size basically punch their way through it. EYOUAGRO nets and are highly recommended solutions to get you through the hail days. No hailstone is too big to go unnoticed by our Anti Hail Netting. It is obvious that our Anti Hail Netting does not give a frost about its job. So we stand behind the greatest anti-hail netting in the industry.  So don’t let the hailstorm ruin your fruits. Pick up a roll of our Anti Hail Netting today!

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