Reflective Shade Cloth

Reducing solar heat and the availability of the best-growing condition for plants and vegetables

Commercial Reflective Shade Cloth

The Best Choices for Covering Your Garden or Greenhouse.

EyouAgro reflective shade cloth blocks harmful UV rays and suits every application.
We manufacture reflective shade cloth with high-quality polyethene and aluminium foil, making it outstanding for outdoor application and UV protection.

    • Offers a comfortable and peaceful shade area for family, crops, and the greenhouse
    • Convenient design and more robust than other shade clothes.
    • Made of highly reflective aluminized fabric, making it suitable for many applications.
    • Use for the protection of your plants and landscaping.
Greenhouse Radiation Proof Cooling
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General Application For Shade Cloth

Shade cloth has the following wide range of applications , Inquiry us for more solution.

General Hot Selling Products
Reflective Shade Cloth to Protect Your Greenhouse

Find the rights Hail Netting below for your Orchard; All of our products are provided with up to 5 years warranty.

aluminet 50 inside 3
40 Reflective Shade Cloth
  • Shade Factor: 40%
  • Energy Saving: 20%
  • Application: Indoor
  • Standard width: 4.30m or 5.30m
aluminet 50 inside 1
50 Reflective Shade Cloth
  • Shade Factor: 50%
  • Energy Saving: 25%
  • Application: Indoor
  • Standard width: 4.30m or 5.30m
aluminet 75 outside 3
70 Reflective Shade Cloth
  • Shade Factor: 75%
  • Energy Saving: 67%
  • Application: Outdoor
  • Standard width: 4.30m or 5.30m
aluminet 75 outside (1)
80 Reflective Shade Cloth
  • Shade Factor: 80%
  • Energy Saving: 70%
  • Application: Outdoor
  • Standard width: 4.30m or 5.30m
EyouAgro is a Reflective Shade Cloth Manufacturer in China.
We can produce Reflective Shade Cloth for Greenhouse, cars, gardens, and so on.
No matter if you are looking for a wholesale supplier or if you need a custom-made Shade Cloth , we can all help.
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Founded in 1996, EyouAgro uses Knitted and Woven technology to design, develop and manufacture Agriculture Protection Textiles.
EyouAgro offers clients a wide choice of standard and customized Polymer Netting for their farm or orchard needs.

Reflective Shade Cloth Supplier in China

Keeping the plants protected from adverse weather conditions!

EyouAgro has a significant Shade Cloth manufacturing capability.

  • Certified by ISO9001, REACH, Rohs, SGS certification.
  • Automated Raschel production line, create over 10,000sqm per day.
  • Manufacture directly, large scale production and Well trained workers.

Whether you need Reflecitve Shade Cloth or need to custom any netting products.
EyouAgro always satisfies your needs.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Aesthetic impact is one of the minor considerations. People don't give much importance to the aesthetic value of the net, and you can find a reflective shade cloth in various colours that may blend with the surrounding areas.

Black reflective shade cloth has more tendencies to merge with surrounding areas. White, green, and other colours don't have this tendency. That's why most people give preference to black reflective shade cloth.

You can divide reflective shade cloth into two categories based on their functions.

  1. Permanent reflective shade cloth
  2. Temporary reflective shade cloth

You can erect a temporary reflective shade cloth by hammering 4 pickets into each side or corner of the greenhouse and garden bed. Then drape a reflective shade cloth and make it secure with caps for the pole.

For installation of permanent reflective shade cloth, you need a permanent structure and many factors you need to consider like fabric material, density percentage, and colour. For installing a temporary, you can use whatever you like.

You can not get an accurate result as many factors are involved in this estimate:

  • Wind speed
  • Angle of sunlight
  • Air humidity
  • Surrounding climate changes
  • Type of reflective shade cloth
  • Material & colors & density percentage

You should check all the factors mentioned above and choose what suits your plants and vegetables. Many reflective shade cloth manufacturers claim to use (high-density polyethylene) HDPE to reduce the temperature by up to 22F°-95F°, and at a lower temperature, it can reduce around 16F°.

Recycling of material is another advantage of HDPE. So by considering all these criteria, you can calculate the estimate of heat and temperature reduction by installing shade cloth.

Some research proves that using reflective shade cloth for lettuce crops can reduce bitterness in lettuce. It becomes more effective when you use it with a heat-tolerant variety.

Reflective shade cloth with 30% to 50% density is a good shade cloth for lettuce. It can protect lettuce from sunlight, and eventually, you get a better harvest.

Reflective shade cloth or silver shade cloth has positive effects on soil respiration rates and water evaporation, affecting the microbiota. It can also increase plant growth and productivity.

Reflective shade clothes prove more effective for the plants, especially for perennial crops. The yearly harvest needs more photosynthesis requirements. The installation of reflective shade cloth fulfills all basic and essential nutrients of plants and perennial crops.

You can determine the silver shade cloth percentage by the percentage of density or how much light it can block. If your shade cloth has 70% density or shade percentage, it means 30% of sun rays can pass through the silver shade cloth.

For the growth of vegetables and plants, 30%-50% shade density is sufficient, and for residential use, you may require more shade percentage. It will be better to use at least 80%-90% shade density for the protection of people.

You can install a reflective shade cloth according to the protection requirements and types of plants. Some plants need more protection, and some don’t require full-time sun rays protection.

For all-day-long sun protection, you can use the horizontal method. You can mount your shade cloth above the plants and walk and look after plants underneath the reflective shade cloth. You don't need to remove the net for watering and harvesting.

A vertical method is best if your plants need sun protection only in a specific part of the day. You can mount shade cloth between rows and don’t need to install it too high. This method is easy to install and remove.

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Reflective Shade Cloth:
The Comprehensive Guide (2021)

No doubt sunlight is essential for producing vitamin “D” in our body, but you can’t stay outside for a long time. Sun rays have severe and harsh impacts on your health. Sunrays also prove harmful to plants and animals.

It needs protection from the sun’s rays. Reflective shade cloth can use for this purpose, and many features and applications make it the best choice.

Table of Contents

What is a reflective shade cloth?

It manufactures for reducing solar heat and the availability of the best-growing condition for plants and vegetables. You can control light and heat depending on the requirements of the plants, vegetables, and flowers.

It is an excellent solution to control air movement, optimum diffuse light transmission, and uniform shadow. It mainly uses in greenhouses and nurseries for enabling microclimate control.

It is the perfect shade cloth for whatever you are interested in, reducing the sun burning rays and heat. It provides shade and allows a cool breeze to pass through the net.

What are the benefits of installing the reflective shade cloth?

  • You can use it for various applications such as greenhouses, pet enclosures, chicken coops, kennels, and barns.
  • It is best to use for keeping heat out from on the Patio Deck.
  • Reflective shade cloth proves beneficial for adorable and sensitive flowers and plants. It protects them from the hot and burning sun rays.
  • It is waterproof, dustproof, and windproof that are effective for all weather conditions.
  • Reflective shade fabric can use for outdoor and indoors for ventilation and sun protection.
  • You can use it for a garage, building, garden, nurseries, or greenhouses for different purposes.
  • It also can use as a canopy enclosure, dump truck cover, and patio cover.
  • It is a lightweight fabric and available in various density percentages ranging from 30% to 90%.
  • It can use depending on the types of plants and environmental conditions.

Why is it necessary to use reflective shade cloth?

 It has various features and advantages which make it necessary for crops, houses, greenhouses, nurseries, and wherever you want to use it. It provides you maximum shade and saves more than 50% heat energy.

Reduction in heat energy and increase in yield crop has a good impact on overall operational costs. Silver shade cloth/ reflective shade cloth improves photosynthesis as it increases the amount of scattered light.

Silver shade cloth also protects against frost, heat stress, and wind, resulting in significant crop productivity and crop quality improvement.

It can install in different ways like:

  • Sliding system & fixing system
  • Folding system & rolling system

What is the primary purpose of reflective shade cloth?

Excess of everything can be dangerous, either it relates to plants or human beings. Too much solar heat and rays can stop photosynthesis in plants. It also harms its growth and production.

For solving all these issues, reflective shade cloth is one of the most recommended choices for farmers and growers. It helps plants and vegetables to keep growing and flourishing even in severe weather conditions.

It doesn’t decay and is easy to clean and wash. You can quickly relocate it due to its lightweight. Reflective shade cloth is suitable for installing in gardens, nurseries, and terrace gardening, and 30% – 50% is better for covering plants and vegetables.

Silver shade cloth or reflective shade cloth is a perfect choice for:

  • Ferns & herbs
  • Vegetables & flowering plants
  • Seeds & palms
  • Indoors plants & shade-loving plants

The use of reflective shade cloth makes your work easy and hassle-free. It reduces wind damage and increasing photosynthesis. It can also boost crop production.

When to install silver shade cloth, and can plant grow under silver shade cloth?

 Installation time of silver shade cloth depends on the types of plants and their requirements of sunlight. Some plants can bear hot sun rays, and some are more sensitive and prone to sun damage.

For some plants such as pepper and tomato, you can install them when fruit production starts. After the fruit ripening stage, you install a silver shade cloth for protection purposes.

For some plants which don’t like sunrays and are cool weather like lettuce, the covering with silver shade cloth becomes essential at the early stage. The excellent weather plants grow better under the silver shade cloth, and you may get more production and better taste of fruits and vegetables grown under silver shade cloth or netting.

What is the difference between reflective aluminate shade cloth and standard shade cloth?

Reflective aluminized shade cloth offers a radical, calm surrounding and environment that a standard shade cloth can’t provide its users. Reflective shade cloth also refers to silver shade cloth, or you can call it aluminate thermal reflective shade screen.

Whatever you call it doesn’t affect the product quality and working. You can get a double increment in temperature as compared to other shade cloths. It reflects the infrared radiations of the sun and provides shade and a more relaxed environment when it installs.

Standard shade cloth also protects from sun rays, but their protection is limited to some extent. Some main benefits of aluminate shade cloth are as under:

  • Reflective shade cloth helps in controlling temperature, humidity balance, and light.
  • It doesn’t absorb radiation and provides shade and protection from infrared rays.
  • It can moderate the temperature and also control the movement of air.
  • It protects plants, vegetables, and fruits against frost, hail, and wind.
  • Reflective shade cloth allows microclimate control in the nursery and greenhouse.
  • It can save energy in structure and provide uniform shadows.

Reduction of pests and diseases by installing reflective shade cloth

Reflective shade cloth plays a significant role in the reduction of pests and disease in plants and vegetables. The net use effectively controls pests and diseases but also increases product output. Aphids, cabbage caterpillars, noctuid moths, diamondback moths, and many other diseases occur in the summer and winter.

The reflective shade cloth has shown its good result for effectively controlling and decreasing viral diseases. The working mechanism of reflective sunshade prevents vegetables and crop pests and also reduces the use of pesticides that helps in food safety from poisoning.


Some core benefits of reflective sunshade are:

  • Avoid the invasion of aphids and other pests diseases
  • Increases the yield of crop
  • Provide shade and protection from weather changes
  • Reduce the pollution of pesticides


Reflective shade cloth can use for an extended period and has its privileges over other alternative bird control solutions such as invasive, chemical repellents, and destruction methods.

EyouAgro reflective shade cloth is ideal for multiple uses and applications. It can blend with its surroundings and add aesthetic impacts to the landscape.

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