Clips for Top Wire

Clips for Top Wire

Clips for top wire, as we can see from the name are made to connect nets with the top wire.
These clips are easy to use and come in boxes with 1000 pieces. With the ability to use them with winterFIX.
While you fix them, you should carefully check if you have connected them properly because it is very important to fix the net with the top wire.

Additional information


PE with UV Stabilizer






Black, White


Bags of 100 pieces/each
Boxes of 1000 piece/each

Details Clips for Top Wire

Clips for Top Wire is designed with a special modification, which we call “2 in 1”.
We can easily attach the edge of the hail Netting to the top wire.
Two specially designed latches are used with Winterfix.
When the winter comes, you can receive the netting that does not use.

clips for top wire assemble with winterfix
clips for top wire assemble with winterfix 2


– Used to hold the hail net curled over the top wire;
– Easy mounting on CLIP FOR TOP WIRE and quick release of the net


1) Fix the HAIL NET FIX on the hook locking of the clip for top wire ;
2) Wrap the NET FIX on rolled up net and hang on the hook release.
3) To open the net, pull the handle down.

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