Net WinterFix

Net WinterFix

NET WinterFix is an innovative design that provides a convenient way to store the netting.
It is a necessary accessory for netting winter storage. It can be used alone or in combination with Clips for top wire.
Useage suggestion for every one meter.

Additional information


HDPE with UV Stabilizer








Bags of 100 piece/each

Details Net WinterFix

Net WinterFix is an accessory that is made to hold the net together. It will cover the net around to fold it in and back. Sometimes, you can avoid direct fixing above a net-stop or seam. But the distance to the pillar must be at least 40cm.

Based on the net width, we set the Net WinterFix on a maximum of 5 to 6 meters. This distance will shrink when the frost has come.  In the summertime, if the Net WinterFix is overstretching due to very tight joining, this accessory could drop when the net moves.


– Used to hold the net curled over the top wire;
– Easy mounting on CLIP FOR TOP WIRE and quick release of the net


1) Fix the NET WINTERFIX on the hook locking of the clip for the top wire ;
2) Wrap the NET WINTERFIX on the rolled-up net and hang on the hook release.
3) To open the net, pull the handle down.

net winterfix
net winterfix
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