Clips for Net Connection

Clips for Net Connection

Clips for net connection are best used when you want to connect the net in the middle of the row. These are an advanced concept of plates when they fold over to capture the netting and close together to secure them properly. When you order them, except to come in boxes with 250 pieces.

Additional information


PA 66




Black, White


Bags of 20 pieces/each
Boxes of 250 pieces/each

Details Clips for Net Connection

Clips for Net Connection ( Net Connector)  made up of four pieces, we call them “4 in 1”, and the hard serrations hold the edge of the mesh firmly.
The middle part is a special concave and convex design, which can be easily connected and assembled.
The specially designed hanging lug can be easily combined with the elastic rope hook


– Fast opening and locking of the net;

– Sustain the load of hail/wind;

– Maximum load (each clip): 100 – 125 kg

– The CLIP calculated opening, preserve the net by dangerous extra loading.


– To close the net: match the two half parts and slide until the engagement;

– To open the net: press and slide on the tensioning area both parts to disengage

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