Premium Cherry Rain Cover

Cultivating cherry is such a noble thing to do. But if this is your primary income. And you are affected by rain damaging your cherry fruits. You must use the cherry rain cover to remain profitable in the marketplace.

Your Best Cherry Rain Cover

The Rain-PROOF Cover Solution For High-Yield Cherry Harvest!

  • 100% waterproof material,
  • UV protection,
  • Lightweight cloth.
  • Protect cherry from cherry fruit cracking,
  • Protect cherry fruit from getting eaten by birds,
cherry rain covers
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Protect The Rain From Your Cherry Orchard Completely!

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The Smart Way To Protect Your Cherry From Rains and Birds

cherry rain cover
Cherry Rain Covers

Cherry Rain Covers are HD polyethylene materials made to protect cherry orchards from rain damages. These damages are associated with fruit cracking. This problem is a big concern among cherry growers. Using proper high-quality material gives you an advantage in producing quality cherry fruits. Cherry rain covers are named differently. For instance, cherry rain cover tarpaulins, cherry covers, rain covers for cherry, etc. All these names are synonyms associated with the same material.

  • Water-resistant low-density polyethylene coating (top sheet),
  • High-density polyethylene weave (middle layer),
  • Water-resistant polyethylene coating (bottom lamination),
  • Poly-rope into the hem (on the inside of the folded tarpaulin).
Vineyard Drape Netting.jpg
Cherry Tree Netting

Commercial cherry tree growers will devote their time and resource to produce high-quality fruits. By the time cherry fruits have started ripening time, problems with wildlife are already there. The fine-looking fruits are attacked by birds and other wildlife. Here comes Cherry tree netting as a savor to protect your orchard and save you from losing your investment. This is a material created to protect cherry orchards from threats like birds.

  • Material – Raschel Tricot Knitted
  • Weight – 35 g, 60 g
  • Protection from birds,
  • Ultra-violet light protection,
  • Easy to install and remove.
reflective ground screen 2
Reflective Ground Screen

Reflective Ground Screens are plastic covers improving the light’s interaction of the cherry canopy. Their function is to reflect UV light, uniform fruit color, and increase the sugar content. These ground films come in white or silver color. And they cover the entire cherry orchard floor, not only the area below the treas.

  • Reflect ultraviolet lights,
  • Improve fruit yields,
  • Improve fruit colorations,
  • Improve fruit sugar content.
Windbreak Net
Windbreak Netting

Windbreak netting is a material invented to protect orchards from high winds. This material can tolerate heavy winds and remain tear-resistant. Animals from wildlife stop coming to your orchard and damage it. Windbreak netting installed will slower soil erosion.

  • Decline wind speed,
  • Protect from animals eating your plants,
  • Protection from soil erosion.
summer cover
Summer Cover - Protective Film

The protective film materials you have put in the cherry covers are exposed to the damages from the sun. Here comes the summer cover – protective film which operates as a composite film. This material will protect your cherry covers from the sun and will postpone the aging process while they are put away in the summer. The design of this protective film is black on one side and white on the other side.

  • Protect cherry covers in summer
  • Prolong the cover materials’ lifespan
  • A composite film with Black and White color
More Cherry Cover Accessories to Support Your Orchards

With the help of the unique Plastic Accessories
The Cherry Covers could be easily collected and tied for better ventilation

bungee cord for hail netting
Bungee Cords
polypropylene rope black 3 500x500 0
HDPE String Φ4mm
protective film
Protective Film
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According to global different areas, we make the special UV stabilizer formula for them. 5-8 Years guarantee.

Innovative Agrotextile

Special lockstitch knit makes the fabric more strength. High technology and quality for Agriculture Protection Textile

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Vineyard Side Netting Installation
Side Netting Installation

Net Fastening Clip is an innovative concept of clips. It’s the best solution for fixing side netting in the middle of the row. 

50/bag · 1000/case

Vineyard Side Netting Install 2
Side Netting Installation

Net Fastening Clip is an innovative concept of clips. It’s the best solution for fixing side netting in the middle of the row. 

50/bag · 1000/case

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EyouAgro Butterfly Clip
Butterfly Clips

Butterfly Clips are durable and innovative concept nylon clips shape to security fastener side netting to the structure.

100/bag · 2000/case

Side Netting Clips
Net Fastering Clips

Net Fastening Clip is an innovative concept of clips. It’s the best solution for fixing side netting in the middle of the row. 

50/bag · 1000/case

Winter Fix
Net Winter Fix

Winter Fix is durable nylon clip , ideal for the security fastener and collection the side netting in the winter. 

100/bag · 1200/case

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Shade Netting
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Hail Netting
Hail Netting
Insect Netting
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Cherry Cover: The Comprehensive Guide (2021)

Let all agree that cherry is rich dietary fruit. But this delicious and good-looking fruit is not easily cultivated. Growers all around the world face several problems to maintain profitability in the marketplace. The demand for perfect looking cherry is high. And there is a considerable struggle to cultivate cherries without cracking’s. Moreover, the risk from birds eating these fruits is present too.

Here come cherry covers as a solution for all these problems. A must-have solution for all the cherry fruit growers you are serious about remaining in the business for a long time.

Table of Contents


Once you have decided to establish your cherry orchard. It takes almost four years to produce the first fruits and seven to eight years to obtain maturity. All this time requires investment and a hardworking spirit to maintain everything in order. When everything is completed, and you can see your orchard flourish. Problems like fruit cracking or birds eating your precious fruits will appear on the way.

When you are in a market to produce high-quality cherry fruits. Cherry covers will be your partner you can not avoid. Depends on the area you have set your orchard. Cherry covers materials and setups will be needed. So, let have a look at what is available in the current market.

Okay, let get familiar with the basics.

What is Cherry?

Cherry is an edible fruit belonging to the genus Prunus, in the family of Rose. They belong to the category of small stone fruits with different flavors and color depends on the type. The two main types are sour cherry and sweet cherry. The first type of cherries is used in commercial products while the sweet cherries are consuming mostly as fresh.

Research suggests increasing your intake of cherries can help lower the risk of gout attacks.

Which are the preferable soil types for cherry growing?

Sweet cherry and sour cherry have similar soil requirements. In general, the soils in which cherry orchards are established are sandy soils with good drainage and adequate fertility.

Cherry plants do not perform well in heavy and compacted soils. So, make sure you are avoiding these types of soils.

The most important cherry cultivars?

  • Sour cherry: is known for its high bioactive content. That is why is usually used in process form. The high number of acids gives the taste to this type of cherries. Keep in mind that sour cherry plant needs more water and nitrogen then sweet cherry.
  • Sweet cherry: is preferably eaten fresh, picked up from the cherry tree. Sweet cherry fruits are known for their organoleptic attributes. That is why you can find them in the different sweet products. For instance, ice cream, yogurt, compotes, fruit salads, etc.

Maintenance requirements for cherry growing

In the best possible conditions, you should plant cherry trees in fertile and well-drained soils. Place them deep in the soil but try to avoid as much as you can sandy soils. It is preferable to apply mulch in the fight with bad weeds and special care should be taken with moisture content. These plants demand moderate fertilization and protection from pests and diseases.

Pest and Diseases damaging the cherry plant

Similarly, with all the other plants, pests and diseases will affect the quality and quantity of cherry tree yields. So, the control of these two factors is very important. One thing we can do to avoid using a huge amount of chemicals in our orchards is to choose disease-resistant cultivars. This will not vanish our problem completely, but it will minimize it. Check some of the pests and disease damaging cherry plant trees.

  • Pest damaging cherry plant: they are several pests damaging the cherry plant tree. Starting from aphids, cherry fruit fly, moths, borers, leafhopper, trips, etc.
  • Disease damaging cherry plant: such diseases as botrytis rot, brown rot, canker, crown gall, powdery mildew, etc. with damage cherry plant tree constantly.

Rain caused cracking

Cherry Cracking
Cherry Cracking

Spring and summer rain will bring cherry fruit cracking. This usually makes them unsaleable. This happens when cherry fruits will reach the ripening stage and you can see free water in the fruits. Raining for several days will bring fractures on the outer part of the fruit. The problem can get even worse if the cracking goes deeper on the fruit flesh. Fruit splitting will eventually happen if the rain does not stop for a long time.

Effective rain control system for cherry

There are methods which we will explain below protecting your cherry orchard from rain.

Cherry Covers System

What is the Cherry covers system?

In the cherry orchards, one of the biggest problems farmers face is the creaking of fully ripen fruits. The cherry covers system will protect your orchard from fruit damages caused by rain. This system will save your fruits from losing their commercial value. On other hand, if your cherry trees are suffering from birds, cherry netting will be there to make birds go away.

What is the Cherry Rain Cover material?

Cherry rain cover material is made of HD polyethylene Woven Waterproof Tarpaulin Cloth with LDPE lamination on both sides to ensure 100% Waterproof. This is a premium material found only by a serious manufacturer. It is not something you can find in your nearest place. Therefore, make sure you are getting this material from them directly. Because they will provide assurance for the product.

cherry rain cover tarpaulin specifications
cherry rain cover tarpaulin

Protection Cherry tree ideas:

What eats cherries off the tree?

The great-looking fruit of cherry is eaten in the tree by birds. In this group, pigeons are the major culprit. Sometimes, this bird will eat these fruits unripen and the identification of the problem is very hard. But if you see this happening in your orchard. Make sure to check the fruit stones in the nearby areas because birds tend to throw them right after eating the flesh.

But keep in mind that birds not only consume fruits. From time to time leaves are damaged by birds too.

Why do you use the cherry tree netting?

We use cherry tree netting to get rid of birds coming into our orchard and eating your precious fruits. And not only fruits, sometimes the leaves too. So, before you plan to make any investment, carefully choose the materials you want to use. Because they can differ on the quality and this can impair or improve your protection against birds. Ultraviolet lighting protection comes with using cherry tree netting.

When should you net a cherry tree?

When the cherry tree is developed enough to form branches, you can place the cherry tree net. This way, the cherry net will secure a structure to hold on to when the net is placed above the tree. But if we want to be more professional and make a long-term solution. We will build a structure above the cherry orchards which will last a lot of years.  

How do you cover a cherry tree with netting?

You can either place the net above the trees to cover them. Or you can create a structure above the tree and then place the net on that structure. Both methods are effective but the second one is applied in commercial orchards more often.

Building a structure above the cherry orchard will be more expensive. But this way you will get rid of this problem once it for all. On the other hand, taking on and off the nets each year from the cherry tree is time-consuming and will not be very beneficial on large orchards.

Where to buy cherry tree netting?

If you consider yourself serious about cherry growing. It is preferable to buy a premium quality cherry net. You can contact directly the manufacturer of these types of materials. You will get HD polyethylene netting. Which is the best net on the market nowadays.

What is the cherry tree netting price?

The price of cherry tree netting may vary if you buy directly from the manufacture or you will buy them from a reseller. You will find them cheaper if you buy them directly from a manufacturer.

In general, the price for an acre netting will depend on the quality of the net you are looking for and the type of cherry netting you will apply in your orchard.

Cherry Cover System & Accessories list

Cherry Rain Covers

Cherry rain covers will protect your cherry fruits from cracking. This is a huge advantage if you are in the market to sell high-quality cherry fruits. It may seem like a big investment in the beginning but you will see the benefits later. When you will produce high-quality cherry fruits compare to those growers without this protection.

Cherry Tree Netting

Cherry tree netting will protect your cherry orchard from birds. These predators will eat your fruits and will reduce yields. Make birds go away, install cherry tree netting. But not only this, you will protect your orchards from UV lights, and you will provide an environment for your cherry trees to grow untouched from any kind of wildlife.

Reflective Ground Films

The most important role of reflective ground films is reflecting UV light from cherry orchards. This way, you will create uniform fruit color and sugar content will be increased on the fruits. This is very important for those producers who are in a market for quality. This is reached by the proper distribution of the lights coming from the sun in your cherry plants Moreover, reflective ground films can be placed with any other structure you have previously installed in your orchard.

Windbreak Netting

Windbreak netting is a system to protect your cherry orchard from strong winds. All over the world, cherry plant growers face strong winds. This may vary on the intensity from place to place. But the generally strong wind will break branches off the trees and sometimes break the cherry trees completely. This will cause unrepairable damage to the orchards. So be aware of the importance windbreak netting has. On the other hand, this system can protect your orchards from animals walking and eating your cherries.

C Hooks or S Hooks

C and S shapes are strong connectors that will not break over time. You can use them while building structures for your cherry orchard. They are simply connected, and you will be knots-free. This is a big advantage when you have to use them over and over again.

Bungee Cords

No need to join knots when you used bungee cords. These are accessories used while building cherry orchard structures. They are known to be flexible and will handle pressure very well. So make sure you have them before building cherry covers.

Summer Cover – Protective Film

If you want protection for your materials, you have applied in your cherry orchard. Summer cover-protective material will protect your cherry covers from the sun and will postpone aging them. You can distinguish easily these materials because they are black on one side and white on the other side.


Warranty conditions are a very important point when you are going to buy a cherry covers system. A guarantee that goes from 5 to 8 years is a very good deal. So, if you manage to get in contact with a good manufacturer be cautious about the warranty policy they apply.


You are now equipped with all the information on how you can protect your cherry fruit trees. There is no external factor threatening your investment and your cherry orchard will be generating good yields. This means you can make a profit out of this business.

Now is your turn to choose the right supplier to get the up-to-date system. You have the information now, so act wisely.

We are at your disposal for any technical or commercial information


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