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Hooks for Hail Netting

Hooks for Hail Netting

These O hooks and S Hooks are a great accessory for easily attaching our fastener to a rope or cable.
Perfect for creating instant curtains or just mounting your Shade Netting or Hail Netting to any type of line.
Made of lightweight plastic, its double-gated design has the same functionality and same nearly endless variety of uses.
Ultra-handy dual spring gates will hold stable and connect everything.

  • Easy to use
  • UV stabilized
  • Keep their physical strength
  • Folding device
  • Reusable


The O Hooks and S Hooks are designed to easily and quickly link several nets together or attach them to Steel wire.
These Hooks are UV stabilized, do not dry up over time, and keep their physical strength.
They are therefore reusable for several seasons.
A folding device keeps nets from coming undone under high winds.
To maximize their use and reduce damage caused to small-mesh netting, it is strongly recommended to use them with EasyKit.

Available Type:

hooks available type

O Hooks S Hooks
Weight: 5.0 grm/pcs 7.0grm/pcs
Size: 35x55mm 41x55mm
Shape: O Shape S Shape
Color: Black Black
Material: POM POM
Warranty: 8 Years Pro Rate UV Stability 8 Years Pro Rate UV Stability


hooks application



POM with UV Stabilizer


O Hooks, S Hooks


5grm, 7grm




100pcs per bag, 2000pcs per box

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