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Bale Net Wrap

Bale Net Wrap

The bale wrap is a knitted polyethylene net for wrapping bales. It is suitable for hay, straw, silage, or other crops.
The bale net wrap reduces the farmer’s workload, with fewer hay losses during storage.
The special material also guarantees no breakages and excellent longevity.

  • Heavy duty HDPE
  • High UV protection
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Strong tensile strength, fracture strength, and tear resistance
  • Suitable for all types of balers
  • Available Size:
    • 1.05 x2000m
    • 1.23 x2000m
    • 1.23 x3000m


EyouAgro Bale Net Wrap is made from advanced raw materials, and our unique manufacturing process provides you with the most extended net available.

Our adequate dimensions ensure you can cover your bales fully, preventing crop losses in straw or hay.

In addition to providing excellent protection from weather exposure, net wrap has a uniform spread and excellent elongation.
This makes it an excellent choice for extending the life of your hay or grain bales.

bale net wrap banner
bale net wrap

EyouAgro bale net wrap is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a durable and long-lasting material.
We add UV stabilizers to extend the life of our wrap so that you can use it for many years without worrying about replacement.

Our bale net wrap is made to fit any round balers.
The long length of our net also reduces the time and hassle involved with replacing your wrap because it will last longer before you need to replace it.

Our net offers great tensile strengths, breaking strengths, and tear resistance, making it an excellent option for protecting your crops from the elements and pests like birds and insects.


  1. 100% High-Density Polyethylene
  2. Friendly to the environment
  3. Providing superior UV protection
  4. Adequate tensile strength, fracture strength, and tear resistance
  5. Various colors and sizes are available, and customization supported

Available Type

baler net banner
baler net banner
Specification N.W. Kg/Roll G.W. Kg/Roll Rolls / Pallet Volume / Pallet Layer / Pallet
1.05 x2000m 21 23.2 35 2.45 7
1.23 x2000m 24.6 27.1 30 1.98 6
1.23 x3000m 36.9 39.4 28 3.3 7
1.23 x3600m 44.2 47.5 24 3.2 6

Available Color

  • White / Blue

FAQs for Silage Wrap

What is bale net wrap made of?

Bale net wrap is made of polypropylene.
It is a strong and durable material that can be used in many different ways, including wrapping bales of hay and straw.
Bale netting can be used on its own or with other materials.
It is an economical solution for many farming operations with a lot of hay and straw to store over the winter months.

How many bales will one roll of net wrap do?

To calculate how many bales one roll of net wrap will do,
simply multiply the diameter of the bale by 3.14(π), then multiply that number by the number of wraps you want to use.
Divide that into the length of your roll, giving you the approximate number of bales per roll.

For example:

  1. Silage bale:
    • The diameter is nearly always 4′  and 3 wraps
    • The formula would be  3000m/ 4′(1.23m)x 3.14 x 3 = 259 bales
  2. Hay bales:
    • The diameter is nearly always 5ft 2” and 4 wraps
    • The formula would be  3000m/ 5ft 2”(1.58m)x 3.14 x 4 = 151 bales
  3. Straw bale:
    • The diameter is nearly always 5′  and 5 wraps
    • The formula would be  3000m/ 5′ (1.53m)x 3.14 x 5 = 125 bales

How many times do you wrap a round bale?

It depends.
If wrapping an animal feed bale, you might only need to wrap it once.
But for hay and straw, you may need to wrap the bale up to five times to ensure the netting stays in place.

That’s why we created a bale net wrap that makes it easy for you to wrap your round bales tightly, securely, and without fail every time.
No more struggling with knots or getting frustrated when your netting starts loosening around the edges.
Our patented design uses a simple pull-and-release mechanism that makes it easy to get right back at it after every use!

Store your hay with EyouAgro Bale Net Wrap.



100% Pure Virgin HDPE with UV Stablzier


1050mmx2000m, 1230mmx2000m, 1230mmx3000m, 1230mmx3600m


White, Blue


Paper Cores 3"/76mm

UV Warranty

300 KLY

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