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Reflective Ground Covers Installation Guide

reflective ground cover
This is a complete guideline about the Installation Process, Tips and tricks, and other important information you need to know before purchasing.
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A Reflective Ground Screen is a great alternative to traditional ground cover. The reflective ground cover is mainly used to reflect light onto the fruit trees so that they can fully enjoy the nurturing rays of the sun. It allows more sunlight to reach the lower and middle parts of the fruit trees as well, thus producing more photosynthesis and making the plants grow better.

This article goes into detail about Why you should Install Reflective Ground Screens on your Farm. The Installation Process, Tips and tricks, and other important information you need to know before purchasing.

Why should you Install Eyouagro Reflective Ground Screens?

reflective ground screen
Reflective Ground Screen

You need to install reflective ground screen on your farm cause:

  • Made with durable reflective material, which reflects light effectively and at a uniform and suitable angle. Very easy to handle, transport and install.
  • The use of reflective ground screen increases the yield of the orchard and the colour, sweetness and size of the fruit will be significantly improved.
  • The ground screen not only improves the quality and quantity of the fruit, but also prevents some of the insects and weeds from growing.
  • Offers a variety of sizes and shapes so that you can find one that will fit any space and budget.
  • Very easy to install, just secure the ground cover on the soil. Once installed, the RGS will not move or blow away in the wind.

Installation Process

Installing Reflective Ground Screens is a straightforward process with the right tools and knowledge. To make it easy for you, we have compiled a Reflective Ground Screen Installation Guide that will walk you through each step of the installation process.

This guide is very simple and in just four steps you will be able to install it successfully.

Step 1: Measure Your Area.

reflective ground screen
reflective ground screen

You can choose to install it on both sides of your row of fruit trees, measuring the length of the orchard you need to install it in. Two rows of ground cover can be separated by a distance of around 10-15cm. Of course, this is a step that should be done when customizing your reflective film, as all sizes can be customized to s

Step 02: Place the Reflective Ground on the Ground

Spread the ground cover from one end of the orchard along one side of a row of fruit trees to the other. Once you have reached the other end, cut the mulch with scissors.

Step 03: Fix the Reflective Ground Cover firmly

Before assembling Reflective Ground Screens, we recommend laying out all the components to get a good idea of what you have. The accessories required for fixing the reflective ground cover are ground pegs.  So prepare them, and when the ground cover is installed, nail them to the four sides of the ground cover. It is recommended to use one peg for every one meter.

Step 04: Removal and Storage

When your fruits have ripened, you can remove the ground covers and roll them up. Leave it in a dry place and you can reuse them for the next years.

See, it’s that easy, the reflective cover is installed and removed in your orchard.

Tips to Install Properly:


  • Measuring your area where you would like the reflective ground cover installed.
  • The reflective mulch needs to be firmly fixed to the ground during installation to avoid the wind blowing the mulch away or the mulch coming off when people move around.
  • Choose good quality reflective film as it can be used repeatedly and reflects light more evenly and at a more appropriate angle anyway.
  • Choosing the right time to install mulch, at different times will give your fruit trees different effects.


  •  Don’t choose some poor quality mulch as they will break down quickly and won’t save you money.
  • Do not choose materials that affect the environment as they can burden the ecosystem.
  • Do not cut them into small pieces when installing them as they may not reflect the light from all sides to the tree.

How to Buy Eyouagro Reflective Ground Screen?

Buying a Reflective Ground Screen can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look for. And the agriculture industry is very demanding when it comes to the quality of their equipment. For this reason, Eyouagro Reflective Ground Screen has been developed to meet these demands.

You can easily purchase a reflective ground screen from Eyouagro. Send us a message; We will reach to you with your product.


Eyouagro Reflective Ground screen provides a reflective surface for agriculture use. It can be used as an alternative to tarps or chemical treatments and will not rot or become brittle like other materials on the market today. The ground screen also lasts more than five times longer than other products because of its durability, making it a more economical choice that pays for itself over time!

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