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Vineyard Bird Netting

Vineyard Bird Netting

Vineyard Bird Netting is now surely the most effective, practical, and economical to protect their viticulture from birds.
It is a wide mesh net, usually manufactured in bright colors and used as a vineyard fence in order to avoid bird access to plants.

  • Produced with 100% Pure HDPE virgin material
  • UV stabilized and Anti-oxidant (OX) – Long life
  • Long life, low cost, light and fold easily
  • Offer excellent bird protection for the viticulture
  • Use continuously 5-10 years


Vineyard Bird Netting (bird control net, vineyard net ) is a special knitted net to protect viticulture from bird damage.
It is a wide mesh net allowing thus the passage of air and light.
It is the best biological protection against birds as they will not be trapped in the net but they won’t reach the plants

Anti bird net is now surely the most effective, practical, and economical to protect their crops from birds.
It is also an effective method of preventing crop losses, whether of forest fruits such as cherries, strawberries, etc., or seedlings.

vineyard bird netting
vineyard bird netting


  • Superior Material: Made from 100% Pure HDPE virgin material, ensuring durability.
  • UV Stabilized: Resistant to sun damage, ensuring longevity.
  • Optimal Air and Light Passage: Wide mesh design ensures healthy vine growth.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for wine grapes, table grapes, and other fruits.
  • Easy Installation: Lightweight and user-friendly, ensuring quick setup.

Available Type:

EyouAgro Supply 3 kinds of vineyard bird netting

  • Vineyard Drape Netting
  • Vineyard Side Netting
  • Vineyard Overhead Netting / Vineyard Canopy Netting
vineyard bird netting 3 types
vineyard bird netting 3 types


Product No. Mesh Size [mm] Weight [g/m2] Shade Value Size [m] UV Warranty Ideal for 
Vineyard Drape Netting 15x15mm 35 23%       5.1x300m        8.4x300m 5 years Light Weight | Overhead bird protection
Vineyard Side Netting 8.5×2.5/2mm 60 18%  0.75x500m   0.90x500m 5 years Cost-Effective  | Bee and Wasp Protection
Vineyard Overhead Netting 15x15mm 60 24%  4 -10 x100m
12 -18 x100m
8 years Heavy Duty, Strong | Popular for overhead

Year-Round Use  & Seasonal Use:

EyouAgro offers a wide range of bird netting for blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and other fruit and garden crops.

For vineyard use, EyouAgro offers drape bird netting and side netting.
Vineyard drape netting is best for seasonal jobs where netting is to be installed before harvest and removed and stored afterward.
Vineyard side netting is intended for year-round applications where netting is to remain in place for up to 5~10 years.


Seasons* refers to the 6-8 week ripening period just before harvest, during which time it is best for growers to use netting.
Netting should be removed at harvest and stored out of the sun in a dry location until the next use.


  • Wine Grape Vineyards: Provides protection against bird damage.
  • Table Grape Vineyards: Ensures optimal growth without bird interference.
  • Blueberry Farms: Keeps birds away, ensuring a healthy yield.
  • Raspberry and Blackberry Farms: Acts as a protective shield against birds.
  • Strawberry Farms: Ensures that strawberries grow without bird damage.

Anti Bird Net 750x


  1. How does the mesh size of EyouAgro’s Vineyard Bird Netting ensure both bird protection and optimal growth conditions for the vines?
    • The mesh size is meticulously designed to strike a balance. While it’s tight enough to prevent birds from accessing and damaging the crops, it’s also wide enough to allow essential sunlight and air circulation, ensuring the vines receive the necessary conditions for growth.
  2. What makes the 100% Pure HDPE virgin material superior to other materials used in bird netting?
    • HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is known for its durability, resistance to UV rays, and environmental stress cracks. Being a virgin material means it hasn’t been recycled, ensuring its purity and optimal performance in terms of strength and longevity.
  3. How does the UV stabilization in the netting work, and why is it essential?
    • UV stabilization involves adding stabilizers during the manufacturing process to absorb or reflect harmful UV rays. This ensures that the netting remains resilient and doesn’t degrade or become brittle when exposed to sunlight, extending its lifespan.
  4. In what scenarios would I choose Vineyard Drape Netting over Vineyard Side Netting or vice versa?
    • Vineyard Drape Netting is best suited for seasonal applications, especially during the ripening period before harvest. It’s designed for temporary installation and is removed post-harvest. Vineyard Side Netting, on the other hand, is intended for year-round applications and can remain in place for up to 5-10 years, offering continuous protection.
  5. How does EyouAgro’s Vineyard Bird Netting compare in terms of cost-effectiveness over the years?
    • While the initial investment might be on par with other solutions, the durability, UV resistance, and longevity of EyouAgro’s netting ensure fewer replacements over the years. This, combined with reduced crop losses due to bird damage, makes it a cost-effective solution in the long run.



15 grm, 35grm, 60grm


White, Black, Green

Fabric Structure

Raschel Tricot Knitted

Shade Factor


UV Stability


Air Permeability

Ca. 37 %

Tensile Strength

428 N/5cm – 683 N/5cm

Flame Retardant


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