Vineyard Drape Netting

Vineyard Drape Netting

 Vineyard Drape Netting—a type of seasonal netting that is used to protect grapes from birds and insects during their final 6 to 8 weeks of ripening before harvest—should be removed at the end of its use and stored out of the sun in a dry location until it is needed again.

  • Ideal for protecting viticulture from birds, wasps damage
  • Eco-friendly PE material
  • Weather, Water, and acid-proof
  • UV Stabilized, 5 Years Guarantee
  • Available Size:
    • 5.1x105m | 17ft x 350ft
    • 8.4x60m   | 28ft x 200ft


Vineyard drape netting is an agricultural mesh that covers your vineyard trees to prevent bird and insect damage before they ripen and fall.

It is made from Raschel Tricot Knitted high-density polyethylene mesh.
It is rot-proof, waterproof as well as UV stabilized.
This netting is durable and easy to install.

We recommend your vineyard drape netting remain in place until you harvest the grapes in the fall.

vineyard drape netting 2 types (2)
vineyard drape netting 2 types


Product No. Mesh Size [mm] Weight [g/m2] Shade Value Size [m] UV Warranty Ideal for
Diamond Mesh  35  DM35 15x15mm 35 23%  5.1x105m        8.4x60m 5 years Light Weight | Overhead bird protection
Square Mesh Plus 60  SMP60 8.5×2.0mm 60 18%  5.1x105m 8.4x60m 5 years Multi-purpose | Bird and Wasp Protection


  • Precision Protection: Specifically designed to shield grapes from birds and insects during the 6-8 week ripening period.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from Raschel Tricot Knitted high-density polyethylene mesh, ensuring longevity and effectiveness.
  • Eco-Friendly: Manufactured using environmentally friendly PE material.
  • Weather Resistant: Built to withstand varying weather conditions, from rain to intense sun.
  • UV Stabilized: Enhanced with UV protection, ensuring the netting remains effective and durable even under prolonged sun exposure.
  • 6~8+ Season*   Guarantee

Note: Seasons* refers to the 6-8 week ripening period before harvest when netting is best used.
Seasonal netting is intended to be removed at harvest and stored out of the sun in a dry location until the next use.

EyouAgro Supplier 2 kinds of vineyard drape netting installation.

2 kinds of vineyard drape netting installation

Available Size:

  • Single Row Drape: 5.1x105m | 17ft x 350ft
  • Multi Row Drape:  8.4x60m  | 28ft x 200ft


  • Vineyard Protection: Ideal for safeguarding grapes during their crucial ripening phase.
  • Bird and Insect Barrier: Effectively keeps out birds, wasps, and other pests.
  • Sunlight and Air Regulation: Allows essential sunlight and air to penetrate, promoting healthy vine growth.
  • Versatile Installation: Suitable for various trellising systems, ensuring adaptability to different vineyard configurations.
  • Eco-Conscious Farming: An environmentally friendly solution for modern vineyards.


  1. How does EyouAgro’s Vineyard Drape Netting differ from regular bird netting in terms of design and functionality?
    • Our Vineyard Drape Netting is specifically designed for vineyards, with a mesh structure optimized to protect grapes during their ripening phase while allowing essential sunlight and air to penetrate.
  2. Is the netting reusable for multiple seasons?
    • Absolutely. Our netting is UV stabilized and made from high-quality polyethylene, ensuring it remains effective for multiple seasons. It’s recommended to store it out of direct sunlight in a dry location when not in use.
  3. How does the netting handle extreme weather conditions, especially intense sunlight?
    • The netting is UV stabilized, making it resistant to the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. Additionally, its high-quality polyethylene material ensures it remains flexible and doesn’t degrade under varying weather conditions.
  4. Can the Vineyard Drape Netting be customized to fit specific vineyard sizes or configurations?
    • Yes, EyouAgro offers customization options to ensure the netting fits your vineyard’s specific requirements.
  5. How does the netting contribute to sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices?
    • Our netting is made from eco-friendly PE material, emphasizing sustainable farming. It’s a non-toxic solution that protects crops without harming the environment.solution



Knitted 100% Virgin HDPE with UV additives and No Fillers


35grm, 60grm


5.1x105m (17ft x 350ft), 8.4 x 60m ( 28ft x 200ft)


White, Green, Black

Shade Factor


UV Stability


Air Permeability

Ca. 37 %


5 Years

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