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Vineyard Drape Netting

Vineyard Drape Netting

 Vineyard Drape Netting—a type of seasonal netting that is used to protect grapes from birds and insects during their final 6 to 8 weeks of ripening before harvest—should be removed at the end of its use and stored out of the sun in a dry location until it is needed again.

  • Ideal for protecting viticulture from birds, wasps damage
  • Eco-friendly PE material
  • Weather, Water, and acid-proof
  • UV Stabilized, 5 Years Guarantee
  • Available Size:
    • 5.1x105m | 17ft x 350ft
    • 8.4x60m   | 28ft x 200ft


Vineyard drape netting is an agricultural mesh covering vineyard trees to prevent bird and insect damage before they ripen and fall.

It is made from Raschel Tricot Knitted high-density polyethylene mesh.
It is rot-proof, waterproof as well as UV-stabilized.
This netting is durable and easy to install.

We recommend your vineyard drape netting remain in place until you harvest the grapes in the fall.

vineyard drape netting 2 types (2)
vineyard drape netting 2 types


Product No. Mesh Size [mm] Weight [g/m2] Shade Value Size [m] UV Warranty Ideal for
Diamond Mesh  35  DM35 15x15mm 35 23%  5.1x105m        8.4x60m 5 years Light Weight | Overhead bird protection
Square Mesh Plus 60  SMP60 8.5×2.0mm 60 18%  5.1x105m 8.4x60m 5 years Multi-purpose | Bird and Wasp Protection


  • Precision Protection: Specifically designed to shield grapes from birds and insects during the 6-8 week ripening period.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from Raschel Tricot Knitted high-density polyethylene mesh, ensuring longevity and effectiveness.
  • Eco-Friendly: Manufactured using environmentally friendly PE material.
  • Weather Resistant: Built to withstand varying weather conditions, from rain to intense sun.
  • UV Stabilized: Enhanced with UV protection, ensuring the netting remains effective and durable even under prolonged sun exposure.
  • 6~8+ Season*   Guarantee

Note: Seasons* refers to the 6-8 week ripening period before harvest when netting is best used.
Seasonal netting is intended to be removed at harvest and stored out of the sun in a dry location until the next use.

EyouAgro Supplier 2 kinds of vineyard drape netting installation.

2 kinds of vineyard drape netting installation

Available Size:

  • Single Row Drape: 5.1x105m | 17ft x 350ft
  • Multi Row Drape:  8.4x60m  | 28ft x 200ft


  • Vineyard Protection: Ideal for safeguarding grapes during their crucial ripening phase.
  • Bird and Insect Barrier: Effectively keeps out birds, wasps, and other pests.
  • Sunlight and Air Regulation: Allows essential sunlight and air to penetrate, promoting healthy vine growth.
  • Versatile Installation: Suitable for various trellising systems, ensuring adaptability to different vineyard configurations.
  • Eco-Conscious Farming: An environmentally friendly solution for modern vineyards.


  1. How does EyouAgro’s Vineyard Drape Netting differ from regular bird netting in design and functionality?
    • Our Vineyard Drape Netting is designed explicitly for vineyards, with a mesh structure optimized to protect grapes during their ripening phase while allowing essential sunlight and air to penetrate.
  2. Is the netting reusable for multiple seasons?
    • Absolutely. Our netting is UV stabilized and made from high-quality polyethylene, ensuring it remains effective for multiple seasons. It’s recommended to store it out of direct sunlight in a dry location when not in use.
  3. How does the netting handle extreme weather conditions and incredibly intense sunlight?
    • The netting is UV stabilized, making it resistant to the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. Additionally, its high-quality polyethylene material ensures it remains flexible and doesn’t degrade under varying weather conditions.
  4. Can the Vineyard Drape Netting be customized to fit specific vineyard sizes or configurations?
    • Yes, EyouAgro offers customization options to ensure the netting fits your vineyard’s specific requirements.
  5. How does the netting contribute to sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices?
    • Our netting is made from eco-friendly PE material, emphasizing sustainable farming. It’s a non-toxic solution that protects crops without harming the environment.solution



Knitted 100% Virgin HDPE with UV additives and No Fillers


35grm, 60grm


5.1x105m (17ft x 350ft), 8.4 x 60m ( 28ft x 200ft)


White, Green, Black

Shade Factor


UV Stability


Air Permeability

Ca. 37 %


5 Years

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