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70% Aluminet Shade Cloth

70% Aluminet Shade Cloth

The 70% Aluminet Shade Cloth is a specialized shading solution primarily for greenhouses. It balances 30% light transmission with superior cooling capabilities, making it ideal for interior greenhouse applications. This product ensures a consistent temperature, which can be 9-14 degrees lower than the surroundings.


  • Saves Energy: Save over 50% of heating energy
  • Increases yields: Moderates day/night temperatures
  • Shade & Reflection: Provides uniform shadow, controls air movement
  • Improve photosynthesis: Increasing the amount of scattered light.
  • Diffused light: Provides diffused light transmission to the crops
  • Available Size
    • 4.3x100m
    • 5.3x100m or As Request


EyouAgro Aluminet is installed to control the microclimate of the greenhouses and nurseries through moderating the temperature, ensuring proper ventilation, and light diffusion.

With the EyouAgro 70 Aluminet Shade Cloth, you can maintain a greenhouse temperature of 9-14 degrees lower than the surroundings.


  • Optimal Light Regulation: With a 70% shading rate, it ensures the right balance of light and shade for plants.
  • Energy Efficiency: Helps save over 50% of heating energy, reducing operational costs.
  • Enhanced Photosynthesis: Increases the amount of scattered light, promoting better plant growth.
  • Uniform Shadow: Provides consistent shading, controlling air movement and ensuring even plant growth.
  • Durable Material: Made of 60% Polyethylene and 40% Aluminum, ensuring longevity and effectiveness.


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installation guide
Aluminet Shade Cloth for Flowers


Recommended Shade Cloth Density:

Density Plants
30% Asters, Chrysanthemums, Geraniums, and Snapdragons
40% Bedding Plants*, Gloxinias, Herbs*, Iris, Lilies, Vegetables*
50% Bromeliads, Ficus, Orchids (Dendrobiums, Epidendrums, Vandas)
60% Orchids (Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis)
70% Ferns, Orchids (Cypripediums), Philodendron
80% Ginseng
90% Aglaonema

What People Say

  • Temperature Regulation:
    • In a recent study conducted in Arizona, greenhouses equipped with 70% Aluminet Shade Cloth consistently maintained temperatures 12 degrees cooler than those without. This difference was especially pronounced during peak summer months, ensuring optimal plant growth conditions.
  • Energy Savings:
    • A greenhouse in California reported a 55% reduction in heating energy costs after installing the 70% Aluminet Shade Cloth, translating to savings of over $1,200 annually for a medium-sized greenhouse.
  • Photosynthesis Enhancement:
    • A research project in Florida observed a 20% increase in photosynthetic activity in plants under the 70% Aluminet Shade Cloth compared to those under traditional shading materials. This led to healthier plants and a 15% increase in yield.


  • How much will the temperature decrease if I use Aluminet?
    • Again, it depends on the type of Aluminet you use,
      however, studies have consistently shown that a normal density Aluminet,
      within the density range of 40%-50%, will provide at least a 10-20 degree decrease if you place it properly.
  • What percent Aluminet should I use?
    • The dependence of the density percentage depends on the environment and plants which you are growing. Orchids and ferns which love shade are mostly protected by high shade Aluminet whereas Lemonplants that have high heat tolerance can easily be managed with low-density Aluminet.
  • I live in an area where it rains, what type of Aluminet should I use and will it get damaged?
    • You can use a 70% Aluminet shade cloth, it will protect in low to moderate-pressure situations from the rain,
      However, you can send us your requirement and you will receive a detailed outline for solving your problem.It is to be noticed here that it will not stop rain from getting in, it would just not get damaged from the rain.
  • Can I use Aluminet for pest control?
    • The main usage of Aluminet is to provide shade. Nonetheless, it can be also used for protection against worm-carrying birds. This consequently decreases the need to use pesticides and other chemicals.
  • How does the shade cloth affect photosynthesis?
    • The cloth increases the amount of scattered light, which can enhance photosynthesis and promote better plant growth.
  • Is the shade cloth suitable for outdoor use?
    • The UV warranty covers five years under greenhouse covering and three years for outdoor use.






Width of strips




Shade Factor


Energy Saving




UV warranty

Five (5) years under greenhouse covering
Three (3) years for outdoor use

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