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5 Benefits of Using Hail Netting for Your Orchard

hail netting
Hail netting is a protection system for different fruit buds, crops, and orchards from hail showers and winds. Besides protection, this net ensures the plants get sufficient sunlight, air, and water that produce healthy and wealthy crops.
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Hail netting is a protection system for different fruit buds, crops, and orchards from hail showers and winds. Besides protection, this net ensures the plants get sufficient sunlight, air, and water that produce healthy and wealthy crops.

How does hail netting work for?

The hail netting prevents the farms from diverse hailstorm conditions that ensure rich harvesting. Besides protection from rain, it also protects the fields from birds, insects, and pests.

Hail netting has different patterns. You can look for the net that best suits crops’ requirements. Hail netting is available in Green, Black, Dark Green, Yellow, Grey, Blue, and white color on the market.

Always select the one that your field required.
For landscapes having more summer seasons, dark green is more suitable.
For colder areas, crops yellow is best as it passes sunlight with a brighter light.

Professionals install hail netting systems in canopies, warehouses, courtyards, signs, garages, rooftops, airplane hangars, gardens, crops, bridges, and under eaves.

bungee cord and hail netting
Hail Netting

Why do you need hail netting? 

Fruit trees, crops, and orchards badly suffer from hailstorms. Within minutes it destroys the crops. For such concerns, hail netting installation is vital for farmers, agriculture, crop owners, and gardeners to protect their hail yields. Damage in any form is immense. It badly affects the peace of the person owning crops. You should take prior actions to save yourself from a more significant loss. Install hail netting structures in your places that have a fear of being damaged from hail. Hail protection netting is economical and has varieties that fit the needs. Besides preventing hail, it also works as a shade and bird net. 

How will hail netting be beneficial for you and your crops?

Hail nets covering the crops are efficient, economical, and easy to install. For a more extensive scale crop, it is an essential tool. These nets are multifunctional that can stay more than a year. With time you will understand that crops need cover for profitable growth. Hail nets are necessary to complete the crops because it eliminates insects’ interaction.

The fabric used to make a hail net hinders the insect from attacking the plant.

Some hail nets work as a lightweight cover, while others function as a barrier for insects. Hail nets are used widely as insect repellent for gardeners.

It works in different ways for orchard owners.

Firstly, it provides accurate sunlight to the plant.
Secondly, it keeps insects away from damaging them.
Lastly, it discourages the entrance of other pests into the field.

Irrespective of installing a net, you should know when insects attack the yards. Insects can be challenging, and the only way to prevent them is through spray and net. Sprays are a good option, and through hail net, you ensure the sustainability of spray on plants. By installing a hail net, you prevent insects’ entrance into your yard as the small mesh size did not allow them to damage the plant.

If you wanted to enjoy pest protection for a longer time, then consider installing a hail net for a longer time, i.e., after seed bedding till its final growth. 

Farmers can utilize hail nets to speed up the seedling process. Hail net cover protects the plants from rain by leaving the soil crusted, making fallen seeds say on the surface. Besides seedlings, hail nets also prevent the birds from damaging the plants.

EYOUAGRO specializes in providing hail protection. Our experienced team has made it from perfect fabric that ensures landscapes and plants’ safety from hail damage. EYOUAGRO Hail Netting is highly durable and practically tested to accommodate hailstones of different sizes and ensure daylight and proper air. 

Additional benefits of hail netting

Hail netting investments are highly dependent upon hail incidents. Hailstorms seemed to be the only reason, but there are other reasons. The time at which hail happens is essential as the financial impact of hail on crops can affect the harvest. The investment in hail netting before harvest seems to be handy, and there is no means of packing and selling damaged fruits. Selling a final product at a discount because of hail damage.

Besides protection from hail, there are other benefits of installing hail netting.

Many crop varieties suffer badly from burning heat from the sun. Crops like fuji and Braeburn get destroyed due to warm weather. The high sun heat damages their growth and makes them dry. Besides that, strong wind also affects the productivity of these crops.

So, cropping these would be beneficial if one invests in installing a hail netting system.

Due to weather conditions, damaged crops do not pay off much at harvest because the buyers merely pay the seeding cost. Temperature reaching 35 degrees could damage fruit up to 20% or more. If stored, then a mild heat of the sun can worsen the fruit’s condition. Such loss implies double wastage of money as you pay for the whole process from harvest till packing. Due to no protection, the food gets damaged.

Other benefits of investing in hail netting are a reduction in wind pressure. Due to net installation, air pressure becomes moderate, saving the plants from breakage and enabling the sprays to sustain more in the field.

Hail netting also provides frost protection to the plants. In areas where colder weather stays, more suffer from their fields’ frosting. By installing hail netting, they can resolve this issue as the net sustain the warmth of the daylight and maintain a temperature that protects the plants against cold. Hail net also protects cold airstreams, making more fruitful crops to harvest.

Marketing benefits of installing hail netting

Hail netting installation has many marketing benefits for the owners. In the competitive market only, the superior product survives. The damaged one gets to have the lowest rate that barely covers the crops’ seeding cost. People who do not net their crops spent their year searching for alternate markets to sell their damaged product, hoping to cover in the coming year. This process continues until the owner decides to take timely action of installing a hail net to save the crops and profit at the time of harvest.

Hail nets also offer protection against big birds and bats at night. Specifically, large birds like crows and parrots. Hail netting is draped over style can provide complete protection from all kinds of birds saving tree fruit till it gets fully ripe.


Hail netting has enormous benefits one can count. To ensure full growth and health harvest hail netting is vital. EYOUAGRO hail netting designs fit the needs of its clients. Their nets are easy to install, economical in price, cover large-scale areas, and customized as per requirements. EYOUAGRO aimed to provide top-quality, effective, and practically tested products in the market. They are providing clients with the best product.

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