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Reasons and Benefits of Installing Hail Net For Your Apple Orchard

hail netting
This post will show you the reasons and benefits of investing in a high- quality hail netting so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.
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Imagine investing a lot of time and money in growing an apple orchard only to lose the apples and the trees to hail storms. It hurts deeply. You know:  high light intensities, high temperatures, and windy conditions characterize the apple-growing season.

And both the apple tree and the fruit suffer as a result.

The use of protective netting also known as the anti-hail net is becoming more popular in apple-producing regions that experience similar harsh conditions.

This post will show you the reasons and benefits of investing in a high- quality hail netting so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. But first off, Let’s see what hail netting is in detail.

What is Hail Netting?

A hail netting is a UV stabilized protective netting used in apple production to minimize the amount of solar energy that gets to the apple tree canopy and protect them against sunburn, birds, and large pests.

Apart from reducing excessive sunlight, hail nettings also enhance light scattering which results in increased light penetration hence improved yield.

orchard, hail net, protection
Orchard Hail Net Protection

Benefits of Installing Hail Net For Apples

Hail netting is the only way to protect your apple orchards from hail storms. Without hail netting, we are in danger of losing everything in a matter of minutes. Here are some of the hail net benefits.

It protects the apple and the fruits from harmful Hail Storms

Anti-Hail Nets are very helpful in protecting the apple tree and its fruits from Hail Storms. Also, hail increases the threat of contagious and other dangerous diseases and which can result in the death of the whole orchard which is detrimental to the apple grower.

So, when you have hail netting in place, you will have a lot of peace of mind because it cushions your apple tree with trees from dangers.

Anti- hail Nets Keeps Birds and Other  Huge Pests At Bay

When it comes to pests, birds are the ones you want to keep away from your fruit trees. Birds can cause significant damage to your trees, particularly once the fruit has ripened.   using hail netting is an eco-friendly way of safeguarding your apple trees from birds and the damage they cause.   You will have a bumper harvest if you keep the birds away from your trees.

These nets keep large pests and birds away from your apple trees and their fruits

Enhanced Apple Quality

Hail increases the risk of sunburn on apple skin and reduces the quality of the fruit inside. The netting provides the added protection needed during periods of high temperature or hail so that your apples remain healthy and delicious.

What are the Main Features of Hail Nets

They are Lightweight

Anti-Hail Nets are lightweight. So, they allow the apple tree and its fruits to withstand the net’s weight. They won’t add unwanted weight to an already heavy tree due to the weight of apples. You can rest assured that your trees will not break as a result of installing the net.

Anti-Hail Nets Come in Various Colors

Anti-Hail Nets are available in a variety of colors to aid in apple tree photosynthesis. This also helps you to pick the color you like best and also the one that will match with the rest of your orchard.

They Are Durable

Anti-Hail Nets are UV stabilized for longer durability, which will benefit the apple tree. So, once you buy one, it’ll stay for years before you need to replace it saving you loads of cash and time.

The Nets Are Simple to Install and Uninstall

You do not have to be a pro to put hail netting in place. You just have to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and your net will be up and running in a short time. It’s safe to say that anti-hail nets contribute to the quantitative improvement of the apple tree by allowing it to produce a greater volume of fruits.

How Anti- Hail Nets Works

High-quality anti-hail nets shield apples and apple trees from harm caused by birds, hail, and other threats throughout the year.  They are appropriate for growing vegetables, saplings, and flowers. You install it directly on canopies, crops, or greenhouse fences, plus other vertical and slanted structures.

Understand that these anti-hail nets should be versatile, simple, and light. They should also be simple to uninstall or install to prevent you from unnecessary stress and tension.

These sturdy nets are made of closely packed leno weave to limit the fabric opening during hailstorms.

A good Hail netting should offer you the following things at least

  • They should offer shade without overwhelming the tree to protect the tree and the apples from sun damage.
  • The net Should let the plants get natural air and light for maximum growth and productivity.
  • Nets should also be recyclable so you can use the net over and over again on other projects
  • It should be strong, light, adaptable, and simple to spread
  • The net should also allow for simple installation on simple support structures. So, you do not have to spend extra cash and time building complicated structures.
  • The hail net should be made entirely of virgin polymers
  • Because of their tensile strength, these nets withstand wind loads.
hail netting
Hail Netting

Tips for Before and After Installing Hail- netting for Apples

You should always care for your apple trees before and after installing the net. Here’s how.

Clean our Orchard

Before putting your hail netting in place, thoroughly clean your orchard. Remove all the rotten apples as decayed fruits are home to unwanted pests and insects which wreak havoc on your apple trees and fruits.

Water Your Apple Trees During Summer Through the Net

Water your apple trees as needed. The good news is that you do not have to remove the netting to do so. Water your trees through the netting and you won’t harm the mesh.


The benefits and the reasons for installing hail nets on your apple trees far outweigh any strain you may have to go through when doing so. After all, I bet you do not want to undergo the stress and pain of losing your apple trees and fruits to hail storms.

Anti-Hail Nets are flexible, light, sturdy, and simple to install.

You can simply install them on simple support structures, saving money on the construction of expansive and complex structures. Anti-Hail Nets are biodegradable and you can use them for many years.

Eyouagro is a world manufacturer and supplier of high-quality Anti-Hail Nets that have high tensile strength and can tolerate wind loads. The anti-Hail Nets allow light and air to reach your apple plants, providing ideal conditions for growth as well as protection.

Please contact us at to discuss the best netting protection for your apple or pear orchard, or complete your orders online at

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