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How to Manage Your Cherry Orchard after Hail

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Let’s have a look at how you can manage your cherry orchard after damage caused by sudden and unexpected hail.
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Hail and rainstorms are devastating to cherry orchards. If as a cherry grower you rely on large fields to grow your cherries, a hail storm can ruin an entire season’s worth of income.

The good news as fruit growers there is a lot you can do to minimize hail losses. Let’s have a look at how you can manage your cherry orchard after damage caused by sudden and unexpected hail.

Damage to Cherry Orchards

The hail can cause numerous problems to your cherries. The main concerns to your cherries are:

hail, storm.jpg
hail storm
  • Fungal problems – for instance brown rot and blackspot
  • Cherry cracking – your fruit crack on the tree from hail
  • Cherry flowers being blown off – by strong winds
  • Cherry fruit battered – your fruit becomes dirty.
  • Stems and branches – Broken or bruised
  • Leaves- Shredded or torn
  • Pest and diseases – enter your cherry fruit through wounds caused by hail
  • Fallen fruit- Harbor pests and diseases

Response after Hail

The recovery and damage control efforts should begin as soon as the hail and storm are over.

After a hail storm has passed you should:

  • Assess the damage: You should walk around your orchard to assess the damage. You can take pictures of any visible damage such as broken branches and uprooted stems. Also, you need to estimate how many cherries have been affected by the damage.
  • Remove or repair: Your fruit may be pitted or prematurely separated from the fruit tree. You can save some of your cherry trees by sawing off damaged branches or stems. Also, collect and dispose of fallen fruits.
  • Fertilize: Fertilizer can help your cherries to bounce back from hail damage that occurs early in the season. Apply the fertilizer to stimulate the growth of your cherries after stress from hail.
  • Apply fungicide: Hail damage to tree bark or branches makes your cherries vulnerable to decay by fungus and insects. Apply fungicide after hail damage to prevent fungi from occupying wounded areas of the tree.
  • Stimulate by watering: Damaged cherries should be watered during the growing season and be protected by several inches of mulch around the base to help them survive the winter.
  • File a claim: If you had crop and weather insurance file a claim as soon as possible. The claim should include the replacement of any cherries that do not show signs of recovery.
  • Replace damaged netting and structures: Use netting with strong strength and durability like those from Eyouagro. Choose an Anti-Hail net with high strength, resistance to stretching, resistance to external effects, and resistance to UV radiation. This will ensure adequate protection for a long time.

Embrace Hail Preventive Measures

The installation of an anti-hail netting system is the best way to prevent the loss of your cherries due to hail. Anti hail netting is a modern, innovative and economical investment in your cherry orchard.

It is made with durable polyethylene fabric coated with UV inhibitors. Hence quality netting that won’t rot or absorb moisture that lasts for years.  If you build a permanent anti-hail system of quad crossover canopy, it is the best for your cherry fruits. 

You can cover your entire orchard with anti-hail netting.  The hail netting will:

  •  Protect your cherry trees: It will prevent your orchard from hail storms, wind, and other natural disasters.
  • Restore your cherry fruits: The netting comes with a hail net attachment system. You can get your cherries back in shape so you can enjoy a healthy fruit harvest for years to come.
  • Bring out the beauty: Anti-hail nets are made of durable materials so they still allow your cherry trees to absorb the necessary sun rays. This means if your hail net is installed properly it will bring out the beauty of your orchard.
  • Choose Eyouagro for your netting: Anti-hail nets have been designed with durability and quality material in mind. You won’t need to worry about hail nets losing their shape and tearing easily because we use the best material and design. You can choose the best anti-hail net from Eyouagro according to your needs
  • Know how much netting you need– if this isn’t your first time purchasing hail netting it may be easier for you to estimate how much netting you require. If not sure you can use the hail netting calculator.
  • Buy hail netting –hail netting is an affordable way to protect your trees from hail storms. You can purchase online through our website or import from China. All hail netting comes with a hail net attachment system and is UV resistant so you can buy quality hail net that will last years.
bungee cord and hail netting
bungee cord and hail netting

Other Precautions

You must take precautions before the next storm season arrives. Some of the precautions to reduce damage include:

  • Choose an appropriate orchard hail netting installation location
  • Install hail net according to manufacturers instructions
  • Protect buildings near your property
  • Use the hail netting  temporary to protect the building

Where to Get the Hail Cover for Your Cherries

Talking about buying, the one place where you will get hail netting of all types is here at Eyouagro. We bring them to you at unbeatable prices and impeccable service, no matter where you are in the world.

Plus, we make sure that any netting we manufacture is of the best quality and finish. Make your order with us today and enjoy the ultimate in shipping and customer service experience courtesy of Eyouagro experts.


Hail is devastating to your cherry orchards and can ruin your returns. However, this can be managed by adopting preventive hail measures such as building a hail netting system.

EyouAgro hail netting is a way to protect your orchard. Protecting your cherry trees with hail nets is an easy and inexpensive solution for growing strong and healthy cherry fruits. If hail storms damage a significant part of your orchard you might need more hail nets to fit it. Eyouagro anti-hail netting can help make sure that hail damage is avoided.

If there is anything else about hail nets or other netting products,  then you can always contact Eyouagro or send your request to

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