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Top 10 Shade Cloth Suppliers & Manufacturers in Cape Town

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This article will discuss the manufacturers and suppliers of shade cloths in Cape Town.
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Shade cloths are pieces of fabric used to absorb harmful UV rays from the sun. This fabric is usually colored black or green and is used in agriculture to provide protection for crops against intense sunlight. The shade cloth absorbs the harmful rays, and the crops get only the useful parts of the sunlight.

If you are in Cape Town and need shade cloths for your garden, lawn, or farm, we have you covered.

This article will discuss the feature of the shade cloth and the manufacturers and suppliers of shade cloths in Cape Town.

What is Shade Cloth?

Shade cloth is a specialized fabric or material created to provide shade and control various environmental factors such as sunlight exposure, temperature, and humidity. It plays a vital role in both agricultural and non-agricultural settings, serving different purposes:

  1. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene): This material is woven from high-quality synthetic fibers, making it highly durable and resistant to UV rays. The breathability of HDPE allows for air circulation, reducing heat buildup underneath and providing a cool, shaded area. It’s commonly available in various shade percentages, allowing users to select the optimal level of light filtration for their specific needs.
  2. Aluminet: Unlike HDPE, Aluminet is a reflective shade cloth made from metallized fabric. Its primary purpose is to reflect sunlight rather than merely blocking it. This unique property helps maintain lower temperatures in the shaded area and is especially beneficial in environments that require high reflection, such as greenhouses.

The Uses and Applications of Shade Cloth

The versatility of shade cloth is evident in its wide range of uses:

  • Planting: Protects plants from extreme sunlight and helps in maintaining a controlled environment.
  • Greenhouses: Enhances the growth conditions in greenhouses by managing temperature and humidity.
  • Cattle Shade Cloth: Used to provide shade for livestock, ensuring their comfort.
  • Other Applications: Includes usage in domestic gardens, car parks, and various outdoor settings.

Considerations for Installation and Use

Installing and using shade cloth requires careful consideration:

  • Material Selection: Choose between HDPE and Aluminet based on specific requirements.
  • Installation Method: Proper installation to avoid tearing and ensure effectiveness.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning and inspections are vital for optimal performance.

Top 10 Shade Cloth Suppliers & Manufacturers

When purchasing shade cloth, a survey was conducted based on the two primary factors customers consider: quality and price.

Below is a quadrant chart of Cape Town’s shade cloth suppliers, categorizing them by these factors, for buyers’ reference.

price cape town

The following, we will conclude with an overview of the top 10 suppliers and manufacturers in Cape Town.

Joyeyou Industry (EyouAgro)

  • Location: Qingpu, Shanghai
  • Company Type: Manufacturing and Wholesale Supplier
  • Year Founded: 1996
  • Number of Employees: 120 People
  • Main Product: Shade Cloth, Hail Netting, Greenhouse Shade Cloths, Insect proof netting, Bird Control Nettings
  • Other Products: Shade cloth clip and accessories
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Joyeyou Industry (EyouAgro)

Joyeyou Industries is a large corporation with different divisions and subsidiaries. EyouAgro is the subsidiary of Joyeyou Industries that is focused on producing and supplying all net shading net made of high-density polyethylene such as shade cloths and the like. While the company is located in China, its services and products reach different parts of the world, and as such, you can get quality shade cloth from EyouAgro in Cape Town to defend hot sun.

Shade Africa

  • Location: Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Year Founded: 1994
  • Number of Employees: 100 to 500
  • Main Product: Shade Cloths
  • Other Products: Vehicle Covers
图片10 1
Shade Africa

Shade Africa is a South African company that started in 1994 to deliver quality and premium shade cloths for different uses. The company is popular for making vehicle covers and shade cloths for customers and clients in different parts of the world. Its quality shade cloths are made in the Prime Steel Xtra Cover Factory.

Tensi Shade PTY LTD

  • Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
  • Company Type: Manufacturing, supply, and installation
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Number of Employees: 50 to 150
  • Main Product: Shade Cloths, Patio Covers, and Sun protection  
  • Other Products: Vehicle Covers, Umbrellas, and Marquee
图片11 1
Tensi Shade PTY LTD

Although relatively young and small, Tensi Shade has shown that customers will trust you and patronize you with the right dedication to delivering quality products. Tensi Shades has managed to arrest the patronage of many people in Cape Town due to the manufacture, delivery, and installation of quality shade cloths.


  • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Year founded: 1964
  • Number of employees: 800
  • Main product: knitted shade cloth, shading nets, nursery shade cloths, garden windbreak nettings
  • Other products: Greenhouse netting, Safety Barrier Netting, and Windbreak Nets.
图片12 1

Knittex is a leading brand in agro textiles in South Africa and several parts of the world. The company has been in business long enough to perfect its manufacturing process. The brand’s shade cloths and other agro textiles remain top-notch and most sought after in the world.


  • Location: Sangrove Drive, Cape Town
  • Company Type: Manufacturing and Wholesale Supply
  • Year Founded: 1992
  • Number of Employees: 50 to 100
  • Main Product: Shade Cloths and Shade nettings
  • Other Products: Vehicle Covers and Construction shades
图片13 1

Netport is a small-sized South African business that manufactures and supplies agricultural shade cloths for farmers and gardeners in Cape Town. The company also manufactures other shade cloths used for covering cars and demarcating construction sites.

SA Shade

  • Location: Taurus, 24, Cape Town
  • Company Type: Wholesale Trading and Distribution
  • Year Founded: 1994
  • Number of Employees: Between 50 and 150 employee
  • Main Products: Knitted materials for agriculture, camping, and other DIY purposes
  • Other products: Tarpaulins, PVC, Ripstop Canvas, and Shade Cloth
图片14 1
SA Shade

SA Shade focuses on the sale of shade nets and shade cloths for agricultural and other uses. The company allows its customers to get measured sizes of the nets through its cut and trim department. With SA Shade, customers can get quality agricultural shade cloths that help to protect the crops.


  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Company Type: Wholesale Supplier
  • Year Founded: 1982
  • Number of Employees: Between 100 and 500 employee
  • Main Products: Shade Netting for Agriculture and Tunnels
  • Other products: Shade Netting for Carports, Buildings, and Fencing
image 1

ShadeCloth SA is one of the subsidiaries of Joluka Construction and is focused on the wholesale supply of shade cloths for different purposes. Shade cloths from ShadeCloth also work for carports, tunnels, fencing, and buildings. Regardless of the application, shade nets from the company are of high quality and are very durable.

Durban Shade Sails

  • Location: Durban, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Company Type: Manufacture and Installation
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Number of Employees: Between 50 and 150 employees
  • Main Products: Shade Cloths
  • Other products: Shade Netting for Carports, Residential and Commercial Buildings, and Fencing
图片16 1
Durban Shade Sails

This company aims to provide shade clothes to customers who need quality for different purposes in South Africa. While Durban Shade Sails focuses on residential and commercial buildings, its products also work for gardens and farms that require shade cloth to protect plants from harmful sun rays. The quality and durability of the products from Durban Shade Sails make them stand out.

Kalahari Shades

  • Location: Somerset Westlake Business Park, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Company Type: Wholesale Supply and Installation
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Number of Employees: less than 50 employees
  • Main Products: Shade Cloths, Shade Sails, and Construction shades
  • Other products: Permanent and Temporary Shade Sails
图片17 1
Kalahari Shades

Kalahari Shade is a business born out of understanding the harsh sun in Africa and its harmful effects on organisms. Thus, the family-owned company supplies shade cloths of different sizes and types to people and businesses in South Africa. This includes farms, lawns, and gardens that might need the sun protection offered by the quality shade cloths from Kalahari Shade.

Agrinet S. A

  • Location: Durban, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Company Type: Wholesale Supplier
  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Number of Employees: Less than 24 employees
  • Main Products: Agricultural protection products, garden and lawn irrigation, and fire protection
  • Other products: Industrial and Specialist Hardware
图片18 1
Agrinet S. A

Agrinet is one of the newcomers in the agricultural protection industry. The company focuses on supplying shade cloths for crop and livestock protection. Despite being relatively new in the industry, Agrinet has established itself as a leading option for shade netting in Cape Town.

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You need to protect your lawn, garden, or farm from intense sunlight. You should also protect yourself from harmful UV rays affecting your health. Thus, shade cloths are crucial to farmers and almost anyone staying in South Africa. You can get high-quality, durable shade cloth; your best option is EyouAgro from Joyeyou Industry. You can order your shade clothes online or reach out to the company through email.  

If you want to know more information about shade cloth Suppliers in South Africa, please click here.

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