Shade Cloth

Used to provide shade and control temperature in both agriculture and non-agriculture uses. 

Commercial Shade Cloth

The Best Choices for Covering Your Garden or Greenhouse.

EyouAgro shade cloth is used to protect and shade plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. It is an excellent choice for protecting your plants and crops from the sun.

    • Made of polypropylene and anti-UV materials
    • Easy to clean and of high strength.her conditions.
    • Shading ranges from 8 – 95%
    • Suitable for both agriculture and non-agriculture applications. 

What Is Shade Cloth
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General Application For Shade Cloth

Shade cloth has the following wide range of applications , Inquiry us for more solution.

General Hot Selling Products
Shade Cloth to Protect Your Orchards

Find the rights Shade Netting below for your Orchard; All of our products are provided with up to 8 years warranty.

40% shade net
40% Shade Cloth

110g/m2 · 40% · Monofilament

60% shade net
60% Shade Cloth

145g/m2 · 60% · Monofilament

80% shade net
75% Shade Cloth

160g/m2 · 75%  · Monofilament

95% shade net
95% Shade Cloth

190g/m2 · 95% · Tape



Mesh Size[mm]




UV Warranty               

Ideal for





2  – 4 – 4,5 – 5 – 6

5 Year

Cost-Effective | Sun Shade Protection





2  – 4 – 4,5 – 5 – 6

8 Year

High Tension  |  Sun & Wind Protection





2  – 4 – 4,5 – 5 – 6

8 Year

Multipurpose, Durable | Hail Protection Shade Protection | Canopy





2- 2,5 – 3 – 3,5 – 4

5 Year

High Shading | Sun Protection System 

EyouAgro is a Shade Cloth Manufacturer in China.
We can produce Shade Cloth for Cattle, Agriculture, Garden, Car Parking,  and so on.
No matter if you are looking for a wholesale supplier or if you need a custom-made shade cloth , we can all help.
Send inquiry to get an instant quote now!
How to Choose Shade Cloth Supplies

The Smart Way To Protect Your Greenhouse from Adverse Weather.

 Shade %Crops
130Asters, Chrysanthemums, Snapdragons, Geraniums
240Herbs, Vegetables, Iris, Lilies, Gloxinias
350Focus, Bromeliads, Orchids
460Ferns, Orchids, Azaleas
570Philodendron, Ferns, Orchids
680Patio Shade and Screen. Allows a lot of water to pass through
790Aglaonema and  Heavy Patio Shade
8100Complete sunblock, no water pass through, like a tarp and made of solid material.
More Netting Fasteners to Support Your Shade Cloth

With the help of unique Plastic Accessories;
The Netting could be easily installed, fastened, and collected.

clips for net fixing 1
Shade Cloth Clips
hail net clips
Shade Cloth Clips
pins for net sewing main
Shade Cloth Pins
bungee cord for hail netting
Bungee Cords
adjustable hooks main
Hooks for Bungee Cords
Shark Bite Clips
Netting Calculator

Try this netting calculator to get an approximate purchase requirements and send an enquiry to me

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A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose EyouAgro?

Founded in 1996, EyouAgro uses Knitted and Woven technology to design, develop and manufacture Agriculture Protection Textiles.
EyouAgro offers clients a wide choice of standard and customized Polymer Netting for their farm or orchard needs.

Reliable Shade Cloth Manufacturer in China

Keeping the plants protected from adverse weather conditions!

EyouAgro has a significant shade cloth manufacturing capability.

  • Certified by ISO9001, REACH, Rohs, SGS certification.
  • Automated Raschel production line, creating over 10,000sqm per day.
  • Manufacture directly, large scale production and Well trained workers.

Whether you need Shade Cloth or need to custom any netting products.
EyouAgro always satisfies your needs.

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Commonly Asked Questions

The most common shading percentages are 40%, 50%, and 60%. The higher % creates greater cooling. Here is the guide for other plants and crops.

 Shade %Crops
130Asters, Chrysanthemums, Snap dragons, Geraniums
240Herbs, Vegetables, Iris, Lilies, Gloxinias
350Focus, Bromeliads, Orchids
460Ferns, Orchids, Azaleas
570Philodendron, Ferns, Orchids
680Patio Shade and Screen. Allows a lot of water to pass through
790Aglaonema and  Heavy Patio Shade
8100Complete sunblock, no water pass through, like a tarp and made of solid material.

If your crop is not on the list, you can choose the shade percentage of a related plant.

If you are looking for a high-quality shade cloth with long life and UV protection, go for the knitted shade cloth made from HDPE. Knitted will not unfold but woven will tangle loose. Both hold up well but knitted last longer from our long experience.

If you have a black or green shade cloth it will

  • Absorb heat

  • Protect your crops from harmful UV rays

  • Filter sunlight

  • Increase your greenhouse temperature

If you have a white shade cloth itwill

  • Reflects the heat

  • Diffuses UV rays

  • Reduces the amount of light getting through.

  • Lowers your greenhouse temperatures.


The main use of shade cloth is to provide shade. So in shade cloth, the amount of sunlight blocked is the key consideration.

For example, a shade cloth with 10% and 90% density blocks 10% and 90% of sunlight respectively.


Shadecloth is meshed and not waterproof. Waterproof cloth-like PVC provides both shade and protection from the rain or even snow.

You should install a shade cloth outsideof the greenhouse. If you placed it inside, it could result in overheating.Also, shade cloth can be removed if needed for winter.

Shade cloths are great investments that can last up to 16 years if given proper care .you can have shade clothes that are over 12 years old and in good shape.

The most effective way of joining shadecloth is sewing. It is also used to make a wrap-around hem for attaching shade cloth to posts or poles.

Once your order, your shade  cloth will be shipped in 1- 2 weeks. We stock all sizes available.


You can get a custom quote for shade cloth.You can get your preferred sizes, color choices, and logo printing from ourdesign service.

Just provide us with your dimensions and shape and click here for acustomized quote.

Shade Net Cloth:
The Definitive Guide 2021

In this era of global warming, there is one essential thing in agriculture. And that is protecting your crops from harsh weather and pests.

You’ve invested tons of time and effort into growing crops, and there’s nothing better than converting that effort into maximum returns.

But getting maximum returns from your crops isn’t easy. You’ll need to use some fail-proof strategies.

And that where you agro custom shade manufacturers and suppliers come in handy.

Table of Contents

What is Shade Cloth?

Shade cloth is made of woven polyester and comes inshades ranging from 5% – 95%.  The custom shade cloth is water permeable to allow rainwater and irrigation systems.

EyouAgro shade cloth is an excellent choice for protecting your plants and crops from the sun. It provides you a solution to crop loss.

What are the Different Types of Custom Shade Cloth?

Your shade cloths come in 3 kinds – depending on the yarn used.

Monofilament shade cloth

This is a heavy-duty and durable cloth suited for agriculture. It has a shade percentage of 30 – 80%. If protecting your plants from extremely hot weather and make them grow healthy in hot summer. Knitted monofilament is a better choice due to its long life, functionalities,and easy installation

Tape shade cloth

If you have a pergola, this is your ideal shade cloth. The shade is made of tape yarn, denser, and more effective at shading. Its shade rate is higher than monofilament. Go for it If you are protecting your patio or garden from sunshine.

Aluminet shade cloth

Made from knitted HDPE strands coated with reflective aluminum the net is costly compared to monofilament or tape.

If you have a high-end greenhouse, an Aluminet shade cloth will be a better choice due to its accurate controlled shading ratio and excellent effect.

Eyouagro makes 7 different types of shade cloth:

Why is Shade Cloth Important?

If you provide shade in farms, it is the most efficient way to control temperature. This reduces the cost of AC units, since regulating temperature is a big factor in determining energy use. Shade also reduces moisture and the labor spent on watering plants since it saves both water and sunlight for plant growth.

What is the Importance of Shade Cloth?

you will get the following benefit by using Shade cloth

  • Capturing heat on sunny days

  • Protecting your crops from cold snaps

  • Reducing occurrences of aphids, root maggots, and flea beetles

  • Helping to deter birds from decimating  crops through camouflage

  • Helping to extend the growing season in the late fall

Custom Shade Cloth Applications/ Uses

There are many usages for the shade cloth,such as – shade, parasite control, cooler reflection, and cooling.

The shade cloth finds application in both agriculture and non-agriculture applications.

Agriculture applications

  • Grape cultivation

  • Orchid plantations

  • Horticulture

  • Floriculture

  • Drying agro products

  • Tea plantations

  • Nurseries

Nonagricultural applications

  • Swimming pools coverage

  • Parking lots

  • Patio

  • Cattle sheds

  • Backyard

8 Steps on How to Choose Your Shade Cloth For Your Projects

The following steps will guide you to choose the best shade cloth.

Step 1: What is your intended use for the net?

To come up with the right net, you need details of the area you want to shade.  This will help you to determine the cloth, color,size, UV protection rating, and so on. Just make a list of your requirements before you go shopping.

Step 2: Go for the right color

Like most fabrics, shade cloth comes in many colors. For best results, it’s good to choose a lighter color. Light color is effective at reflecting the sun’s heat compared to a darker one. However, lighter colors offer less UV protection.

Step 3: What size of shade cloth do you need?

Estimate the area where you want to install the shade cloth before going to the supplier or manufacturer. Shade cloth is flexible,but you still need to measure for a perfect fit. If you are in doubt, you can hire an expert to measure for you.

Step 4: Different types of shade cloth

Any material can be used to create shade, but there are fabrics of choice that perform way better. You’ll want a shade cloth that offers high UV protection. Check the shade cloth for a higher UV protection rating because it is better protection against harmful UV rays.

Step 5: Which shade cloth is the best?

Knitted HDPE made with a monofilament yarn is the best choice if you wish to install a product that requires zero on going maintenance. The shade cloth offers good UV rating protection and is easy to clean.

Step 6: How long it will last?

You don’t want to install a shade cloth that will only last a short time. Quality shade cloths last approximately 10 years,so buy quality shade cloth. In the long term, you’ll save labor and money. Tofurther ensure your net lasts longer go for the one that comes with a warranty.

Step 7: Take the weather into consideration

If you live in a windy area, this could determine the type of shade cloth you go with. If your area experiences strong winds, you’ll want to discuss this with your supplier to settle on the strongest material and best shade cloth set up.

Step 8: Search fora reputable shade cloth supplier

For the best shade cloth, competitive prices, and reliable customer service, you’ll want to source a reputable shade cloth supplier. EyouAgro has been supplying worldwide with quality shade cloth and many other textiles for decades, so contact us and have a talk about your requirements.

How to Install Shade Cloth?

Before you start the installation you needthe following tools and materials

  • Hammer

  • Tape measure

  • ladder

  • knife or scissors

  • fix strips

  • Nails

  • Installation accessories

Step 1: Attach and fix strips to the top of the support frame

If you have a shade frame, fix the strips by nailing them. Ensure the nails on the strips face outside.

Step 2: Roll outthe EyouAgro shade cloth

Roll out the shadecloth. Set up two ladders at one end. Stretch the cloth over the first end.Make sure it’s sitting evenly across the end with some excess on either side.

across your structure and pull it into position and leave about 12 inches to overhang allround

Step 3: Stretch the cloth over fixed strips

Apply tension on your shade cloth and stretch it. You then nail them down with a hammer

Step 4: Work your way along with the frame

Pull the custom shade cloth towards you. Next lift it and bring it forward. This will creates tension and keeps the shade cloth nice and tight. When at the ends, pull the shade cloth tight and nail it.

Step 5: Trim the edges

Cut the edges ofyour shade cloth to the ends so that you won’t see anything from the ground.

7 Tips for Shade Cloth

If you have purchased a ground cover, the following tips will help you install and ensure the longevity of your cover.


  1. Place the shade cloth gently on the frame to ensure the longevity of the shade

  2. Place the shade cloth on top of the roof of the structures

  3. Take into account the weather

  4. Ensure  airflow and microclimates depending on your plant needs


  1. Never rush through the installation procedure.

  2. Don’t expect the shade cloth to last forever.

  3. Open the polyethylene roll before installation, because they occupy a large space


If you use shade cloth, it will protect your plants. Give your plants an umbrella to protect themselves and will bring you expected benefits.

Have you developed an interest in the custom shade cloth?

Eyouagro is a professional manufacturer of shade cloth. Don’t hesitate to visit us at. www.eyouAgro.com or contact us at  info@eyouagro.com and select your best shade cloth.

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