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What Accessories are Essential for Installing Hail Netting?

hail netting accessories

When installing hail netting, a comprehensive range of accessories is at your disposal.

These tools and additions have been meticulously designed to amplify the net’s stability,

ensuring it remains taut and effective against hailstorms.

Their integration not only boosts the overall resilience of the setup but also streamlines the installation process, making it a seamless endeavor for users.

Hail Netting Accessories:

CategoryProduct NameFunction
ClipsEYOU Clips ConnectorConnect two pieces of hail netting and link the hail netting to ropes.
ClipsEYOU Clips Wire 8727Link the hail netting to ropes and collect hail netting.
ClipsEYOU Clips RoundLink the hail netting to the ropes.
ClipsEYOU Clips 2-in-1Link the hail netting to the ropes.
ClipsEYOU Clips ULink the hail netting to the ropes.
HooksEYOU Hooks AdjustableConnect the hail netting with the ropes in conjunction with bungee cords.
Caps for PolesEYOU Caps 7×8Installed on top of poles for securing ropes and hail netting.
Caps for PolesEYOU Caps 9×9.5Secure ropes and hail netting.
Caps for PolesEYOU Caps 10×12Secure ropes and hail netting.
Rope and WireEYOU PE Rope 4/6Secure hail netting.
Rope and WireEYOU Polyester Wire 2.2/3Secure hail netting.
Rope and WireEYOU Bungee 5/7/9Secure hail netting.
WinterFixEYOU WinterFixCollect hail netting after the harvest season.


  • EYOU Clips Connector: A specialized clip designed for seamless connections within the hail netting.
  • EYOU Clips Wire 8727: Perfect for attaching and securing the netting to wires or frames.
  • EYOU Clips Round: Currently the most widely used clip, suitable for fastening thinner nets.
  • EYOU Clips 2-in-1: An improved version of the EYOU Clips Round, designed for thicker nets and offers enhanced stability.
  • EYOU Clips U: U-shaped clips provide robust anchoring, especially in challenging weather conditions.


  • EYOU Hooks Adjustable: Adaptable hooks that allow for easy adjustments and ensure a tight fit for the netting.

Caps for Poles:

  • EYOU Caps 7×8: Designed for specific pole dimensions, offering protection and stability.
  • EYOU Caps 9×9.5: Suitable for slightly larger poles, ensuring a secure fit.
  • EYOU Caps 10×12: The largest in the cap range, perfect for robust setups requiring enhanced support.

Rope and Wire:

  • EYOU PE Rope 4/6: A durable rope made of polyethylene, ideal for various netting applications.
  • EYOU Polyester Wire 2.2/3: Offers the strength of wire with the flexibility of polyester.
  • EYOU Bungee 5/7/9: Elastic cords that provide optimum tension, ensuring the net remains taut even in windy conditions.


  • EYOU WinterFix: Mainly used for net storage, especially during winter or seasons when the net isn’t needed. It allows for efficient and easy rolling up of the net.

In conclusion

These accessories play a pivotal role in the longevity and resilience of the hail netting system.

Not only do they offer enhanced durability, but they also ensure the netting’s adaptability to a multitude of environmental conditions. Whether faced with strong winds, heavy rainfall, or intense sunlight, the right accessories ensure that the netting remains steadfast, providing unparalleled protection against the damaging effects of hail.

Interested in our products? Don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re here to assist you anytime you need.

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