Cattle Shade Cloth

Protects livestock from harsh sun, wind, rain, snow, and other extreme weather conditions.

Commercial Cattle Shade Cloth

The Sun Protection Solution For Cattle Farms!

Eyouagro Cattle Shade Cloth is also called livestock shade cloth or animal shade cloth. They are an inexpensive solution that come in many different sizes so no matter how large or small your herd is, there is a size for everyone!

    • Strong and stable quality
    • UV and heat resistant
    • Open structure for controlling air
    • Easy to use
    • 5 – 10 Years Quality Guarantee
shading for cattle sheds
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General Application For Shade Cloth

Shade cloth has the following wide range of applications , Inquiry us for more solution.

General Hot Selling Products
Shade Netting to Protect Your Animals

Find the rights Shade Netting below for your Orchard; All of our products are provided with up to 8 years warranty.

40% shade net
40% Shade Net

110g/m2 · 40% · Monofilament

60% shade net
60% Shade Net

145g/m2 · 60% · Monofilament

80% shade net
75% Shade Net

160g/m2 · 75%  · Monofilament

95% shade net
95% Shade Net

190g/m2 · 95% · Tape



Mesh Size[mm]




UV Warranty               

Ideal for





2  – 4 – 4,5 – 5 – 6

5 Year

Cost-Effective | Fruit Tree Hail Protection





2  – 4 – 4,5 – 5 – 6

8 Year

Light weight | Low Strength  | Hail & Wasp Protection





2  – 4 – 4,5 – 5 – 6

8 Year

Multipurpose,Durable | Bird , Hail Protection Shade Protection | Canopy





2- 2,5 – 3 – 3,5 – 4

5 Year

High Strength | Durable | Hail Netting System | Low ourput production ,Long delivery time

EyouAgro is a Cattle Shade Cloth Manufacturer in China.
We can produce Shade Cloth for Cattle, cows, Livestock, horses,  and so on.
No matter if you are looking for a wholesale supplier or if you need a custom-made shade net , we can all help.
Send inquiry to get an instant quote now!
More Netting Fasteners to Support Your Shade Cloth

With the help of unique Plastic Accessories;
The Netting could be easily installed, fastened, and collected.

clips for net fixing 1
Shade Cloth Clips
hail net clips
Shade Cloth Clips
pins for net sewing main
Shade Cloth Pins
bungee cord for hail netting
Bungee Cords
adjustable hooks main
Hooks for Bungee Cords
Shark Bite Clips
Netting Calculator

Try this netting calculator to get an approximate purchase requirements and send an enquiry to me

netting calculation
More Info

Our Netting Calculator will give you a custom agricultural netting quantity based on the Length & Width & Row of your orchard or vineyard netting project.

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Founded in 1996, EyouAgro uses Knitted and Woven technology to design, develop and manufacture Agriculture Protection Textiles.
EyouAgro offers clients a wide choice of standard and customized Polymer Netting for their farm or orchard needs.

Reliable Shade Cloth Manufacturer in China

Keeping the plants protected from adverse weather conditions!

EyouAgro has a significant Cattle Shade Cloth manufacturing capability.

  • Certified by ISO9001, REACH, Rohs, SGS certification.
  • Automated Raschel production line, create over 10,000sqm per day.
  • Manufacture directly, large scale production and Well trained workers.

Whether you need shade netting or need to custom any netting products.
EyouAgro always satisfies your needs.

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Commonly Asked Questions

For the business of pasture-based grazing systems, shade is necessary because the shade reduces the heat stress of your cattle. Animals face many difficulties for heat stress like decreasing weight gain, reducing food intake, and declining fertility. If you want to make healthy cattle, you must use Cattle Shade Cloth.

Eyouagro Shade cloth is an essential part of any cattle operation and provides more productivity and healthier when they have shade at all times. It will reduce the need for water in hot climates, saving money on the water bills. It can even help reduce stress levels in livestock, which has a positive effect on meat quality! That's why shade cloth is vital for every cattle.

Different types of herd shade fabric have several colors like black, white, grey, space grey, off white, brown, etc. Experts say that selecting a lighter color will be the best option for the protection of heat. As lighter colors reflect more heat and light from the sun, you should prefer a light color like white. 

But the answer to this question all depends on your needs.

A white color shade cloth will reflect more of the heat and light from the sun. So, you will be able to get a suitable temperature for your cattle.

However, if they are dark-colored, then a lighter color may work better because dark colors tend to attract more heat than lighter shades of material do!



100% polyethylene polymer 


45%, 50%, 60%


White, Black, green etc


UV resistance, heat resistance, solar controlling etc




No, you do not need costly instruments to use the Cattle Shade Cloth. You can set the Cattle Shade protection cloth easily by yourself.

Yes, Cattle Shade is very effective for monitoring the temperature, and making the atmosphere under the shade is preferable for your cattle fitness. 

EyouAgro Cattle Shade Cloth is UV protected, so the UV of the sunlight cannot create any fatal disease in your beasts. 

The importance of using a Cattle Shade is remarkably enormous. Here you will know some of the importance of Livestock Shade Cloth.

  • Give a protection shade for your herds from wind, rain, snow, heat, sunlight at any time, any place.
  • Manage heat stress up to 30%, and you should know how terrible the heat stress for the cattle is!
  • Cattle Shade Cloth provides a satisfactory condition for your cattle not only by the outside environment but also for the inside situation.

Cattle shade cloths are not just for cows!

No, Cattle shade cloths also protect humans against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Eyouagro Cattle Shade Cloths are made to last with durable fabric that is tough enough to withstand all sorts of wear and tear. This makes them perfect for both indoor or outdoor use!

  1. Take a lightweight and light color Shade Cloth always.
  2. The shade percentage should be more than 60%. It will reduce 13 to 23 degrees of temperature.
  3. Use a well-known company for buying your product. EyouAgro Cattle Shade Cloth will be the right choice.
Cattle Shade Cloth:
The Comprehensive Guide (2021)

Cattle Shade Cloth is an excellent way to keep cattle calm and protect them from heat stress and the horrible climate. EyouAgro is a business of Protection Textile and provides safer, effective, and more durable crops and animal protection. Cattle Shade Cloth is another incredible product of EyouAgro.

Table of Contents

What is Cattle Shade Cloth?

Cattle shade is a tiny storehouse over a shade in which cattle are kept. The polyethylene fabric is used for this shading cloth. This Cattle Shade is surrounded over by decent quality cloth, which is available to heat legislation. 

What are the different types of Cattle Shade Cloth?

The cattle shade cloth can be different by size, shade percentage, fabric quality, etc.

a) Based on the size

There are various kinds of Cattle Shade Cloths based on multiple sizes. Eyouagro Cattle Shade Cloth could be numerous in size. 

  1. 10×40 inches 95% woven fabric 
  2. 10× 100 inches 95% woven fabric 
  3. 12×50 inches 95% woven fabric

b) Based on shade percentage

Shade percentage is the characteristic that helps for air inhalation.

  1. 60% shade percentage is the best quality for Cattle Shade Cloth.
  2. 50% is also a good quality Cattle Shade protection Cloth.
  3. 45% shade percentage is enough for adequate air inhalation.
  4. 40 to 60% shade percent is suitable for sufficient air. 

c) Based on UV resistance 

Cattle shade blocks the harmful UV rays from the sun. But the blocking power is not the same for all fabrics.

  1. 95 percent UV blocking fabric is the best for UV resistance.
  2. Up to 30 percent UV resistant products are also promising as Cattle Shade Cloth.
  3. Some products cannot be unwilling to UV but can be used as cattle shade cloths.

d) Based on fabric

  1. Woven fabric: Made of polypropylene which allows comfortableness.
  2. Knitted fabric: Made of lightweight polyethylene allows more heat resistance.

Four incredible Benefits of Installing Cattle Shade Cloth

1. Health benefits of your cattle 

Cattle shade cloth diminishes heat stress, which is very crucial for the health of your herds. Protect your cattle from lessening food intake, weight loss.

2. Make a desirable environment 

Cattle Shade cloth always creates a desirable environment for your cows, horses, and cattle. It protects your cattle from water, heat, and snow. The climate remains steady with the help of Cattle Shade Cloth.

3. Increase the profit

The shade increases profitability from your cattle as Cattle Shade Cloth curtail the effect of body heat load on your cattle and help to make the heaviest cattle. And this is how you can improve your profit.

4. Improved Cattle Comfort 

A shade can increase the comfort level of any plants, animals, and also humans. Cattle shade cloths improve the Cattle Comfort remarkably. This situation gives the cattle a comfortable mood and a healthy attitude. 

Where is Shade Cloth Used?

Application Area of Shade Cloth

Implementation Area

a)     Shade Houses:

Shade house provides an appropriate place for your cattle to live cheerfully.

b)     Greenhouse:

The shade is very favorable for greenhouse production.

c)     Privacy screen: 

Cattle shade cloth like a privacy screen for your cattle.


Extraordinary five steps on how to install Cattle shade Cloth on the farm?

Step one: Decide an excellent place for making the farm of your cattle. It would be a wet and hot place and a dry and cool place. 

Step two: Discuss with an engineer the design of your cattle shade because the layout needs to be specified and adequately measured.

Step there: Create a frame according to the layout which the engineer gives. Make the frame adjustable with pins and a drill. You can use wooden chassis or even a metal chassis.

Step four: Buy appropriate cattle shade cloth from a famous company according to the condition of your region.

Step five: Fix the cloth with the pattern of your layout. Then you will get an appropriate cattle shade cloth.

When to install the Cattle Shade Cloth to get the timing right?

  1. If you see cows huddling together in an attempt to stay warm during wintertime or if they are seeking shade when it’s sunny outside, it may be time to install Cattle Shade Cloth on your livestock.
  2. Cattle Shade Cloths are installed on top of your livestock’s feed troughs or other areas where they gather during sunnier times throughout the day so that there will always be a Cattle Shade Cloth available for them to use when the need arises.
  • Cattle Shade Cloths are typically installed in springtime and removed in fall. But it’s a good idea to install Cattle Shade Cloths during other times of the year as well if necessary – just make sure you’re checking on your livestock regularly so that you’ll know when Cattle Shade Cloth is needed.

Fabulous eight tips for Cattle Shade Cloth


  • You should place the shade on the angle of North-South in dry arid regions.
  • For moist and wet areas, it is placed in the east-west axis.
  • Consult with an engineer for the design of your cattle shade.
  • Always acquire proper information first, then start your work.


  • Never use heavyweight and long-length cloth for shading.
  • Try not to be lazy when working.
  • Shad should not be constructed very tiny for ventilation.
  • Never use deep color fabric for your Cattle Shade Cloth.

How to buy Cattle Shade Cloth?

EyouAgro supplies products at the best price with the nicest integrity across the world. So EyouAgro is a reliable name in the Cattle Shade Cloth factory. You can easily buy from Eyouagro.

EyouAgro will allow you to get a free sample before you order a massive amount of product.


Cattle that are out in the sun without Eyouagro shade for long periods of time will have a tough time generating their own body heat and they’ll also get overheated which can lead to death or illness.

So, why are you waiting! Order from Eyouagro Now.

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