Hail Net Clips

Hail Net Clips

Hail Net Clip is an innovative split design. It breaks the limitations of the conventional one-piece design.
The huge teeth ensure sufficient bite force. Provides a reliable guarantee for the hail net system.

  • Ideal for Hail Netting Fastening. Strong Teeth
  • Made of tough, UV resistant nylon PA6+15%GF
  • Unique split design, suitable for a variety of installation scenarios
  • Circles ring designs are used with adjustable hooks


Hail Net Clips are uniquely designed for hail net systems. The two-piece split design solves the installation limitations of conventional net clips. Can be installed in two planes.
Large teeth provide sufficient bite force. Ensures that it will not fall off when hit by strong wind or hail. Safe and reliable.
Round hole design can help tensioned rope or elastic rope, or hooks to pass through easily.


  1. Premium Quality: Made of 100% nylon, UV-resistance, can be used outdoors for a long time.
  2. Reinforcement Design:  The teeth of the clips are thicker and stronger than the first generation
    (including 4 small teeth for locating and 5 big teeth for fixing).
    The fasteners can suitable for thicker shade cloth (<2mm) without the teeth bending easily
  3. Secure Firmly: Not easy to open after closing, ensure securing firmly. The grommets can’t be used again after being reopened.
  4. Easily to Install:  After helping the plastic teeth to penetrate the net cloth, the fixing cover can be easily closed.


For all kinds of fabric with mesh,

  • Hail Netting
  • Garden shade fabric,
  • Bird netting,
  • patio aluminet shade net.



100% Virgin PA6+15%GF







UV Warranty:

1500KLY > 8 Years


100pcs/bag, 1000pcs/box

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