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Hail Net Clips

Hail Net Clips

Hail Netting Clips by EyouAgro offer a secure, durable solution for protecting crops,
featuring a split design and strong grip for easy installation and reliable use in various settings.

  • Enhanced reliability in harsh conditions.
  • Versatile for different netting needs.
  • Durable material for long-term use.
  • Secure fastening prevents net damage.
  • User-friendly installation.
  • In Stocks & Ready to Ship
    • Pack of 100pcs/each, Boxes of 1000 pcs/each


Hail Net Clips by EyouAgro are innovatively designed for optimal net security.
These clips, featuring a unique split design, provide a robust bite force ensuring a secure hold on hail netting systems.
Constructed from UV-resistant POM, they’re built for durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions.
Suitable for various installations,
these clips are an essential component in securing garden shade fabric, bird netting, and other mesh materials, ensuring safety and reliability.


  • Innovative Split Design: Allows for flexible application across different installation scenarios.
  • Large Teeth Structure: Provides exceptional grip strength for secure net fastening.
  • UV-Resistant POM Construction: Ensures long-term durability and resilience.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for various net types including hail, bird, and shade netting.
  • User-Friendly Installation: Simplifies the process, making it accessible for all users.
adjustable hooks for bungee cords
adjustable hooks for bungee cords

What People Use

  1. Orchard in Italy:
    The orchard reported a 30% reduction in hail damage to their apple crop after using the clips.
    Their fastening strength prevented net displacement during a severe hailstorm.
  2. Vineyard in South Africa:
    The vineyard observed an improvement in installation efficiency,
    cutting down the time by 40% compared to traditional clips, resulting in quicker deployment before the hail season.
  3. Greenhouse in the Netherlands:
    A greenhouse noted the clips’ durability over 5 years,
    with no replacements needed, despite regular exposure to UV rays and variable weather.


  1. Agricultural Crop Protection:
    Ideal for securing hail netting over crops in orchards and vineyards, providing robust protection against weather damage.
  2. Home Gardening:
    Useful in residential gardens for attaching shade cloths and bird netting, enhancing plant growth and protection.
  3. Commercial Greenhouses:
    Effective in greenhouses for fastening various nettings, ensuring optimal climate control and plant safety.
  4. Outdoor Recreational Areas:
    Suitable for securing netting in patios or recreational spaces for shade and protection.
  5. Landscaping Projects:
    Helpful in landscaping for attaching protective fabrics, aiding in plant maintenance and aesthetic design.

FAQs for Hail Netting Clips

  1. Q: How do Hail Netting Clips withstand extreme weather conditions?
    A: They’re made from UV-resistant nylon, ensuring durability and resistance to sun damage and harsh weather.
  2. Q: Can these clips be reused for multiple seasons?
    A: Yes, their robust construction allows for reuse across several seasons, making them a cost-effective solution.
  3. Q: Are the clips suitable for different types of netting?
    A: Absolutely, they are versatile enough to secure various net types, including hail, bird, and shade netting.
  4. Q: How easy is it to install and remove these clips?
    A: The split design simplifies installation and removal, saving time and effort.
  5. Q: What sizes and colors are available for these clips?
    A: Currently, they come in a standard size and black color, optimized for effectiveness and discretion in use.



100% Virgin PA6+15%GF







UV Warranty:

1500KLY > 8 Years


100pcs/bag, 1000pcs/box

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