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Aluminet Reflective Shade Screen

Aluminet Reflective Shade Screen

Aluminet Shade Cloth delivers even shading, manages airflow, and ensures the best diffused light reach for crops.
It balances day/night temperatures, fostering a controlled microclimate in greenhouses and nurseries.
Its versatility makes it suitable for tunnels, horticultural greenhouses, and external structures.

  • Featherweight: Weighs 20-25% less than conventional black shade cloths.
  • Durable: Shields against oxidation and UV damage.
  • Top-Notch: Laboratory-verified quality of our aluminet.
  • Chemical-Proof: Fortified against pesticides and horticultural chemicals.
  • Breathable: Lock stitch ensures optimal ventilation.
  • Available Size:
    • 4.3x100m
    • 5.3x100m or As Request


Aluminet Thermal Reflective Shade Screen, also called Aluminet Shade Cloth or Reflective Shade Cloth is an innovative climate and screen solution for your greenhouse.
EyouAgro has been a professional Aluminet Shade Cloth manufacturer in China for more than 10 years.
It is weaved by high-quality Aluminum composite foil and high-strength Anti-UV polyethylene monofilament fiber.
The basic function of Aluminet is to be cool shade, water-saving, heat preservation, and insulation, and prevent condensation from dripping for your greenhouse

There are two structures of Aluminet Sealed Braided Structure Aluminet and Open Structure.

  • Sealed Structures maximize the effect of shading, and reduce the temperature in the greenhouse
  • Open Structure can keep the air flowing when shading

EyouAgro is an expert in most Aluminet manufacturing.
Just send us your detailed requirements and we will send you an instant quote.


  1. Energy Savings: Cuts heating costs by over 50%.
  2. Boosted Yields: Balances temperatures and optimizes light for higher crop output.
  3. Weather Defense: Protects against frost, wind, heat, rain, and hail.
  4. Air Permeable: Allows water vapor passage, reducing dew and fungus risks.
  5. Flexible Installation: Suitable for roll, slide, or fold & fix systems.

· Recommended For Choice of Alumient ·


Name of Plants
30% Roses, Strawberries, Gooseberries, Tomatoes, Cucumber
40% Bedding Plants , Gloxinias, Herbs, Iris , Lilies, Vegetables
50% Foliage plants, Cut greens, Orchids, Ginger, Pot plants
60% Orchlds ( Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis )
70% Ferns , Orchids ( Cypripediums) , Philodendron
80% Indoor plants, Certain Orchids, Plantation crops, Tea, Coffee, Cardamom
90% Cattle shed Poultry houses, Construction Scaffolding and vehicular shades


  • Enhanced Crop Yield: Provides an optimal environment for plant growth.
  • Cost Savings: Reduced energy costs due to efficient temperature regulation.
  • Crop Protection: Shields crops from excessive sunlight and UV damage.
  • Long-Term Use: Durable design ensures extended product life.
  • Comfort for Livestock: Reflects sunlight, offering a better environment for animals.

What People Say:

  • Testimonials:
    “Since using the Aluminet Reflective Shade Screen, my crop yield has increased by 20%.” – John Doe, California Farmer.
  • Research:
    A 2020 study by the Agricultural Research Institute found that crops under Aluminet Shade Screens had a 15% higher photosynthetic rate compared to those under traditional screens.
  • Case Studies:
    Greenhouse farms in Arizona reported a 25% reduction in cooling costs after implementing the Aluminet Reflective Shade Screen.


  1. How does the Aluminet Reflective Shade Screen differ from regular shade screens?
    • Its aluminized fabric uniquely reflects sunlight, ensuring better temperature control and light diffusion.
  2. Is the screen suitable for all types of crops?
    • Yes, its optimal light diffusion and thermal regulation make it versatile for various crops.
  3. How does it help in reducing energy costs?
    • By reflecting sunlight and regulating temperature, it reduces the need for additional cooling, leading to energy savings.
  4. Can it withstand harsh weather conditions?
    • Absolutely. It’s designed to be UV resistant and durable, ensuring longevity.
  5. Is it easy to install and maintain?
    • Yes, its lightweight nature ensures easy installation, and it requires minimal maintenance.





Sealed Structure | Open Structure


Aluminum Foil| Polyethylene


Warranty Five(5) years under all types of greenhouse covering
Warranty Three(3) years for outdoor use.

Flame Retardant


Roll Width Size

4.3m, 5.3m

Roll Length

50m, 100m

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