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Blackout Shading Screen

Blackout Shading Screen

Blackout Shading Screens are the ideal choice for short-day plants, such as gerbera, Hemp, and Cannabis.
They can block 99.9% of the light rate and improve the greenhouse which has an artificial light supplement system.
They reduce the light dissipation at night, so as to increase the yield and increase growers’ benefits.

  • Cooling down
  • Multiple combinations
  • Soft and small volume
  • Anti-dew formation
  • Available Size
    • 4.3 x 100m
    • 4.8 x 100m
    • 5.3 x 100m or As Request


Blackout Shading Screen (BSS), also called Darkening Screens or light deprivation Screen, is made of aluminum foil and polyester material through a special process, with a good shading effect, the shading effect can reach 99.9%.
Provides the dark environment needed by special plants such as gerbera, Hemp, and Cannabis. Shorten the duration of sunlight.

We, EyouAgro have been the professional Blackout Shading Screen manufacturer in China for more than 10 years.

The basic function of the darkening screen is thermal insulation and energy-saving and effectively reduces the energy consumption in the greenhouse.
Maintain the plant temperature in the greenhouse at night and during winter.


  1. Optimal Light Regulation:
    Designed specifically for short-day plants like gerbera, Hemp, and Cannabis, it helps in coordinating flowering time with market dates.
  2. High Light Blockage:
    Achieves a remarkable 99.9% light blockage, enhancing greenhouses equipped with artificial light supplement systems.
  3. Night Light Dissipation:
    Reduces light dissipation during nighttime, aiming to boost yield and benefits for growers.
  4. Versatile Attributes:
    Features like cooling down, soft texture, compact volume, and anti-dew formation make it a preferred choice.
  5. Multiple Size Availability:
    Comes in various sizes such as 4.3 x 100m, 4.8 x 100m, and 5.3 x 100m, catering to different needs.

3 kinds of Blackout Shading Screen – You Need to Know

There are three types of Blackout Shade Screens

  • full black darkening screen(BB Screen),
  • black and white darkening screen(BW Screen),
  • black and silver darkening screen(BS Screen).
3 kinds of blackout shading screen
3 kinds of blackout shading screen

EyouAgro is an expert in most Blackout Shading Screen Manufacturing

Double Layered Blackout Screens: The Ultimate Light Control Solution

EyouAgro’s Double Layered Blackout Screens are expertly designed to cater to plants requiring shorter daylight hours, ensuring complete darkness when needed.
For those plants craving extra illumination, our single-layer blackout Screen works seamlessly with supplemental lighting, intensifying the greenhouse’s internal light effects.
Moreover, it’s not just about keeping plants happy;
our screens also ensure that excess light doesn’t spill out, maintaining harmony with the surroundings and neighbors.

blackout shading screen
blackout shading screen

Why use Blackout Shading Screen? 

Blackout Shading Screen is necessary for growing high-quality medical cannabis and hemp.
Cannabis is a day-length sensitive plant. With a blackout screen, you can make sure the flowering phase will be optimal for your cannabis.

With the fully automated blackout from EyouAgro Blackout Shading Screen, you can shorten the day lengths.
This allows you to give the plant longer nights when needed. You are in complete control of the growing and flowering period of the plant.

Reasons to Choose Double Layered Blackout Screens:

  1. Superior Light Control: Achieve more than 99.9% blackout, ensuring that even the most light-sensitive plants thrive.
  2. Versatility: Whether you’re aiming for solar reflection or enhancing supplemental lighting effects, our screens cater to both needs.
  3. Energy Efficiency: The aluminum layer option not only reflects sunlight but also aids in energy conservation, reducing greenhouse operational costs.
  4. Optimal Plant Growth: By controlling the light environment precisely, ensure that plants get the exact light conditions they need for optimal growth.
  5. Durable and Long-Lasting: Crafted with high-quality materials, these screens are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-term reliability.

hemp greenhouse cannabis greenhouse








What People Say

  • Research-Based:
    • A study conducted at the University of Horticulture found that plants grown under the Blackout Shading Screen experienced a 25% increase in yield compared to those without it.
  • User Testimonials:
    • A survey of 100 greenhouse owners using the Blackout Shading Screen reported a 20% reduction in energy costs and a 25% increase in crop yield within the first year of use.
  • Energy Savings:
    • Greenhouses equipped with the Blackout Shading Screen in Arizona reported an average of 35% reduction in cooling costs during the summer months.

FAQs for Blackout Shading Screen

  1. How does the double-layered design benefit my plants?
    • The double-layered design ensures more than 99.9% blackout, providing the darkness that some plants require for optimal growth.
  2. Can I use the Blackout Shade Screen with supplemental lighting?
    • Absolutely! The screen is designed to intensify the effects of supplemental lighting, ensuring maximum light effect inside the greenhouse.
  3. Does the screen help in cooling the greenhouse?
    • Yes, when the reflective upper surface is chosen, it aids in effective cooling.
  4. Is the screen energy efficient?
    • Yes, especially when one layer is aluminum, it leads to significant energy savings.
  5. How does the screen manage moisture?
    • The design of the Blackout Shade Screen ensures good moisture management, preventing excessive dampness that could harm plants.



Polyester|PE Film, PET


Greenhouse Inside


> 99%

Energy Savings


Roll Size

4.3mx100m, 4.8x100m, 5.3m x100m


Five(5)years under all types of greenhouse covering

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