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Woven Shade Cloth

Woven Shade Cloth

The woven shade cloths are usually used in agriculture, horticulture, nursery production, and construction.
It is commonly used as a shade cloth for protecting crops and vegetables from sunlight, heat, and pests.

  • Woven Fabric structure Material
  • Lightweight and cost-effective
  • multi-color available
  • 3 Types: 40%, 80%, 95% available
  • Make to order, no stocks
  • Commercial order only


Woven Shade Cloth is a woven fabric made from polyethylene material.
It is commonly used as a shade cloth for protecting crops and vegetables from sunlight, heat, and pests.
Woven Shade Cloth can be made with one or more warp threads and weft tapes via Sulzer machine.

Weaving Shade Cloth has more horizontal and vertical grid lines, which will effectively reduce the damage caused by UV rays.
Its special weaving technology makes it thinner than knitted shade cloth without reducing the shading rate.

woven shade cloth 800x400 2
woven shade cloth 800×400 2

Woven shade cloth typically lasts about 3years when exposed to sunlight, but this can vary depending on the quality of the material used to make it.

Woven Shade Cloth has a flat surface compared to Knitted Shade Cloth.
It also has vertical and horizontal grid lines that are more obvious than those of Knitted Shade Cloth.
This makes it easier for growers to determine how much space they need to cover their crops.
The same shading rate will also create a lighter shade cloth than the same Knitted Shade Cloth.
This means it can cost less while providing the same level of protection from the sun’s rays.

Woven Shade Cloth is a mesh that uses woven fabric as the base material. It looks more plastic on the outside, but the disadvantage is that the mesh structure is easier to untie if the mesh has holes.

Available Type

EyouAgro® Woven Shade Cloth comes in various colors, including black, white, and tan.
The product also comes in different widths and lengths.
The main purpose of this product is to shade the carport, shade your backyard, and prevent wind from blowing through your area.

woven shade cloth
woven shade cloth
Product No. Weight[g/m2] Shading Color Size[m] Width x Length UV Warranty
Plain 40% 50 40% Green , White and Black 1.0~5.0 x 100m 3 Years
Plain 80% 90 80% Green,White and Black 1.0~5.0 x 100m 3 Years
Plain 95% 140 95% Green , White and Black 1.0~5.0 x 100m 3 Years


The woven shade cloths are usually used in agriculture, horticulture, nursery production and construction industry.

For example, it can be used to shade your carport or backyard during the heat of the summer months. This can help keep your home cool and comfortable all year round.

The use of woven shade cloths in agriculture helps to protect plants against sunlight and pests since they are designed to provide shade while allowing light penetration through them. In addition, they also act as wind barriers that help to prevent damage caused by winds during storms or hurricanes.

Accessories & Installation

Please do not over-tension when installing the shade cloth.
The shade cloth is to be placed on the existing structure.
Please note that although we strive to provide accurate panels, the acceptable tolerance of the shade cloth is/-3%.

Shade Net installation accessories
installation accessories


Knitted vs Woven shade cloth

Both knitted and woven shade cloth are used for sun shading.
They are both made from the same materials, but knitted shade cloth is made using a knitting machine,
and woven shade cloth is made using a loom.

Woven fabric has a more plastic appearance than knitted and features a distinct grid of horizontal and vertical lines.

Compared with the same shading rate,
its gram weight is 30% lighter than the knitted one due to the more plain woven one,
which also means lower cost.
Also, due to the characteristics of its Plain structure, once the net of the surface has holes,
Woven is more likely to crack the cloth surface and get off the line.

Woven shades are more cost-effective because they are lighter with the same shading.
Knitted shade cloth has more uniform patterns and better durability than woven shade cloth.

Woven’s life expectancy is about 3 years. The expected life span of knitted is about 5 years.
Knitted Shade Cloth is more like cloth in appearance and feel, with lines in different directions.
Due to the structure, if it is cut or holes appear, it will not be untied.



100% Virgin High Density Polypropylene


Black, Dark Green, White



Shade Factor

80%, 95%, 40%


2.0x100m, 4.0x100m

Flame Retardant


U.V. Resistance



3 Years

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