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Black and White Shading Screens

Black and White Shading Screens

Black and White Shading Screens are usually made into sunshade curtains, keeping sunlight off to protect the sensitive plants in mid-season, while allowing indirect sunlight and rain to reach the plants. They also can prevent cold air from entering the greenhouse.

The white face upside provides solar radiation reflection to be cool in the daytime.
The black face downward absorbs spare heat better at night to minimize the risk of frost damage.

  • Open Structure
  • Cooling obviously
  • Reducing heat loss at night
  • Protective plants
  • Strong and durable
  • Anti-aging
  • Various methods of installation


Black and White Shading Screens ( BWS ) are made of special polymer materials and high-strength anti-ultraviolet monofilament fiber. They can efficiently regulate the temperature in the greenhouse to meet the growing needs of plants.  They are usually made into sunshade curtains.

The basic function of black and white shading screens is to provide solar reflection,  reducing the heat loss of greenhouse temperature and plant temperature at night.

Feature & Benefits:

  1. Open Structure allows sufficient airflow.
  2. BWS provides solar radiation reflective with white upside and cools and absorbs spare heat better while black face downward
  3. BWS can avoid loss of heat from plants, reduce heat consumption and save energy in the greenhouse.
  4. BWS can also resist other harmful weather to the greenhouse, such as heavy rain, hail, and so on.
  5. They are processed by special weaving technology to keep the screen firm and durable.
  6. It has good anti-aging properties and can withstand all kinds of weather outside the greenhouse for a long time span.
  7. BSW screen can be used for rolling, sliding, or fixed screen installations.





Energy Saving, Solar Control


100% polyethylene polymer


55%, 65%, 75%, 85%, 95%, 99%

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