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9 Great Flowers to Grow in the Greenhouse During Winter

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This blog post will analyze some of the best nine flowers you can grow in the greenhouse during winter.
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Greenhouse farming is likely something you’ve considered if you’re interested in winter gardening. Can you grow flowers in the dead of winter? Yes, as long as you stick to a few rules.

Winter can be a trying time. Life seems to come to a halt with less sun and colder temperatures. Surprisingly, Many flowers can thrive in these cooler temperatures. This blog post will analyze some of the best nine flowers you can grow in the greenhouse during winter.

But before that, greenhouse gardening has several advantages that go beyond those of traditional gardening, including anti-wind, and anti-frost.

A greenhouse can also save your garden from many diseases and keep flowers healthy.

If you consider growing flowers in a greenhouse, there are a few benefits to think about:

Benefits of Growing Flowers Within a Greenhouse

  •  You can plant a wide range of flowers.
  •  You can keep beneficial insects inside, such as green lace wigs, bees, assassin bugs, playing mantids, ladybugs, mite predators, beneficial nematodes, etc. 
  •  You can grow flowers throughout the year regardless of the season.
  • You effortlessly keep Predators and pests at bay.
  • You create the Best Growing Conditions.

We’ve seen the benefits of growing flowers in a greenhouse during winter. Here are flowers you can cultivate in a greenhouse during winter and have a bountiful harvest. 

Keep in mind their unique requirements for success.

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Eleven Great Flowers to Grow in the Greenhouse During Winter


This tropical flower is the simplest of all blooming bulbs to grow. There are solid colors like white, red, pink, and orange, as well as multicolored options.

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Your amaryllis might take from four to eight weeks to flower, though the temperature can influence how quickly it blooms to some extent. If your bulb isn’t moving quickly enough, try watering it with warm water and putting it in a warm place. If your bulb is moving too fast, move it to a cooler location. These factors can add or remove a week or two from the total flowering time.


These flowers, which come in red, orange, purple, peach, pink, and white, thrive in a greenhouse with a temperature of 70 ℉. Impatiens seeds germinate in ten to fourteen days after being exposed to cold.

Impatiens require light to germinate. A layer of vermiculite protects the soil while allowing light to penetrate the seed. Provide twelve to fourteen hours of artificial greenhouse lighting per day.  You should place the lights between eight to twelve inches above the tray.

Amazon Lilies

The Amazon lily is a tropical bulb that blooms in the summer. Temperature is critical to Amazon lilies; anything below 68 degrees F will harm the plant. The best way to grow Amazon lilies in a greenhouse is in containers.

The Amazon lily does not grow in water, contrary to popular belief. It requires moist soil, but the bulbs will rot if the soil is too wet. So don’t even think about trying to grow it in a bowl of water. As a light and temperature-sensitive plant, it necessitates some attention and effort to get it to grow correctly.

African Violet

There are numerous African violets; blue, pink, lavender, purple, white, small red, and bi-color blossoms emerge during winter.

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You propagate this flower by leaf cuttings because seed propagation does not work for it. These violets thrive in a greenhouse with plenty of humidity. You can increase the moisture by wetting the area beneath the African violets. Avoid getting the leaves wet because this will cause leaf spotting.


Orchids will thrive in a greenhouse if the environment is controlled to mimic the natural environment for orchids. All you need to do is to monitor the temperature, lighting, humidity, and ventilation.

You can grow your orchids by simply hooking them up to tree branches,  but it is preferable to grow them in a greenhouse pot filled with compost. 

plant, flower, orchid-6691763.jpg

Orchids thrive in a greenhouse with a minimum temperature of 18°C.  Orchids do well in bright light but filtered. You must also protect them from direct sunlight.


Pansy crops can endure and even outperform if you grow them in cool greenhouse conditions.

Pansies are cold-tolerant and thrive in temperatures ranging from 40° to 60° F. They can withstand temperatures up to the single digits, but when the air temperature falls below 25°F, the pansy greenery wilts and turns grayish.


Fortunately, greenhouse owners can get flowers much earlier by starting their dahlias in February or early March in the greenhouse. Set up one or more dahlia potting trays.  Then, plant each tuber in a pot and water it in. Maintain a temperature of about 60oF in the trays.

So, next spring, try introducing a Dahlia to your lineup; they’re simple to grow, and they withstand a wide range of conditions in the greenhouse.


Gladioli come in more shades, shapes, and sizes than any other flower, and they’re easy to grow in the winter season. Plant your gladioli corms in a pot and place them in a cool greenhouse. The best temperatures for the growth of gladioluses are between 50 to 77 ℉.

dahlia, flower, blossom-1569002.jpg


Preparing to grow parsley through the winter is one of the easiest and most rewarding projects you can do right now. Plant your young parsley seedlings in a greenhouse and enjoy a flush of spring leaves followed by flowers in late spring that attracts beneficial insects. 

Following that, there are so many aromatic seeds that you may never need to purchase parsley seeds again. Grow parsley through the winter to get the most out of this prolific biennial.

Parsley will germinate at temperatures ranging from 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, dropping to 68 degrees Fahrenheit at night, and germination will take longer at lower temperatures.

Other Flowers in Green House

There are some other flowers, for example, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera, and Phalaenopsis can better grow in a greenhouse and the more beautiful healthy flowers.

It is also a good idea to grow vegetables in a greenhouse so that they can grow in a comfortable environment without stress.

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Winter is a great time to be cozy and warm indoors. There’s no better way to do that than with fresh flowers from your greenhouse.  Flowers are one of the best ways to help bring some warmth into cold spaces and protect against wind. We’ve provided you with our favorite winter-friendly flowers. Give them a try and enjoy all they have to offer this season.

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