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75 Mesh Insect Netting

75 Mesh Insect Netting

75-Mesh Insect Netting offers unparalleled defense against minuscule pests like aphids and thrips. Designed for modern agriculture, it ensures crops thrive in a pest-free, well-ventilated environment.

  • Superior Pest Defense: Blocks aphids, thrips, and micro pests.
  • Optimal Airflow: Ensures maximum air circulation.
  • UV-Resistant: Shields crops from harmful UV rays.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces reliance on chemical pesticides.
  • Easy Installation: Adaptable to various farming structures.
  • Available Size:
    • 2 – 3 – 3,6-4.5m x100 or As Requet


EyouAgro’s 75 Mesh Insect Netting is a cutting-edge solution in agriculture, specifically designed to block the tiniest of pests, notably aphids and thrips.
This netting offers superior protection, blocking over 90% of aphids and thrips.
Beyond its exceptional performance against aphids and thrips, it ensures optimal air circulation, creating a healthy environment for crops.
This combination of excellent insect protection and air circulation makes it a valuable asset in modern farming.

aphids 75mesh insect netting


  • Highly effective in blocking aphids and thrips.
  • Ensures optimal air circulation for a healthy crop environment.
  • Proven to block over 90% of aphids and thrips after three years of research.
  • Specifically designed for the smallest pests.
  • Combines the dual benefits of insect protection and air circulation.


  1. High-tech greenhouses and net houses.
  2. Protecting a variety of vegetables from specific insects.
  3. Suitable for farmlands requiring extra protection.
  4. Adaptable to various climatic and terrain conditions.
  5. Comprehensive insect protection for orchards and vegetable gardens.


  1. Why choose 75-Mesh Insect Netting over other mesh sizes?
    • 75-Mesh is specifically designed to block the smallest pests like aphids and thrips, offering over 90% protection.
  2. Will this netting affect the growth of crops?
    • No, it ensures optimal air circulation, providing a healthy growth environment for crops.
  3. How durable is the 75-Mesh Insect Netting?
    • The product undergoes strict quality control and testing to ensure its long-term durability and effectiveness.
  4. Is installation service provided?
    • Some suppliers might offer installation services or collaborate with local providers, while others might provide installation guidelines.
  5. How to clean and maintain this netting?
    • Typically, clean with mild soap and water, avoiding any chemicals that might damage the material.



100% Pure Virgin High-Density Polyethylene with UV Stabilizer



Hole Size:

0.45×0.15mm, 30/16 cm






2 – 3 – 3.6 M – 4.5M

UV Resistance

5 Years

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