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Anti Aphid Netting

Anti Aphid Netting

Our Anti-Aphid Netting is manufactured using a precise, quality-controlled process to ensure optimal effectiveness and durability.
The netting is created from UV-stabilized polyethylene, which guarantees resistance to wear and tear.
The intricate 50-mesh design ensures superior protection against pests while fostering a healthy environment for plant growth.

  • UV-Stabilized: Ensures durability in harsh weather.
  • Precision Weaving: 50 mesh for pest protection and plant growth.
  • Quality Control: Ensures high-quality products.
  • Eco-Friendly: Minimizes environmental impact.
  • Customizable: Offers color and size options.
  • Available Size
    • 3x100m
    • 5x100m or As Request


The Anti-Aphid Netting is a specially designed, eco-friendly barrier for crops, providing robust protection against aphids and other small insects.
It’s a 50-mesh insect screen that combines durability and functionality, reducing the need for chemical interventions while fostering an ideal environment for crop growth.

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Superior Material: Constructed with UV-stabilized polyethylene, the Anti-Aphid Netting is resistant to sun damage and harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity.

Innovative Design: The 50 mesh design forms an effective barrier against the smallest pests while still allowing sunlight, rainwater, and air to circulate, which is vital for crop health and growth.

Easy Installation: Lightweight and manageable, the netting is designed for simple manual or machine installation.

Versatility: Our netting is applicable in a wide range of settings, from small household gardens to expansive agricultural fields, greenhouses, and nurseries.


Our Anti-Aphid Netting can be utilized in the following:

  • Home Gardens: Safeguard your fruits, vegetables, and flowers from harmful aphids.
  • Agricultural Farms: Protect large-scale crops from tiny insects and decrease pesticide dependency.
  • Nurseries: Nurseries can use our netting to protect saplings and young plants from pest damage.
  • Greenhouses: The netting is suitable for greenhouses, balancing the need for pest control with temperature and humidity regulation.

The Most Popular Types of Insect Netting’s Mesh

Many types of nets are available and are used depending on the type of insects in your area:

Items Name of Insect against
17 Mesh Fruit flies and bigger insects,
25 Mesh Mediterranean fruit fly and fig fruit fly
40 Mesh Whitefly (Partially), leaf miner, Aphids
50 Mesh Whitefly, leaf miner, Aphids, Thrips
​RS-60 Wasp , Vinegar fly Drosophila


Q: What is the mesh size of the Anti-Aphid Netting?

A: The Anti-Aphid Netting features a 50 mesh size. This design keeps out even the smallest pests while allowing essential sunlight, water, and air to pass through.

Q: How long does the Anti-Aphid Netting last?

A: With proper care and maintenance, the Anti-Aphid Netting, made from high-quality UV-stabilized polyethylene, will remain durable and effective for several years.

Q: Can the Anti-Aphid Netting be used in a greenhouse?

A: Absolutely. The netting is ideal for greenhouses, which can serve as a barrier against pests while facilitating proper air circulation and light penetration.

Q: Is the netting customizable?

A: Yes, we provide customization options in terms of color and size to meet your unique needs.

No matter your project, we have the solution for you!



100% Pure Virgin High-Density Polyethylene with UV Stabilizer

Hole Size

0.77×0.27mm, 20/10 cm






2 – 3 – 3.6 M – 4.5M

UV Resistance

5 Years

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