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Hail Net Investments – Worth or Not?

hail net
Hail netting is an investment that can benefit the user in the longer run. If installed in time, hail netting protects the crops from birds, hail, and insects. They are producing healthy and wealthy harvest, which is advantageous for the farmers.
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Things to consider while investing in hail net

Hail netting is an investment that can benefit the user in the longer run. These suppliers sell the net with at least 5-8 years warranty. If appropriately installed with a steel or concrete pole, the structure can stand for longer years. Material life is long and strong enough, so it is an investment that can benefit you and your crops for a more extended period. Yet, a few considerations need understanding before investing in hail netting.

Hail Netting System Eyougaro
Hail Netting System Eyougaro

Continuing maintenance 

In places where snow is more common and the climate is colder, hail net installation is required when the temperature is lower enough to damage the plants. You should roll it and pack it appropriately during the remaining time of the year. Rolling the hail net in autumn and then expanding it spring to protect from hails, birds and insects. It is an added activity that demands time and cost too.

Reduction in light and its impact on Fruit color

As the hail net also acts as a shade, there are chances of reducing the sunlight that crops get. Depending upon the installation, the sunlight can reduce from 12 to 25%. The angle of the net matters a lot in this regard. Reduction in the light will also impact the fruit’s fruit maturity and color. However, studies show that harvest time and temperature matter more than light on the fruit color. Installing in a pyramid shape ensures that the plant gets maximum sunlight.

Hail netting is worth investing

There is no doubt in understanding the fact that hail netting is a worthy investment. It benefits

the crops in many different ways that result in a healthy harvest. It’s a long-term productive investment that can be seen and enjoyed at the end of the harvest.

Following are the few factors that ensure that hail netting is a worthy investment.

Sunburn reduction and improved growth

Hail netting not only serves the purpose of protecting from hail, but it also protects against the burning sun. The area with warmer climates burns the production and growth of plants. Fields of fuji get dry quickly in hot weather. In sum, seeding fuji seeds is beneficial if one decides to invest in a hail netting structure. High temperatures are likely to damage the fruits’ growth up to 20%. Even the stored products get damaged due to sun heat. Packed fruits have higher chances of getting spoiled due to heat. Ripe fruit gets overripe and loses taste once it reaches higher levels. Such a situation leads to double loss. Hail netting investment saves the growing plant and helps in saving packed fruit.

Wind reduction implying proper spray application

Controlling wind pressure is not an easy task for farmers. A strong air stream is enough to damage the crops. Hail netting protection works against intense wind pressures too. It controls the air streams, and row installation protects the farms from damage. Besides that, hail netting also ensures the sustainability of spray. Hail net installation moderates the air pressure, which helps grow crops to a fuller harvest. It is a worthy investment if installed in rows as wind pressure is more controlled.

Protection from frosting of plants

Just like sun frost also damages the growth of plants. For such concerns, hail netting plays multi roles. It also protects the farms from frosting. In cold weather, dewdrops freeze and are likely to hinder crops’ growth. The frosting and defrosting kill the development of the plant.

Hail netting provides a shade to the plants, which controls cold wind streams and sustains heat from the sunlight. During the night, the sustained heat serves the plant by protecting them from frost. In crux, this benefit of installing a hail net makes it a worthy investment for the future.

Guaranteed supply of fruit

Marketing benefits are on top of every other benefit. Everything works well if profit is hefty. Hail netting installation has many practical advantages.

If installed in time, hail netting protects the crops from birds, hail, and insects. They are producing healthy and wealthy harvest, which is advantageous for the farmers. Professionals suggest that hail net installation results in 10% more fruit packets. Everyone in the market looks for a superior quality product, and the hail net is the insurance to it. Damaged fruit and crops are sold at the lowest rate hardly covers the seeding cost. Hail net installation is an expensive investment, but it will benefit the user in the longer run. Spending a few at the right time will save many in the long run. It’s better to make a heavy investment at the start than to cry later.

Protection against birds, bats, and insects 

Besides protection from a hailstorm and other diverse weather conditions, a hail net also prevents birds and insects. Hail netting protection is designed not to allow big birds and insects to damage the crops. Farmers have issues with birds like a crow in the morning and bats at night. These creatures damage their harvest leading to low yields at the sale time. Similarly, insects during early spring attack the pants, which has adverse effects on the plant’s growth. So, investing in a hail net would be wise if you face a bird and insect issue.


By summing up hail, netting investment is beneficial by all means. It saves your crops from hail, wind, sun, insects, birds, and frosting. Similarly ensures healthy and wealthy pack-outs. More fruitful harvests are the result of hail netting. Though the installation price is high, the return is even higher. It is wise to invest in hail netting to save future profits.

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