Hail Netting

Protect and property from severe weather and unexpected hail damage for the protection of fruits, crops, gardens, and orchards.

Commercial Agriculture Hail Netting

The HAIL-PROOF Netting Solution For High-Yield Orchard!

EyouAgro hail netting makes high-density polypropylene (HDPE) and protects from sudden hail , frost, rain, and wind.

    • HD polypropene with UV Stabilizer material
    • Lightweight and easy to install,
    • Hole sizes from 6 mm to 10 mm, and width from 1 to 8m,
    • Color of the net: black, white, gray, and transparent.
    • Protection from hail, wind, and sunburn.
    • 5 – 10 Years Quality Guarantee
Hail Netting
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General Application For Hail Netting

Hail Guard Netting has the following wide range of applications , Inquiry us for more solution.

General Hot Selling Products
Hail Netting to Protect Your Fruit Orchard

Find the rights Hail Netting below for your Orchard; All of our products are provided with up to 5 years warranty.

raschel hail netting
Triangle Hail Netting

Raschel Triangle Hail Netting is cost-effecitve design. It is durable and suitable for Fruit Tree Hail Protection.  

60g/m2 · 8.5×2.5/2mm

drape hail netting
Drape Hail Netting

Raschel Drape Hail Netting is the multipurpose and light-weight. Hail & Wasp Protection
Special strong selvage. 

60g/m2 · 4.2×2.0mm

quad crossover netting
Quad Crossover Netting

Quad Crossover Hail Netting is a special and innovative design. It is ideal canpoy for Bird , Hail Protection Shade Protection

90g/m2 · 16x16mm

leno woven hail netting
Leno Hail Netting

Leno Hail Netting is a Heavy duty innovative design. Strong and Durable Leno Weave mesh, ideal for Hail Netting System

55g/m2 · 8.5×2.8mm



Mesh Size[mm]




UV Warranty               

Ideal for






2  – 4 – 4,5 – 5 – 6

5 Year

Cost-Effective | Fruit Tree Hail Protection






2  – 4 – 4,5 – 5 – 6

3 Year

Light weight | Low Strength  | Hail & Wasp Protection


Quad Crossover




 4 -8 -10 -12 -18

5 Year

Multipurpose,Durable | Bird , Hail Protection Shade Protection | Canopy






2- 2,5 – 3 – 3,5 – 4

8 Year

High Strength | Durable | Hail Netting System | Low ourput production ,Long delivery time

EyouAgro is a Hail Netting Manufacturer in China.
We can produce Hail Netting for vineyards, orchards, cars,gardens, auto dealers, plants, fruits, and so on.
No matter if you are looking for a wholesale supplier or if you need a custom-made hail netting , we can all help.
Send inquiry to get an instant quote now!
More Netting Fasteners to Support Your Orchards

With the help of unique Plastic Accessories;
The Netting could be easily installed, fastened, and collected.

clips for net connection 3
Clips for Connection
clips for top wire 3
Clips for Top Wire
clips for net fixing 1
Clips for Net Fixing
winterfix main
Net WinterFix
pins for net sewing main
Pins for Net Sewing
bungee cord for hail netting
Elastic Wire
c hooks
Hooks for Hail Netting
caps for pole
Caps for Pole
Netting Calculator

Try this netting calculator to get an approximate purchase requirements and send an enquiry to me

netting calculation
More Info

Our Netting Calculator will give you a custom agricultural netting quantity based on the Length & Width & Row of your orchard or vineyard netting project.

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A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose EyouAgro?

Founded in 1996, EyouAgro uses Knitted and Woven technology to design, develop and manufacture Agriculture Protection Textiles.
EyouAgro offers clients a wide choice of standard and customized Polymer Netting for their farm or orchard needs.

Reliable Hail Netting Manufacturer in China

Keeping the plants protected from adverse weather conditions!

EyouAgro has a significant Hail proof netting manufacturing capability.

  • Certified by ISO9001, REACH, Rohs, SGS certification.
  • Automated Raschel production line, create over 10,000sqm per day.
  • Manufacture directly, large scale production and Well trained workers.

Whether you need hail guard netting or need to custom any netting products.
EyouAgro always satisfies your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, Hail netting is a material that has been used to prevent hail from damaging crops. The hail netting works by catching hail before it can do any damage, and the hail then melts on contact with the Netting.

Bird netting is a popular solution for hail protection. To answer this question, we need to consider several factors: 

  • The weight of hail and the size of hail.
  • Is bird netting strong enough to withstand hail?
  • How big does hail have to be for it to break through the bird netting?

Not exactly. Hail will not penetrate the shade cloth if it is strong enough and hail is light or small. But hail will penetrate the shade cloth if it is big enough and hail is heavy or large. 

The size of hail can determine whether or not hail breaks through the shade cloth or not. For example, a golf ball would be able to break through, but an apple may not because hail of that size is light enough to not break through a hail net.

Protecting your garden from wind and hail damage is not as difficult as everyone think. Eyouagro Hail netting, also known as a "hail guard," is the perfect solution for shielding delicate crops, plants, and flowers during dangerous weather conditions. 

Eyouagro Hail netting is made of woven polyethylene fibers designed to protect your plants against strong winds and ice balls while still allowing water, air, light, and nutrients to reach them easily.


3 steps of using hail netting: Simple Installation Process

  1. Placing the hail net at ground level up to about 10 feet high in one long piece.
  2. Then cutting off any excess material that's not needed for protecting what you're trying to protect.
  3. Next, the hail netting is raised to about 18 inches off of the ground so that it has room to flex when a hailstone hits it and gives you more time before hail can reach your home or other structure.

Not yet. The Hail Netting did not affect your apple coloring. Normally, The netting is made of big mesh and transparent colour. If they made from black color, they could offer about 10-15% shading. It could reduce sunburn for fruit.

If the hail netting is made for red color, Some studies have shown that red light can not only repel pests, but also stimulate the growth of apple fruits when illuminated with red light.

You can make your garden hail-proof by installing Eyouagro Hail netting.

Just make ensure, they are securely fastened down at all times with stakes hammered into the ground. You can also install hail netting on top of the roof of your garden. It will provide less hail protection than hail nets installed at the bottom of structures or near windows to deflect hail away from your home's exterior walls.

Hail netting can save thousands in damages from hail storms and other disasters, but how long does it last? Eyouagro's hail netting has been tested for durability and longevity by factory personnel with years of experience with these products. This means our nets will protect your property longer than other brands out there! Typically, Eyouagro hail netting could last for 5-10 years at least.

Eyouagro hail netting is a hail protection product that protect your crops from hail. It's important to make sure hail netting overlaps, so the hail bounces off and doesn't damage anything under it. You'll want to secure the hail netting by tying ropes or zip ties around the perimeter of your plant area. So that it stays in place if there is strong wind or wind gusts.

Eyouagro hail netting can be an effective way to protect a greenhouse. One of the benefits that hail netting offers is that it protects from hail and other damaging weather. It will prevent the hailstones from penetrating and damaging your plants, leaving you with healthy crops that can stand up to future hailstorms. The hail netting also has a large surface area for capturing the hail before it can damage plants or objects inside the greenhouse.

More FAQs for Hail Netting Installation

The post could be (3.5m-4.5m)x8m for ref. and you could also check your last farm for ref.

hail netting installation 1

hail netting installation (1)

There is a solution for it, the hail netting installation accessories.

Caps of the pole to fasten and install the netting.

how to secure the net 1


how to secure the net 2


how to secure the net 3

Regarding the size of wire,normally,  they used three kinds of wire
  • Top Tension Steel Wire : Dia.6mm
  • Side Tension Steel Wire : Dia.5mm
  • Crop Support Steel Wire : Dia.2.5-3.0mm
If you use the steel pole, the size of Dia.60mm and dia.80mm would be better.
The 80mm pole as Main load-bearing column
The 60mm pole as Secondary load-bearing column
but normally people used the Concrete pole. 80x80mm
The are different warranty with different UV stabilizer in the products.
if more warranty, we have to add more UV stabilizer in the yarn material .
The cost is much higher.
if you are interested in it, I could discuss the knowledge of UV KLY for the netting.
You could also check our blog about it.

Yes,  we have the whole solution for anti-hail netting including the hail netting accessories.

accessory for hail netting eyouagro

We have the caps of poles with 8x8cm but we did not sell the poles.  it would be better to find them in your local.

Sorry we did not supply the service for installing the netting.
We are just the manufacturer of netting.
But we could offer the installation guide , It is detailed.
and then You could look for your local installation service.
If there are no informations you want in the FAQ pages? It doesn't matter.
Click the "Submit Your Question" and fill in your questions, we will reply you within 2 hours.
If your question adopted by EyouAgro and showing in the FAQ Pages.
You will get 3% discount or 100 USD coupon in your first order, your email address will be the only evidence.
Hail Netting:
The Comprehensive Guide (2023)

Climate change is creating new problems for us. One of them is the increase in hailstorm activity. New problems require immediate solutions. Hail netting has always been and an exceptional technique to protect your plants from different sizes of the hailstone. In this new area, every serious farmer cultivating plants should have as a backup plan installing haling net on his orchard.

Step up first and make this investment happen. You will save your business by saving your plants. You cannot make compromises with hailstones. As soon as you realize the consequences, you will benefit from this method.

Table of Contents

What is hail netting?

On the answers below, you would learn everything about hail netting and related information.

What is hail?

When the precipitation freezes hard and stiff. That is the time when you will experience hail showers. These pieces of frozen water are called hailstones. They may vary in diameter from 5 mm to 15 cm. Most of the plants experience major concerns from this weather activity. While cultivated once, are often protected from hail netting installed on the orchard.

Hailstone Size


Hailstone Size

Can plants recover from hail damage?

Based on the size and amount of the hail shower. Damages this activity can cause may vary from low to a completely destroyed plant. Usually, we divided damages into primary damages and secondary damages.

Primary damages Secondary damages
Fruit bruises Appear over time
Branches are broken Wounds turning to significant problems
Yield reductions Affinity to be infected by pathogens

What is hail netting?

Hail netting is a high-density polyethylene net build exclusively to protect your crops from the hailstorm. In practice, this is a material covering plants and softening the impact hailstones have on plants. Installing this system on your plantation will give you additional protection from sunburn and birds. Because this unique net has UV light protection and serves as a physical barrier from birds’ gravitation your plantation to eat fruits.

Hail Netting System Eyougaro


Hail Netting System Eyougaro

Does hail netting work?

Using the premium quality 100% virgin HDPE will guarantee long-term protection and safe harvesting. This will come with at least 5 years warranty and guidance to install and maintain your hail netting. You will get instructions on what type of net suits your orchard better. This will save your pocket from unnecessary expenses.

Anti-hail net Raw Material

Anti-hail net is made from raw material which is 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE). It is environmentally friendly to the human body and plants, non-toxic, and harmless.
Monofilaments are used to knit or weave the anti-hail net.  The raw material of this kind is made by extrusion, softening, and passing HDPE Monofilaments through a special knitted craft. In the end, the thermostabilization process is applied to the netting.

Anti-hail net Benefits

The anti-hail net has robust mechanical endurance with stability and a 15% shadowing effect.
The white net has strong robust mechanical endurance but a reduced shadow effect and lower stability comparing to the black net.
The gray net combines the benefits of the white and black net. The reduced shadowing effect from the white net and the optimum durability from the black net.

The benefits from the anti-hail net are easily noticeable but based on the fruits we have in our orchard we should be using the following nets.

Black net White net Gray net
All types of fruits Fruits with a problem with coloring All types of fruits

What is the type of hail netting?

Raschel Drape net Leno Weave Quad crossover
Protection from hail, sunburn, birds, bats, etc. Special hail protection for apples, grapes, and pear. The permanent structure over orchards.
100% HDPE Suitable for extended rows 100% HDPE with UV protection
Black or white color White or black color Black or white color
UV resistant 100% HDPE with UV protection 10 years warranty

Which one is the best hail netting?

This is arguably the hardest question to answer. Because what might be the best choice for you is not the suitable choice for other growers. Therefore, text to a serious manufacturing company and find out which system suits your orchard better. In general, a system like Quad Crossover Canopy with a permanent structure is considered a long-term solution that will protect your plants any time of the year.

Things to know about your Hail Netting

The cost of building hail netting depends on the type of netting system you are using. The area you must cover and the overall materials you are using. Based on the budget you have and the area of your plantation. The range in which you can get hail net is $40.000 to $50.000 per hectare.
So, consult with a serious manufacturing company and decide what you are going to invest in.

·Hs Code for hail netting

If you import the hail netting from China, you should firstly know about the HS code of the hail netting and then checked the import tax rate of your country. Normally the HS Code of hail netting is 56081900.00 ,  its description: “ Made of chemical fiber mesh materials and other networks”

·Suppliers of hail netting

Hail netting is a system you can easily find. But finding it in your budget and with the premium quality, you should look further. A manufacturer company you can look for is EyouAgro. They can provide all sources and information for you to install successfully with a hail netting system.

·Cost of hail netting

The area of your plantation, the materials you want to use, and the type of hail net you are applying are going to affect your overall costs. Starting from $40.000 to $50.000 per hectare. But this price may vary. For better understanding, please consult with a serious manufacturing company and decide what you are going to invest in.

How to use hail netting?

First of all, make sure you have done a proper installation of the system. Otherwise, if the structure is not set up properly, you will end up having problems the first time you experience a hailstorm. Depends on the plants you have; you will end up getting a structure that fits them properly. If you have bigger crops, it is preferable to install a side row hail netting system. As for oversize trees, drape net covering them all over for protection against hail and birds.

What can you do for hail damage on plants?

Hail damage on plants can be of a different kind. Starting from small bruises to more extreme cases. For instance, branch braking or completely tree impairment. After all this thing happens, you must follow this guide. Firstly, make sure you have fixed all the damage to the hail net system. Secondly, try to get rid of broken branches and monitor carefully fruits for potential damages.

Where to buy hail netting?

If you have decided already. You can easily find a hail netting manufacturer to proceed with the buying process. EyouAgro is the major player in the industry. They can provide you with materials and knowledge on which type of hail netting is suitable for you and how to do the successful installation.

How to install anti-hail netting?

Before starting the installation process of anti-hail netting. Make sure you have anchors, poles of different materials with wire fitting, and net fitting that allows the net to stand the pressure of hailstones. Install hail netting during the spring or autumn season. This is a time your plants are in danger from hail and other factors like birds. The summertime is endangering by these environmental factors too. But far less than spring and fall.

In regions with a harsh climate, condition windbreaks are needed too. To protect your anti-hail netting system from damage.

Hail Netting System

What is Hail Netting System?

A hail netting system is an effective method to protect your plants from hail showers. Moreover, installing this system for your plants will mean protected from birds and sunburn. The chances for uniform ripen fruits rise exponentially. This is due to the proper distribution of sunlight and protection from hailstones and birds’ damages.

Hail Netting structure

Hail netting structure requires anchors, poles of different materials, and net fitting that allows the net to stand the pressure of hailstones. This system is usually installed during the spring and autumn season when the activity of hailstorms and wildlife rises and becomes very dangerous.

In general, hail netting can be installed as a drape over the plants, canopy, in rows, and as a flat shade. Make sure you have that one structure fitting your plantation better.

Hail Protection Netting Accessories

Accessories are a must when building a hail netting structure, make sure you know what you are buying!

Hail Netting Clips

If you want to keep your netting strong and stiff. Hail netting clips are made to join nets together. Simply and quickly attach them to steel wires. These special design accessories will fasten your shade cloth, bird net, and everything similar to these materials. Hail netting clips are made to be UV stabilizers and with more than 10 years of longevity.

Clips for Net Connection Clips for Net Fixing Clips for Top Wire Net Winter Fixo Needle for Net Sewing
Round Ideal for pinning Round Gentle on the nets Needle special for net types.  
Ideal for pinning 3/16″ fixed opening Ideal for sliding Quickly mounted Strong needle for harder materials
Closed opening Grooved edge on one side Closed opening directly above a net-stop needle Ideal for fixing hail damages

Hail Netting Pole Caps

Hail netting accessories have been designed in the agriculture fields to give the user the best benefits in terms of quality and technology. Anti-hail installations are used in different fruit cultivations. Pole caps are one of the most important accessories when you are on the way to build a hail netting system. Check some of the pole caps below.

Caps for Concrete Pole Caps for Wooden Pole Caps for Metal Pole
Sets for any type of net Complete with screw set Available in different sizes
Length from 185 to 240 mm Protection for hail protection systems Metal wires strong assurance 
Ideal for the lateral poles Available in different sizes Sets for any type of net

Bungee Cord (ELASTIC WIRE)

Bungee cords are accessories used while building hail netting structures. They are known to be able to handle pressure very well. The core of this equipment is made from a cord composed together from elastic strands. They are made with polypropylene sheath or woven cotton. Bungee cord is a must for everyone building a hail net.


C hooks S hooks
C shaped hooks S shaped hooks
knots-free Nylon material made
Durable for a long time knots-free
Connect any kind of net Connect any kind of net


One of the largest hail showers that happened lately was in South Dakota where 8 inches (20cm) of hailstone occupied this state. With the climate changes happening, I doubted this could be a rare occasion. And what will happen with your precious orchard then?

Now you are equipped with all the information on how you can protect your crops from hailstorms. EyouAgro is your right supplier to get the up-to-date system of hail netting. Everything is in your hand now

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In the past 24 years, we have helped 55 countries and 150+ Clients like farms, orchards , vineyards to protect their plants. The purpose of this article is to share with the knowledge related to agriculture growing protection for making the plant healthier and stronger.


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