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5 Strategies to Keep Your Cherry Growing Profitable

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This blog will show you some strategies help you increase yields, lower costs, and be more profitable.
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You have to remain competitive in the sweet cherry global market. You have to know what sweet cherry producers, retailers, and researchers have banded together to drive innovation along the entire production chain. 

The good news is you can develop sustainable, highly efficient sweet cherry production. Some strategies help you increase yields, lower costs, and be more profitable.

Let’s dive into the strategies to keep your cherry growing profitable.

Strategies to Increase Your Profitability

You can move to high-density plantings. This affords you several advantages among them: 

  • Greater precocious growth 
  • Quicker rate of return on investment,
  • High annual yields potential,
  • Easier maintenance,
  • Faster harvests
  • Ability to protect the orchard from rain, hail, and bird damage.
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However, these advantages come with greater risks such as:

  • If you don’t manage well you will have small, poor-quality fruit.
  • Poor pruning can lead to excessive shading and the death
  • Lack of vitality can increase attacks from pests and diseases

The good news is several strategies can mitigate your financial risks among them:

Cherry Insurance Option

 Protect your cherries against losses, low quality, or any combination of events. You can obtain cherry crop insurance that provides payments to you when an unavoidable situation occurs. The situation could be a natural disaster or a decline in crop prices, which causes yield or revenue to fall below a certain defined level.

However, you should note insurance might not yield more benefits than costs every single year. But over the 20 – 30 year life of an orchard, it is a good investment.

Weather Insurance – Extra Humidity Bring More Pest Problems

The more humid rain creates more leaf growth. The cherries become juicy, tasty, and young. Plagues of insects increase suddenly a slug, thrip, and any other insect pest looking for a feed?.

Obtaining weather-index-based insurance policies that payout when a specific and measurable adverse weather event, such as a freeze, drought, or flooding, occurs.

Weather insurance pays off compared to doing nothing. This could double your expected profits over the life of the orchard,” he said.

Growing Your Cherries Under Rain Covers

In your cherry orchard, you can install a commercial cherry rain cover. Having some blocks under rain protection can help to minimize any rain damage.

  • The covers will keep your cherries safe and provide the following advantages:
  • Control light, temperature, moisture, and water to improve the microclimate.
  • Enhance the quantity and quality of cherries produced.
  • Provide a safe approach for controlling insect pests.
  • Reduce the use of pesticides, which have negative effects on the environment and human health.
  • Textiles’ market opportunities should be expanded.

Your cherries can be protected with a variety of nets and covers. Insects, birds, weed control, hail, and rain coverings are among them.

The covers are composed of 100% waterproof HDPE woven waterproof tarpaulin cloth with LDPE lamination on both sides. The final covers have reinforced selvage and grommets/eyelets at regular intervals for simple anchoring to crop protection systems or structures.

Polyethylene materials provide the following advantages:

  • It has the longest lifespan of any of the other netting materials.
  • It is not going to rot.
  • It doesn’t shrink and is unaffected by dampness.
  • Unlike nylon or polyester, this fabric is much lighter.

To make installation easier, the nets and coverings come with a set of accessories. Clips, brackets, clamps, shoppers, fasteners, tie-downs, and ropes are only a few examples.

The following factors will influence installation:

  • The number of trees you want to preserve will determine the size of the installation.
  • The pests that are wreaking havoc on your cherries
  • What you can spend your money on
  • Your ability to construct
  • The height of the trees
  • Other animals and plants in the vicinity of your trees

Growing Your Cherries Under High Tunnels

To mitigate weather risks. you can double the long-term net return per acre by using high tunnels. high tunnels offer several potential advantages including:

  • Improved plant vigor and yields.
  • Extended harvest and marketing season.
  • Improved quality.
  • Reduced damage from several pests and diseases.

The high tunnels strategy double your long-term return per acre. High tunnels work well because they are covered in plastic sheeting or netting that can be removed or partially rolled up, so the grower can better control temperature, sunlight, moisture, and pests.

Keeping Insects out of Your High Tunnels

Ensure you do not allow Insects into In Your High Tunnels. It is necessary to use insect netting. You can place insect netting on the longitudinal sides to prevent insects from entering. When using nets or other exclusion tactics in your high tunnels, consider the following:

Concentrate on the insects that you have control over 

Choose the cloth based on the insect you’re attempting to eliminate; don’t try to eliminate all of them. In sustainable production methods, pest control or delayed infestation may be the goal.

Choose a net with the appropriate mesh size.

To obstruct the target, you should use fabric with the widest mesh possible.

Choose a net with the appropriate mesh size. To block the target insect while allowing optimum ventilation, use insect netting with the wide mesh. A lack of ventilation can result in large-scale disease epidemics.

Natural enemies should be released.

You can use commercially supplied natural enemies to release in high tunnels. Green lacewings are active in high tunnels, where they feed on aphids.

Completely extend the fabric.

If you’re using shade cloth with high tunnels, make sure it’s fully extended to allow for better airflow. A completely stretched 40 mesh insect netting is ideal for your cherries.


Growing berries is a process and involves strategies. There are many strategies among them crop insurance, weather insurance, and high tunnels to help you remain profitable. Without strategies, you can incur heavy losses.

Protect your cherries with netting. Add give yourself major harvest and profit.

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