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What Color of Hail Netting Best Suits Your Needs?

hail netting color

Hail netting is a pivotal protective measure utilized to safeguard crops from the devastating effects of hail, given the unique climatic conditions that can lead to damage of the leaves, trunks, and fruit. However, employing hail cloth does have its caveats, including a potential reduction in photosynthesis, which can subsequently influence the fruit during its growing phase.

Currently, the market is saturated with three prominent colors of hail nets, each serving a specific purpose:

  1. Transparent Hail Net
  2. White Hail Net
  3. Black Hail Net

The Efficacy of Black Hail Nets

Black hail nets are renowned for providing optimal shade. In regions burdened with intense UV rays and elevated temperatures, black hail nets emerge as the paramount option to shield fruits from sunburn. However, black nets are not universally applicable.

Light-loving fruits, which necessitate abundant sunlight for proper coloring, don’t always align with the use of black hail nets. For instance, in the context of apple cultivation, the coloring of apples is intrinsic to their aesthetic quality and marketability.

A Consideration for Light-Loving Fruits

So, the pertinent question arises: Which color of hail netting imparts the minimal impact on light-loving fruits like apples?

The consensus is that transparent hail netting is the most conducive to maintaining the natural color of apples, as evidenced by a control group test. This test involved the application of three distinct colored hail nets, including black, white, and transparent, serving as controls, to observe their effects on fruit color post-harvest.

See the following control group test:

Transparent hail net44.138.8
White hail net44.841
Black hail net48.453

Fruit color values for different colored hail nets
L* represents brightness; H* represents hue angle,
Lower values represent more red coloration, High values mean more yellow coloration

Test Results

The empirical evidence concluded that fruits, specifically apples, preserved their color better under transparent hail nets compared to their black and white counterparts. The implication of these results is profound, especially for cultivators seeking to maintain the natural hue of their produce while still affording them protection against external climatic adversities.


While each color of hail netting has its unique advantages and applications, transparent hail nets are evidently superior when the objective is to maintain the natural coloration of the fruit, making them an ideal choice for fruits like apples that are highly sensitive to changes in light exposure during their growing season.

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