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7 Common Questions About Installing Hail Nets

hail netting installations

Protecting crops from unpredictable weather events is essential, and hail nets play a pivotal role in this defense. However, the installation process can raise numerous questions.

In this article, we’ll delve into the 7 most common inquiries to streamline your hail net installation experience.

Q1: What distance do you advise for spacing between the poles?

As a guideline, consider (3.5m-4.5m)x8m dimensions.

Additionally, referencing your previous farm setup might offer insights

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Q2:How do you attach the hail netting to the poles?

When installing hail netting, one can fit caps onto the poles.

Subsequently, ropes or wires are secured to these caps.

On the netting, you can attach clips and then fasten these clips to the rope or wire.

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Q3: What diameter of steel wire is typically used between the posts?

Commonly, three specific wire sizes are chosen for different purposes:

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  • For top tension, a Dia.6mm wire is preferred.
  • Side tension often employs a Dia.5mm wire.
  • For crop support, a range between Dia.2.5mm to 3.0mm is used.

Q4: What’s the suggested size for steel poles in our setup?

Opting for steel?

Consider Dia.60mm for secondary support and Dia.80mm as the primary load-bearing column. However, most typically choose 80x80mm concrete poles for their durability.

Q5: Do you offer these accessories?

Indeed, we provide a comprehensive solution for anti-hail netting, inclusive of all essential accessories.

While we stock 8x8cm pole caps, we don’t supply the poles.

We suggest sourcing them locally for convenience.

Q6:Do you provide on-site netting installation services?

Regrettably, we don’t offer direct installation services as we primarily manufacture the netting.

However, we’ve created a detailed installation guide for your convenience. Please review it at

For hands-on assistance, we recommend seeking a local installation expert.

Q7: What distinguishes the 5-year and 7-year warranty products?

The variance lies in UV stabilizer incorporated into the items.

A longer warranty necessitates more and better UV stabilizers in the yarn, resulting in a higher cost.

If you want to understand UV KLY’s intricacies in netting, let’s delve deeper.

For further insights, consider visiting our articles on UV degradation and the role of UV stabilizers:


Hail netting is an invaluable tool for protecting crops, but its installation and selection demand careful consideration. By being well-informed and addressing common concerns, you can ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your protective measures.

If you have more questions or specific needs related to hail netting, don’t hesitate.

Reach out to us directly for personalized assistance.

We’re here to help and ensure your crops stay protected.

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