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All You Need to Know about Anti-Insect Netting

Insect Net
An anti-insect net is a light mesh used for blocking insects. It is made from a plain-woven or knitted net. it is forming an effective barrier when installed.
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The field of agronomy requires hard work. Besides challenging jobs and physical labor, there is also the fight against pests.

Fortunately, over the years, technology has advanced. And now there are various reliefs created by the man-kind. Luckily, they do not need physical effort. One of them is installing anti-insect netting.

  • what is precisely the anti-insect net?
  • What are the benefits of having an anti-insect net?
  • What are the disadvantages of anti-insect netting?
  • How to install it?
  • And how to choose a manufacturer?

We aim to collect all the information you need.


What is insect netting?

Simply put, an anti-insect net is a light mesh used for blocking insects. It is made from a plain-woven or knitted net. Yet, it looks a little like curtains.

As it is a thin fabric, it allows sunlight to enter, and it doesn’t block the rain. The only ones that a mesh is stopping are the insects.

Thanks to 100% polyethylene, a mesh is strong and durable.  Plus, it is forming an effective barrier when installed over the garden netting hoops.

Depending on the tissue’s density, nets prevent pests’ entry into greenhouses and hothouses. The size, of course, depends on what the farm grows. Not all pests attack the same type of plants- and it all affects the kind of netting.

Nets for orchards and vineyards have a size of 17 mesh. It protects the greenhouse from wasps, flies, and moths. That is particularly valuable with table grapes.

Nets of 25 mesh are usually at the side opening of the greenhouse. This type of mesh is of the smallest size. That means that it will prevent the tomato moth’s penetration inside the construction. It is necessary to bury the net at half a meter depth. In that way will larvae won’t get into the production space’s interior.

Standard insect-proof nets for managing ventilation surfaces are 50 mesh in size. The material has UV-resistance, and it is woven in the monofilament technique. They block the entrance of lice, thrips, whiteflies, and leaf miners.

Optinet 40 mesh or 32 mesh uses both optical and physical means of thrips control. It is an excellent solution for growing peppers. But it is also suitable for any other kind sensitive to thrips. The installation of the net goes on the sides.

So, think about what type of protection your plants need before choosing which one to buy.

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What are the benefits of having an anti-insect net?

The reasons why insect mesh net is a must-have in gardening:

1. It is protecting the plants from pests’ attacks. Plus, you’re saving yourself from the risk of allergies,
2. It is a small investment, a lot less pricey than losing plants due to insects,
3. The good quality one is long-lasting,
4. It is durable in harsh weather and anti-corrosion,
5. There are different mesh sizes & dimensions, depending on the plants’ needs,
6. It is easy to set it up, not much effort,
7. It has UV stabilization and it doesn’t have a thermal effect,
8. Anti-insect net is non-toxic, environmentally friendly
9. The use of insecticides will be reduced
10. Green pollution-free food will increase.

Putting a physical block helps decrease the need for garden chemicals.
The garden chemicals break down into many elements, and some of those are metabolites. As you may aren’t aware, metabolites tend to be toxic. This further means that pesticides can be harmful to humans.

insect netting
insect netting

Insect-proof meshes give security against insects, often without meaningful increases in temperature. Besides, it is adequate protection against wind. They also block heavy rain. And that means reducing the damage that big raindrops can do to ground structures.

When the plant is quite infected with a large number of pests, even pesticides cannot help. That is another reason why netting is a better option. And, of course, more sheltering leads to healthier plants and larger crops.

What are the disadvantages of anti-insect netting?

Depending on the type of plants you’re growing, anti-insect netting might not be for you. Nets don’t have any thermal effects. And it is even increasing temperature. But, it can still cause some problems. If your crops need to be provided with extra warmth or frost protection, this is not the right product for you.
The anti-insect netting may, on the other side, encourage slugs and even some diseases.

There is a high humidity level when the plant is growing under the mesh. That can be the reason for the illness of the plant, such as Botrytis or downy mildew.

Slugs and snails may be attracted by the high humidity beneath the mesh as well.
Even if it is not a recommendation, sometimes you have to uncover your plants. The reason is, as you may conclude, restricted access to weeds. But once you discover it, there is a risk of pests entering inside the mesh. And once they do, they will multiply quickly.
If the mesh touches the crop foliage, insects can lay eggs through the net. But, this is rarely if the installation was properly done.
As we said, the anti-insect nets are suitable for strawberries and courgettes. Bu these plants shouldn’t be growing under mesh during their flowering season.

How to use anti-insect netting?

Cover plants or seeds right after planting or sowing. Be sure the pests didn’t already infect your plants. And then leave it covered until harvest.

Be careful to plants don’t be cramped because they grow under net covers. Take care when covering so that plant has enough space to grow.

The most crucial point to memorize with ant-insect netting is that it needs to cover the whole crop. That means from top to bottom. Insects, even butterflies, will find any hollow no matter how tiny it is.

And the most popular way they see to enter is where the net rests on the ground. That way, the recommendation is to buy the wider net. In that way, you can bury it in the soil at the edges.
Don’t take off the net when you’re watering your plants. Just let the water go through it. Only take it off in the time of flowering if crops depend on pollination by bees.

What kind of plants should you cover?

Any vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, celery, spinach, onions, and lettuce. From the fruit, it should be strawberries, raspberries, and currants.

What are you exactly protected from with anti-insect nets?

If you buy the correct mesh, from any destructive insect that attacks crops and livestock. The most common ones are tobacco whitefly, leaf miners, aphids, and thrips.

Bear in mind that it is not enough to only install the anti-insect net for valid production. There are other actions that you must perform. A neglected greenhouse is a source of diseases and pests for plants. So, successful vegetable production includes a well-maintained area. That is destroying weeds next to all greenhouse openings. And also cleaning and disinfection of the greenhouse.

insect netting fine mesh
insect netting fine mesh

How to choose a good manufacturer?

The tip is to consider the next points which should determine your choice of insect netting:
1. Price (don’t forget to check how postage cost),
2. Expected life extent (is it long-lasting),
3. The amount of light that will go within the mesh (you don’t want to take away the sunlight from your plants),
4. The mesh’s weight is essential. It is supposed to be light, especially if you plan to place it on your plants without aid,
5. The manufacturer’s reputation is crucial. Don’t buy mesh on the internet without reading about the fabric. If you do so it may be a fraud and in that case, you won’t receive what you thought the product would be.

EyouAgro produces everything in the family-run factory and stocks directly to the farmers. That means the buyers are aware of who they are buying. There is no mediator, which saves the money of the client. No mediator means no one is taking percent.
Twenty-five years of experience guarantee quality. But, it is good to point out that the material is 100% virgin high-density polypropylene.
The warranty is five years so that the buyers can be calm and sure they will be protected from pests.


Agriculture is one of the biggest industries. That means it is a worthy cause of job vocation across the world. Besides, it plays a crucial role in the country’s economy. But what is so good about it? It enables people to make their food. If done correctly, it will be high-quality food.

For thousands of years, agricultural development was prolonged. Now the situation has finally changed. Technology has made the job easier and more successful. Anti-insect netting is for sure an outstanding ally for all farmers.

As we have seen, there is an unwanted part to using this product. But there is no perfect product, only one close to perfection. Currently, anti-insect netting is the best we have in the fight against pests.

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