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50 Mesh Insect Netting

50 Mesh Insect Netting

50 MESH Insect Net has UV resistance, and it is woven in the monofilament technique.
They block the entrance of lice, thrips, whiteflies, and leaf miners.

  • Raw Material/Color: 100% virgin HDPE / Cristal
  • Weight: 130grm
  • Mesh Size: 0.77×0.27mm
  • Shading: 25-29%
  • Air Transmission: 20%
  • Available Size:
    • 2 – 3 – 3,6-4.5m x100 or As Requet


Insect Nets of 50 MESH are woven. It is constructed with a strong monofilament that provides extra tensile strength.
The weaving prevents unraveling when cut.
The weaving conforms to shade percentage and mesh density.
This structure results in your garden having maximum air circulation.

Insect netting is gaining popularity among crop farmers as they discover its many benefits.
Read on to find out what you can gain from it.

  • Pest Control: Your farm is protected against damaging insects and pests. Furthermore, it prevents useful insects from entering the netting. They help pollinate your plants.
  • Disease prevention: Insects spread diseases that can negatively impact your crops. The net will block the insect, allowing your crops to be free of disease.
  • Control the temperature, the soil, and the humidity: Your crops will not suffer from adverse weather conditions. Wind, rain, and hailstones will not damage your crops.It is ideal for sensitive crops such as cabbages and greens.
  • Block Sunlight: The net provides shade over your garden. Less sunlight is transmitted through it.
  • Reduce the use of pesticides: Pesticides are dangerous to plants and the environment. When it comes to netting, insecticides are not necessary.


  1. Q: How does the 50 Mesh design ensure protection against thrips?
    A: The 50 Mesh design is specifically engineered to block smaller pests like thrips, ensuring they don’t infiltrate and harm your crops.
  2. Q: Is the netting durable against harsh weather conditions?
    A: Yes, the netting is UV-resistant, ensuring it remains effective even under prolonged exposure to the sun.
  3. Q: Can this netting be used in large agricultural fields?
    A: Absolutely! The netting is suitable for both small gardens and large agricultural setups, offering consistent protection.
  4. Q: How does the netting contribute to eco-friendly farming?
    A: By using our netting, farmers can significantly reduce the use of pesticides, leading to safer and more sustainable farming practices.
  5. Q: Is the netting easy to install and maintain?
    A: Yes, the netting is lightweight and user-friendly, ensuring easy installation and minimal maintenance.

The Most Popular Types of Insect Netting’s Mesh

Many types of nets are available and are used depending on the type of insects in your area:

Items Name of Insect against
17 Mesh Fruit flies and bigger insects,
25 Mesh Mediterranean fruit fly and fig fruit fly
40 Mesh Whitefly (Partially), leaf miner, Aphids
50 Mesh Whitefly, leaf miner, Aphids, Thrips
​RS-60 Wasp, Vinegar fly Drosophila



100% Pure Virgin High-Density Polyethylene with UV Stabilizer



Hole Size:

0.77×0.27mm, 20/10 cm






2 – 3 – 3.6 M – 4.5M

UV Resistance

5 Years

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