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17 Mesh Insect Netting

17 Mesh Insect Netting

17 MESH Insect Net is a mesh-made barrier fabric that can be used to protect your plants from insects.
They protect by blocking insect access while allowing the air, water, and nutrients in!

  • Raw Material/Color: 100% virgin HDPE / Cristal
  • Weight: 60grm
  • Mesh Size: 1.42×1.42mm
  • Shading: 16-18%
  • Air Transmission: 75%
  • Standard width: 2 – 3 – 3,6m


17 Mesh Insect Net is a cost-effective way to keep insects out of your garden while still letting the sunshine in. Eyouagro Insect Barrier Netting can be used year-round and won’t damage plants or flowers like other insecticides do!

Eyouagro Insect Barrier fabric and netting is easy to use and will last for years.

Benefits of Installing 17 Mesh Insect Netting?

  1. Insect barrier netting keeps away. Insects can ruin crops.
  2. Insects are not strong enough to breakthrough, and the netting is tight-knit.
  3. Keep also birds from eating crops! Birds will get tangled in the mesh if they try to fly into it.
  4. Very durable. Insects can’t break through them, so they won’t tear or wear out with time!
  5. Protect plants while still allowing sunshine and water in. Insect barriers can also be used as a kind of outdoor screen for keeping bugs out of your home!
  6. Easy to install, very versatile, can install inside or outside of the garden and even houses.

Insect barrier Netting Applications Area:

  • Around crops, such as fruit trees or berry bushes, to prevent damage from insects
  • Around farms, fields, greenhouses for pest prevention purposes
  • In homes to ward off bugs

How to Choose Insect Mesh

Items Name of Insect against
17 Mesh Fruit flies and bigger insects,
25 Mesh Mediterranean fruit fly and fig fruit fly
40 Mesh Whitefly (Partially), leaf miner, Aphids
50 Mesh Whitefly, leaf miner, Aphids, Thrips
​RS-60 Wasp, Vinegar fly Drosophila



100% Pure Virgin High-Density Polyethylene with UV Stabilizer



Hole Size:

1.42×1.42mm, 6/6 cm






2 – 3 – 3.6 M

UV Resistance

5 Years

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