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4 Fast and Easy Ways to Protect Fruit Trees from Birds

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This is a complete guide to Fruit Tree Netting. Learn how to prevent birds from fruit tree from this in-depth post.
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Growing fruits can be a rewarding experience for any orchard owner. That stays until birds and animals decide to attack and take your fruit before the harvest. If you are a gardener and want to protect your precious fruits from wildlife attacks, you need to find ways to protect your fruit trees.

Try these traditional prevention methods to protect your fruit trees from birds attacks without using chemicals and sprays. Different fruits have different times of attack.

Let’s see how to preserve different fruits from birds.

How to protect papaya trees from birds.

When you think of pests, you wanted to protect your fruit trees. In the spring, monsoon, and autumn seasons, papaya fruit farming took place. It takes around four weeks for the papaya to emerge as a fruit. At that time birds can do a lot of damage till it ripens.  There are many ways to protect your papayas from birds damage. Let’s have a keen look at those ways too.


Fine mesh fruit tree netting

Fruit tree netting is the most reliable, efficient, and wildlife-friendly way to save your papayas. It can stop the entrance of any birds. It is easy to install; make a frame over your trees and stretch the net over it or you can drape it over the tress and put some weight at the bottom. Fine mesh covers fruits like papayas, as it will keep away the birds and protect them from other animals like squirrels, snakes, etc. Fruit tree netting comes in different varieties to choose the one as per your garden needs.

Offering other food alternates

Besides fruit tree netting, you can distract the birds by providing them with different food alternates. This way, the birds will get their food directly without damaging your papayas. Hang a bird feeder that will draw the bird’s attention. This way works well for the birds but not an effective way to prevent squirrels and other wild animals. Seeds or other distractions are not enough for them to eat fruit.

Use tins for noise and reflection

This old-school method involves hanging tins on the trees that reflect light and make a little noise to prevent the bird entrance. Using tin is an efficient method if it is your house garden. It is challenging for a large-scale orchard owner and will not produce a healthy harvest. Installing tins will be difficult, and you cannot completely protect your farm by using tins only.

For home gardeners, pie tins and alternate feeding solutions can work best, but these are not efficient solutions for farms. You must cover your papaya farm with fruit tree netting to prevent birds from a healthy and wealthy harvest. The net will not only save your time but is also a cost-effective method that yields higher productivity.

How to protect figs from birds?

Fig trees are so attractive to birds, and saving this fruit can be endlessly frustrating. Birds can destroy figs even before they are ready to rip. There are different ways to protect your fig farm; each has its pros and cons. Depending upon your requirement and aim you can choose the best one. Here we will discuss a few methods with their pros and cons: fruit tree netting vs. organza bags.


Fruit tree netting

Fruit tree netting is an effective and low-attended way to save your figs from the birds. As the name suggests, the net covers your fruit tree that prevents the birds from damaging your fruit. It is one of the simplest methods and easily manageable. All you need to do is make a frame and place the net over it. The only con of fruit tree netting is that it is expensive. But once you install it can work for many years. It is a cost that ensures 100% protection. After install, there is almost zero chance of losing even a single fig.

Organza fruit bags

Organza fruit bags, also known as fruit covering bags, are a good option for saving figs. It is a cost-effective method against bird attacks. In this method, you protect your fruit with a bag that does not allow the birds to taste it. But there Are a few drawbacks; it is difficult to cover your figs grown on more extended trees. Also is difficult to examine fruit ripeness visually. You need to take off the bag to check if figs are ripening or not.

In sum, both of the methods are equally useful. The only difference lies in installation and cost. Fruit tree netting is a costly one-time effort that will save your figs the entire season. In comparison, organza fruit bags are less expensive but require installing and checking the fig growth. So, it is wise to spend money on fruit tree netting and enjoy the development of the fig till its harvest.

How to protect mangoes from birds?

Mangoes trees faithfully produce fruit every season. Unfortunately, humans, animals, and birds all love mangoes. Birds, rodents, and even insects love to enjoy this sweetest fruit. In Australia, mangoes are the center of attraction for parrots and lorikeets as they dance when eating this fruit. While in America’s warmer climate, rodents and deer found eating mangoes. For many birds and wild animals’, mangoes are their only source full of nutrients. There are few ways to protect your trees other than waving a broomstick. Let’s look at the two most used methods to prevent birds in mango trees.


Relocate bird feeders

If you have any alternate food feeders for birds. Change their position. Place bird feeder away from mango trees. Readily available food attracts the attention of many birds and animals. Bird feeder works best in small gardens or home-grown mangoes, but in a bigger area, this would be difficult as so many mangoes would be more attractive than a bird’s feeder.

Covering mango trees with Fruit tree netting

Once the mangoes started to grow, immediately cover the trees with the netting. Fruit tree netting not only prevents the birds’ entrance but prevents other animals too. Install it when mangoes start to grow and remove it at harvest to enjoy fully ripen mangoes of the season.

The best way to prevent the trees from birds is fruit tree netting for commercial mango farming. Other sources also work well but do not assure healthy productivity. Fruit tree netting ensures the growth free of birds’ attack.

How to protect the cherry tree from birds?

Everyone loves to snack on cherries. Birds eat up the cherries before their full growth. Different prevention methods are available and should be applied to prevent birds and save the fruit. Follow the below-given ways to protect your precious cherries from pesky birds’ attack.

Research suggests increasing your intake of cherries can help lower the risk of gout attacks.

Install Netting

The most common and convenient way to prevent birds attack on cherry crops is to install a netting system. The best way is to establish a frame as birds can manage to find their way to the trees from the bottom in drape down. Netting is a time-saving and highly convenient way to save your mango harvest.

Use reflective tape or disc

One of the common ways to protect your home-grown cherries is the use of reflective tape. Attach a reflective tape or disc on the tree branches so that birds would not see the fruit. The reflective object works well in backyard gardens, but the disc is not a full proof solution for a commercial farm. Some parrots do not get distracted by flashy plates and get what they want. Again, this solution does not work for rodents.

Alternate food solutions

In many cases, the fruit is the only source of birds. In such cases, install a bird’s feeder so that birds stay away from your farms. When you have a different food supply, birds are less likely to attack your cheery trees. But again, food feeder works best at small scale or house gardens. A full-proof tension-free method is required for a more extensive scale farm to save the harvest.

To prevent birds, attack on the cheery trees uses a mixture of prevention methods. Firstly, install fruit tree netting to save the farm and provide them with alternate food solutions not to stay hungry.

Concluding remarks

Fruit tree netting is a practical, hassle-free method to prevent birds suggested by bird control specialists. Net mesh act as a physical barrier that prevents the fruit farm from birds and other wild animals. Fruit tree netting is a cost-effective solution for birds. Besides protection, the net ensures full sunlight, rain, and ventilation that fully benefit the tree. You do not need to make traps or chemical sprays since birds are equally crucial as fruit trees are.

Prevent your fruit farms from pesky birds with effective fruit tree netting from Eyouagro. We offer a wide variety of nets that can be custom-fit to your needs.

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