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How to Improve Fruits Quality with Colored Shade Netting

colored shade netting
Netting can make the difference between how much sunlight reaches your fruits and even the composition of the sun's rays. The answer to your concerns about your fruit quality might be in colored netting
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Netting is steadily becoming one of the most reliable protection against plant pests and wildlife. Farmers and Fruit growers attest to the safety their plants enjoy when groomed under netted structures.

Netting even offers protection beyond just insects and other pests. There are netting options that protect your plants from natural elements like excessive snow and even hail storms. You get to rest with the confidence that your plants are well sheltered even in the worst weather conditions.

The interesting news is that there are more benefits to netting your plant than the protection against pests and weather elements. When used appropriately, netting can affect fruit yield, fruit quality, and even the color of your produce.

How Sunlight Affects Fruits

Fruits and all forms of plant life are affected by sunlight. Every plant grower is familiar with photosynthesis and how it influences plants. You know how sunlight encourages the spread of nutrients in your plants and how that aids their growth. But there is so much more you can do with sunlight.

Netting can make the difference between how much sunlight reaches your fruits and even the composition of the sun’s rays. The answer to your concerns about your fruit quality might be in colored netting.

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What Is Colored Shade Netting

Colored Shade Netting, also known as Photoselective Nets are upgraded net options that were designed to screen out specific ranges of sun radiation. They generally permit sunlight but due to their colors and sensitive composition, they only let in specific bands of sunlight.

These nets filter the sun rays coming into them by transforming direct light into scattered rays, reducing the spectral range of the light passing through them. This filter depends on the design of the net. The design is often reflected in colors and this determines the function of the net.

White is one of the most common colors of nets but the more Photoselective options come in a range of colors including black, green, and red.

Benefits of Colored Shade Netting

Beyond the colors, these Colored Shade Nettings are quite distinct from regular nets. Their influence on your fruit covers the regular benefits of netting and a few other impacts you would not gain with ordinary nets. These benefits include:

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Pest Control

Most fruit nets are primarily designed to keep out pests. They come in varying diameters and strength ranges depending on the pests they are designed to control. Colored Shade Netting also performs this function but in a more light-sensitive approach.  Since the Photoselective design of these nets permits only a specified range of sun rays and these rays can aid in pest control. The spectrum of light that reaches past the net can decide how much the pest can thrive around your plants. When combined with the anti-pest protection your net naturally provides, colored shaded nets are the best protection against pests.

Fruit Yield

There is no way to overstate the benefits of sunlight on your fruits, but this does not deny the danger it poses on the same fruits. Excessive sunlight has been recorded to be one of the major causes of reduced fruit yields and fruit discoloration. Colored Shade Netting is, however, guaranteed protection against the effects of excessive sun rays. By filtering the UV rays passing through it, the photoselective net regulates how much light reaches your plants, and depending on the light spectrum that contacts the fruits, it can increase yield. Pearl colored nets have been proven to facilitate the best yield in plants

Longer Shelf Life

Fruits like most farm produce have a very limited shelf life. Most of them start to rot within two days of harvest and this is bad for business. Photoselective nets regulate the amount of sunlight reaching your plants and offer a spectrum that strengthens the fruits without causing sunburn. The rays that hit your fruit automatically preserve them for longer than they would typically last, even after harvest. With a Colored shade net, your produce gets to thrive for longer than unprotected produce.

How Colored Shade Netting Improves Fruit Quality

The effects of these Colored Shade Nets on your fruits are reflected in the quantity and durability of the produce.  While the benefits all seemed fixed to the color and quality of the net, the process is quite universal. Your fruit quality improves because of the following effects of photoselective nets:

Regulates Light and Heat Intensity

We already established how important sunlight is to your fruits and how the shades of colored nets can affect photosynthesis and its effect on your plants. The colors all have their individual roles and must be administered accordingly. They manage the spectrum of Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) reaching the plants consequently managing the heat and light distribution.

Recent research shows that the Pearl-colored nets are most effective for scattered lights and are less likely to cause Sunburn on the fruits. This is not the case with Yellow nets as they let in more direct rays, causing more sunburn. But the plants under Yellow nets tend to have more canopy. The amount of sunlight coursing through the nets requires more nutrient distribution which is done through leaves. Black-colored nets are considered the best options for shading, as they reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the plants but the Pearl, Red, and Blue options have more records of scattered lights and are considered the more viable choices for increased fruit quality.

Damage Reduction

By managing the heat and UV rays reaching the plants, Colored Nets reduce factors like bleaching or sunburns that could affect the integrity of the produce. The colored net has the natural anti-pest quality of these protective structures. By keeping insects, birds, and wildlife out of your farm or orchard, the net reduces the damages they could wreck on your fruits.

The damages are even more regulated when the net structure allows for effective protection against natural elements like wind, or even hail. Using colored shade nets can help your produce thrive under the harshest conditions.

Conclusion: Improve Your Fruit Quality

Your fruit quality can be determined by simple factors like how much sunlight, heat, or even the range of wind that reaches them. Until you start using self-sufficient and wind-resistant seeds, your best choice is a Colored shade net from EyouAgro.

EyouAgro nets come in several shades and forms as your fruits need. We also provide after-sales services and warranty to keep you satisfied and your fruits blossoming. Contact us today at or visit for more information on improving your fruit quality.

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