Caps for Pole

Caps for Pole

Hail netting pole caps are accessories made to strengthen the wires in the system.
Made of high-quality polyethylene, resistant to UV rays, weathering, and mechanical influences.
They are mounted on top of concrete poles and grasp longitudinal and transverse cables and wires.
The set includes- housing, washers, caps and galvanized fasteners.
If necessary, a screw with nut can be fitted to further secure the cap to the pole.




Caps for anti-hail system is an innovative product that serves to strengthen the wire in the agricultural plant.
The cap is placed on the reinforced concrete pillar or iron pillar above it can be net protection from sunlight (depending on which product is the agricultural branch).

This product is designed for one or two wires to pass on its channels’ wires to intersect eccentrically to one another of 90 °.

accessory for hail netting eyouagro
accessory for hail netting eyouagro

The cap provides:

  • Better balancing the pressure of the threaded wire
  • Bolstering the wire evenly
  • Protection of concrete or steel poles from damage
  • Saving time in mounting the wire

Available Type:

available type

Caps for Concrete Pole Caps for Wooden Pole Caps for Metal Pole
Sets for any type of net Complete with screw set Advanced balancing the pressure of the threaded wire
Length from 115 to 180 mm Rope-fixing kit included Metal wires strong assurance
Ideal for the lateral poles Available in different sizes Sets for any type of net
7×7 – 7×7,5 – 7×8 – 8×8 – 8×8,5 – 9×9 100-4 “, 127-5 “, 160-5.5 “ Rope-fixing kit included


  •  Long (185 mm): 7×7 – 7×7,5 – 7×8 – 8×8 – 8×8,5 – 9×9 

  • Large (135 mm): 8×8,5 – 9×9 – 9×9,5 – 10×12 

  • Short (115 mm): 7×6,5 – 7×7 – 7×8 – 8×8 


  •  Flat net screw set 

  •  Canopy net screw set 

  •  Austria screw set 


  •  Long: Minimum package: 5 pieces – Pallet: 720 pieces 

  • Large: Minimum package: 4 pieces – Pallet: 504 pieces 

  • Short: Minimum package: 10 pieces – Pallet: 1000 pieces 


Additional information


PE with UV Stabilizer



Available Size:

7×7, 7×7,5, 7×8, 8×8, 8×8,5, 9×9

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