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Adjustable Hooks for Bungee Cords

Adjustable Hooks for Bungee Cords

Adjustable Bungee Cord Hooks by EyouAgro offer unparalleled versatility for various applications.
Ideal for securely attaching hail netting, tarpaulins, and more, these hooks are compatible with a range of ropes including elastic and nylon, ensuring a reliable and efficient fastening solution.

  • CLIP and ELASTIC WIRE are linked by adjustable hooks
  • Suitable for 7mm,8mm,9mm of Bungee Cords
  • Installers use it to pretension the net
  • Wind, hail, or other forces can move and return the net to the original place
  • In Stocks & Ready to Ship
    • Pack of 100pcs/each, Boxes of 2000 pcs/each


EyouAgro’s Adjustable Bungee Cord Hooks are versatile tools designed for hail netting systems and a variety of outdoor applications.
They are compatible with elastic, bungee, and nylon ropes of 7mm, 8mm, and 9mm diameters.
These hooks facilitate quick and easy connection and adjustment of bungee cords to net fasteners.
The innovative design allows for simple length adjustment and strong securing of loads.

Made from UV-treated polyoxymethylene (POM), these hooks ensure durability and longevity.


  • Compatible with 7mm, 8mm, 9mm ropes.
  • Easy tension adjustment.
  • Made from UV-resistant POM.
  • Simple and secure fastening.
  • Lightweight and durable.


  • Versatility in use.
  • Quick setup and release.
  • Long-term outdoor durability.
  • Enhanced load security.
  • Resistant to weathering.
adjustable hooks for bungee cords
adjustable hooks for bungee cords


  1. Agricultural Netting: Ideal for securing hail and bird netting in orchards and vineyards, ensuring proper tension and stability.
  2. Outdoor Equipment Fastening: Perfect for attaching tarpaulins and tents in camping or outdoor event setups, providing a reliable hold.
  3. Transportation and Logistics: Useful for securing cargo in trucks and trailers, reducing the risk of load shifting during transit.
  4. Gardening and Landscaping: Handy for tying back plants or securing garden covers and shading materials.
  5. Sports and Recreation: Effective for fastening equipment in various sports and recreational activities, such as securing nets in soccer goals or equipment on boats.

What People Use

  1. Vineyard in California:
    A vineyard in California used EyouAgro’s Adjustable Bungee Cord Hooks to secure hail netting over a 50-acre area.
    They reported a reduction in setup time from 10 hours to just 5 hours, a 50% decrease, greatly enhancing efficiency during the critical pre-harvest period.
  2. Camping Site in Colorado:
    At a popular camping site in Colorado, the hooks were used to secure tents and tarpaulins.
    Despite facing winds up to 35 mph, the hooks held fast, demonstrating exceptional wind resistance and reliability for outdoor enthusiasts.
  3. Australian Logistics Company:
    An Australian logistics company implemented these hooks for cargo securing in their 100-truck fleet.
    They observed an 80% reduction in load-shifting incidents during transit, significantly improving the safety and efficiency of their transport operations.

FAQs for Adjustable Bungee Cord Hooks

  1. Q: How do the hooks adjust to different rope sizes?
    A: The hooks are designed to accommodate 7mm, 8mm, and 9mm diameter ropes, allowing easy adjustment for a secure fit with various rope types.
  2. Q: What is the maximum load capacity of these bungee cord hooks?
    A: While the specific load capacity depends on the cord used, the hooks are built to handle standard loads typically encountered in agricultural and outdoor applications.
  3. Q: Are these hooks resistant to environmental elements like UV rays and moisture?
    A: Yes, the hooks are made from UV-treated polyoxymethylene (POM), providing excellent resistance to sunlight and moisture.
  4. Q: Can these hooks be used for permanent installations?
    A: Absolutely, their durable design and material composition make them suitable for long-term, permanent installations in various settings.
  5. Q: How can I ensure the hooks are correctly attached to the bungee cords?
    A: It’s essential to match the hook size with the cord diameter and follow the recommended method for securing the cord into the hook’s double slots for a firm, secure hold.



100% Virgin PA6+15%GF








100pcs/bag, 2000pcs/box

Suitable for:

7mm, 8mm, 9mm

UV Warranty:

1500KLY, > 8 Years

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