Pins for Net Sewing

Pins for Net Sewing

Pins for Net Sewing is designed to enable a particularly rapid installation and connecting between nets or for connecting nets to cables with no need for additional accessories.
The pin connector for the net provides a safe and long-lasting connection.
It also provides an easy and quick way to stitch and repair the net.

Additional information


POM with UV stabilizer




2.8 grm


6 inch (150mm)

Details Pins for Net Sewing


– To fixing the net to the wire;

– Stop pin prevent the needle to pull out;

Pins for Net Sewing used as a fastener to Hail Neting , Shade Cloth, screen, tarps and any other type of knitted fabrics.
They are the fast and easy way to attach your shade fabric to a variety of fixtures.
Perfect to attach shade cloth to a variety of frameworks, including chain link fencing and cables.


  • Connects net sheets together.
  • Fastens the net to the cable (without a need for another device).
  • Extremely quick installation.
  • Special locking mechanism to prevent slipping off the net,
  • Recommended distance between connectors: 1’-1.5’
  • UV resistant
  • Multi-season


  • Units per box: 5000 pcs
  • Bags per box: 50 x100 pcs
  • Box weight: approx. 14.5 Kg
  • Boxes per pallet: 36/27
  • Box Size (L x W x H cm): 40x33x29


– Keep the net with 2 fingers and sew it by the needle to keep both sides.


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