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Pins for Net Sewing

Pins for Net Sewing

EyouAgro’s Pins for Net Sewing facilitate rapid and secure net attachments to cables, bypassing the need for extra tools.
Their design ensures both a sturdy connection and ease of use for efficient net repairs.

  • Connects net sheets together.
  • Fastens the net to the cable (without a need for another device).
  • Special locking mechanism to prevent slipping off the net,
  • Recommended distance between connectors: 1’-1.5’
  • In Stocks & Ready to Ship
    • Pack of 100pcs/each, Boxes of 5000 pcs/each


EyouAgro’s Pins for Net Sewing are specially designed for quick and efficient net installation,
providing a reliable connection between nets or attaching nets to cables.
These pins are made of durable POM with UV stabilizer, ensuring longevity and resistance to harsh weather conditions.
Their unique design facilitates easy sewing and repair of nets, making them an essential tool for hail netting and shade cloth applications.


  • Made of durable POM with UV stabilizer.
  • Special design for rapid installation.
  • Suitable for various net types.


  • Ideal for connecting hail netting.
  • Suitable for shade cloth and bird netting.
  • Perfect for agricultural and gardening use.
pins for net sewing
pins for net sewing

What People Use

  • Orchard in Spain:
    Utilized these pins to attach hail netting over 100 acres, resulting in a 50% reduction in installation time compared to traditional methods.
  • Greenhouse in the Netherlands:
    Implemented the pins for fastening shade cloths, noting a significant 30% decrease in maintenance efforts due to the durability and UV resistance of the pins.
  • Vineyard in Australia:
    Applied the pins for bird netting, observing an 80% improvement in net stability during windy conditions, leading to reduced crop damage.


  1. Q: What types of nets are these sewing pins compatible with?
    A: They’re versatile, suitable for various net types including hail netting, shade cloth, and bird netting.
  2. Q: How durable are the pins in outdoor conditions?
    A: Made with UV-stabilized material, they withstand harsh weather, ensuring long-term durability.
  3. Q: Can the pins be reused for different applications?
    A: Yes, their robust design allows for multiple uses in various netting scenarios.
  4. Q: What is the recommended spacing for these pins on a net?
    A: For optimal support and stability, a spacing of 1 to 1.5 feet between pins is recommended.
  5. Q: Are these pins suitable for both temporary and permanent net installations?
    A: Absolutely, their design caters to both temporary setups and permanent installations.




POM with UV stabilizer




2.8 grm


6 inch (150mm)


Units per box: 5000 pcs
Bags per box: 50 x100 pcs
Box weight: approx. 14.5 Kg
Boxes per pallet: 36/27
Box Size (L x W x H cm): 40x33x29

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