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Wire Clips

Wire Clips

Wire Clip is an innovatively designed fastening clamp for hail net systems.
The two-in-one function solves both the fixed steel wire and the fixed hail net.
It saves a lot of time and improves work efficiency for the installation of the hail net system.

  • Suitable for 2.0-2.5mm steel wire fixing
  • Unique double-buckle steel wire fixing design.
  • 4 huge teeth ensure sufficient bite force.
  • 3 positioning pins, easy to locate, making installation more convenient.
  • Split design, can be installed on two planes.
  • The application of engineering plastic nylon ensures long-term outdoor use.


EyouAgro Wire Clip is a unique and innovative design of fixing clamp, which is specially used for hanging hail net and fixing steel wire in hail net system.
This patented wire clip provides a breakthrough solution to the efficient fixation of wire and hail nets.
It provides an efficient and firm way for fruit growers to install the hail net system.


Common Uses For Wire Clips Include:

  • Hail Netting
  • Vineyard Netting
  • Bird Netting
  • Insect Netting
  • Shade Netting

FAQs for Wire Clips:

  • How does a wire clip work?
    The wire clip is fixed by two specially designed Snap Clamp on the top,
    and the four huge teeth on the bottom hold the hail net.
    The purpose of fixing the connecting steel wire and hail net at the same time is achieved.
    The work completed by the original two parts is combined on one part, which greatly improves the installation efficiency.
    It also reduces costs.
  • Can the wire clips be re-useable?
    EyouAgro wire clips use four huge teeth to hold the hail net.
    This is a one-time permanent design.
    If it is opened forcibly, it will destroy the original structure.
    Therefore, the wire clip is not re-useable.
  • How long does the wire clip last?
    EyouAgro wire clip is made of engineering plastic Polyamide(PA 6)+ 15% GF.
    We also call it “nylon”.
    It has non-toxic, lightweight, has excellent mechanical strength, wear resistance, and good corrosion resistance.
    And with the addition of an anti-ultraviolet absorber, it can be used outdoors for a long time for more than 6-8 years.




100% Virgin PA6+15%GF







UV Warranty:

1500KLY > 8 Years


100pcs/bag, 1000pcs/box , 36boxes/ pallet

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