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9 Benefits of Fruit Tree Netting – You Need to Know

fruit tree netting
Many gardeners use tree fruit netting to keep wildlife away from the trees to counter these issues. There are 9 benefits of fruit tree netting, making it worthy of investment.
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The orchard owners should always be aware of birds, bugs, insects, and squirrel attacks on its fruit trees. Springtime is nesting time for birds, and if you allow them to enter your garden, they are likely to damage your fruit. Moreover, pollination and hibernation invite animals and bugs to your fruit trees, resulting in damaging your harvest.

Fruit Tree Netting
Grape Vine Netting

Many gardeners use tree fruit netting to keep wildlife away from the trees to counter these issues. Besides protecting animals, birds, and insects.
There are 9 benefits of fruit tree netting, making it worthy of investment.

Easy to install and remove

Installation of tree fruit netting is easy and straightforward. It can be installed in rows, drape over a tree, in rows, or covered through poles. You can customize the net as per your required size. Cutting and tieing with the bar is simple. You can use simple things like clips, tape, and other readily available tools to set up the netting system. Tree fruit netting is formed from top-quality material, making it available in different sizes and colors.

Cost-effectiveness and increased profitability

Cost is an essential concern for all gardeners. The profit should be greater than the netting cost. Nobody would like to buy an expensive netting system. But fruit netting tree is affordable and have shown profitable returns. It is not only cost-efficient but also ensures the development of fruit. A South Australian fruit grower of apples and pears covered 80% of its trees with fruit tree netting as it results in higher profitability. Earlier, he covered fewer rows to check the productivity, but he covers most of his trees with fruit tree netting when he realizes the uses weigh higher than then. For fruit garden owners, it is essential if they wanted to enjoy higher profits

Promotes pollination and ensures productivity

Although fruit tree netting does not allow the insects to enter the tress, it ensures pollination. It enables the bees to interact with the plant, only saving fruit from damage. Besides pollinating tree fruit netting ensures proper ventilation, moisture, and light to fruit trees. Net provides a natural habitat for the trees with the assurance of protection from the wild.

fruit tree
Fruit tree

UV-friendly and rot-free

Though the netting material is not metallic, its formula guarantees rot-free. Furthermore, fruit tree netting is also UV protected, implying that it can nether decay or be damaged by ultraviolet rays, making it a long-lasting product. Tree nets are highly durable and also have anti-rip properties.

Durable and Lightweight

Another beneficial feature of fruit tree netting for you is that its material is highly durable and light in weight, making it a low-maintenance net. Easily washable and reusable. The fruit tree net’s flexible material makes it easy to use and store easily. This implies that you can use it in the spring season and remove it in the offseason.  

Enhances the development of fruits

Many people assume that fruit tree netting will affect their fruits’ development. That is entirely WRONG. Netting encourages the fruits’ growth by blocking wild animals and birds’ attacks. Besides preventing wildlife, fruit tree netting provides a perfect climate that helps the fruits’ fuller development. You should choose a mesh size that allows pollination so that more fruit grows on the trees. Fruit tree netting ensures higher productivity as it provides the right amount of sunlight, air, and moisture that aids in fruit growth.

In 2018, an apple grower in New Zealand spent 3000$ to 5000$ installing a netting system and producing high-quality apples.  

hail netting leno
hail netting leno

Prevent birds, animals, and bugs from attacking trees

Birds are likely to damage your fruits by eating and contaminating them; besides that, their attack on one tree impacts all gardens’ productivity because of dropping. Their dropping can cause illness to humans as well. For example, pigeon dropping can cause infectious diseases like flu, TB, and others. Insects can eat your fruit and damage its growth. Squirrels, on the other hand, can cut the development and result. To protect the garden and yourself, installing tree fruit netting is vital.

Environmentally friendly

The 21st century is an environment-friendly era. People try to buy environmentally friendly products. Tree fruit netting material is environmentally friendly. Some gardeners use unethical ways to protect their trees from birds. Such practices are dangerous for animals and humans who will consume toxic fruits. Garden netting is an eco-friendly way to save fruit trees from poisonous sprays and birds.

Garden Protection

A bitten fruit is useless for the owner as he cannot sell it. No protection against birds will result in a poor harvest. Fruit tree netting protects the fruit until it is fully grown, which becomes a commercially viable product. If carried in harvest, a bitten fruit is likely to contaminate the full-grown fruit and give a poor impression on the buyer. So protecting gardens with netting will ensure a healthy harvest.

Snapshot of Benefits

  • Protect the fruit and results in an insect-free harvest.
  • Allows proper sunlight, ventilation, and moisture to produce regular ripe fruit.
  • Tree fruit net prevents the entrance of wild birds and animals.
  • Easy to install and remove, can be reused when required.
  • Low in cost and easy to use in comparison with toxic sprays.


In sum, netting is one of the best ways to protect your trees from birds, bats, wild bugs, and harmful animals. Given its importance, fruit tree netting is an affordable option to consider. Fruit tree netting investment will benefit you for long years.

It is an initial cost that yields higher productivity.

Drape over netting covers fruit trees like pears, apples, and peaches. Netting installation is in tunnels is for plants like berries, raspberries, and strawberries. Choose the net according to your garden requirement.

These are a few listed critical benefits of installing fruit tree netting. If you search for cost-effective netting for your garden, check the netting range at EYOUAGRO. We have top-quality tree fruit netting available in different sizes. Get your quote today and save your fruity trees from wildlife attacks.

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